i don’t even think terry crews knows what he’s talking about

terry crews is lost.
i’m really confused with him these days.
he would just show up in tv shows or comedic movies.
his role were usually memorable.
his ignorance is being showed on social media is his legacy.
he tweeted this about black lives matter that’s getting him dragged…

he strikes me as someone who sold his soul to some big wig in power.
they hold all of his secrets so he has to coon out to keep his position.
the way he tries to change the narrative is so bizarre.
what does “#blacklivesbetter” even mean?
i need someone to call rochelle from “everybody hates chris“.
julius done lost his mind.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “i don’t even think terry crews knows what he’s talking about”

  1. No. At some point, you step back and stop believing white ppl whitespeak.
    He hasn’t learned that yet.

  2. Terry one of those people that thinks he is smarter than everyone, but actually the dumbest person in the room majority of the time.

  3. It really isn’t as hard as people try to make it out to be. Its all about the racial wealth gap and the fact that black people literally built this country through slavery and have been bottom casted and locked out of the equity that comes along with it. The wealth gap pretty much explains every disparity that black people face here in the United States, but instead we have turned the conversation into can’t we all just get along and be friends. No, black people especially those black people who are descendant from chattel slavery and all the accrued disadvantage from Jim Crow, to red lining, convict leasing, mass incarceration etc. are owed a debt whether you call it reparations or a massive transfer of wealth; this is conversation of the moment and movement, that very few people seem to either want to have or are qualified to have. Black lives matter ( as a statement not so much an organization) exist to point out that Black lives have always been deemed insignificant by social standards when that black life doesn’t add intrinsic value to a white life.

    1. Sad part is we’ll never get it voluntarily.

      We have to remember who these white people are descended from. Some of pretend to be evolved but that evil is pathological.

      They literally have nothing without stepping on us. They aren’t smarter, they’ve invented nothing, and it’s been proven when given the same resources we are more successful.

      They’re not willingly letting their privilege go.

  4. Terry Crews is the best gift you can give white people next to Whole Foods.

    1. This took me out…the greatest gift since Whole Foods…Lord I’m ready to go..

  5. Now remember y’all were defending him for letting that white man grope him in front of his wife and a room full of people? Lol that was always a big red flag for because I don’t know any man gay, straight, slutty, or otherwise that would allow that.

    Where was all this energy he uses to chastise black people for that white man?

    He’s nothing but a broken in buck and he’s going to continue saying shit like this to get black people up in arms and stay relevant because it’s unlikely he’ll be cast for any black movies and that cop show he’s on won’t last much longer.

  6. He wanted support when he came out with his sexual harrassment story, but then he never supports anyone else.
    I have no time for people like that.

  7. Wait, I don’t see the issue with this one

    He’s saying not to flip the script to see one race as better than. The point of the movement is to push for equal footing, less oppression and to be treated with decency.

    If we don’t want one race to look down on us, why would we want to push to look down on them?

    The struggle isn’t for dominance, and if it is then priorities are messed up because all that ends with is a new chain to the cycle and this same struggle doesn’t end.

    …but that’s just me. Fight the good fight, just don’t turn into “the enemy”/ oppressors. Be better than them!

    1. Zaxby, good try but any reasonable person would conclude that’s not even plausible. In what world would we wake up and we are beholding the reverse where #BlackLivesBetter ; Black Americans earning more income than any other race; specifically Caucasians; disparities among Caucasians far exceed that of Black Americans. Police officers killing Caucasians during routine traffic stops. This is a humanity issue more than anything else. #HeTriedIt

      1. You better than me. I didn’t even have the energy to reply to this.

        Literally it would be impossible for black people to ever oppress anyone. Whites had a head start of pillaging, raping, spreading diseases, enslaving, and creating multiple international systems to oppress black people and other minorities for generations.

        Them being uncomfortable or having to face their privilege is not oppression. Hurt feelings is not oppression.

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