black women dragged keyon for being black and in a relationship with a man

some black vixens are as homophobic as black straight males.
God forbid they are lonely,
living fiercely through The Bible,
looking to breed

And you are gay but don’t look like the “stereotype” that they are used to.

it’s over for you.
a foxholer filled me in on the hate keyon aka @calikingkeyon faced.
he posted this


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and some of the black vixens tore into his ass.
it was so bad that he had to turn off his comments.
keyon saved some of the comments he received but he took them down.
the foxholer sent me this but it’s hard to see it.

keyon even posted amanda seales thoughts:


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imagine these she-jackals being pressed over one gay couple.
of all the billions of straight males in this world,
many who look like keyon,
and ones who are looking to settle down that they’ve called corny

The attention goes on this random gay couple celebrating their love.

this is why many of them are very lonely and miserable.

please play “free xone” by janet:

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “black women dragged keyon for being black and in a relationship with a man”

  1. Some females are just as toxic as White Right Wing Racist , “Karens ” and Dumb Rapper “Boostsie Bad Ass” Type Ignorant Black Males.


  2. It’s just sad… And probably half of the heifers in his comments with their nasty comments got boyfriends/husbands who’s somewhere bent over or bending over their homeboy….And they just don’t know it!!!

  3. It’s the audacity for me. Simply because He’s Black and Handsome He’s supposed to be straight or want them? Smh and even if He was straight doesn’t mean they have a chance in Hell smdh. They’re so pressed and big mad

  4. There are a lot of angry, bitter, lonely people in the world. Thankfully there are a lot of loving people in the world, who show us what Christianity is supposed to look like—-and a lot of them are not even Christian.

  5. Doesn’t surprise me, unfortunately. Black women think of us as ‘wastes’, if you’re gay and handsome/sexy/successful/functional/____/____ or ____ .

    Love Amanda Seales. I love someone willing to have an opinion that might ruffle ppls feathers, and stand on it. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves as a major voice on social issues in this world. She is a diamond in a sea of cubic zirconias.

    1. I actually seen the comments they said that he was waste and I replied he may be a waste to you, but he’s not A waste to his man

  6. I’m always posting comments congratulating black gay couples on their anniversary,engagement, counterbalance the negative comments I often see.I follow a guy who just celebrated his 26th Anniversary with his partner a couple of days ago.

    On another post of a couple that just got engaged,a woman wrote,” Two black women don’t have husbands because of stuff like this”.I replied to her,”Those two black women are lesbians and engaged to each other,so it all works out perfectly”.

    Anyway thanks for posting this story , I just left a comment on Keyon’s page congratulating them on their one year anniversary.

  7. These are the same women who say men like Michael B Jordan should come out and that it is okay to be gay. Some of the biggest homophobes I knew growing up were women. Their big gossip mouths were often the catalyst for anti-gay attacks. But we’re not supposed to talk about that and gay men are misogynists too!

  8. Beautiful Black gay couple! It’s sad that they can’t celebrate their love without bitter, hateful people zooming in for the attack, but the homophobes and anti-LGBTQ people are out in full force these days. They really should focus on their own pathetic lives instead of constantly seeking to tear down and destroy others’.

  9. I seen the comments before he took them off they called him waste. They called him an abomination everything. Even one girl said that he should not be posting that on Instagram and I replied to her this is his Instagram he can do whatever he wants to and why the heck are you following him? Another girl said that you rather be with a man instead of the lonely women out here

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