it’s something about you that makes him harder than chinese arithmetic

everyone in this life has different experiences.
some of us are out and dealt with every male under the sun.
others are dl and its mostly sexual.
then there is the in-between who are waiting for “mister right” instead of “right now”.
we have all met various males who will break their rules for us.

The “I will only let you TOP me”
The “I will only be on the BOTTOM for you”

i was having a chat with a foxholer about a certain type of male in the life tho.
the one who will only deal with one male and that’s YOU

the foxholer was telling me about a wolf he met at work.
it was a lot of low-key flirting and eye sexin’ between them.
one thing led to another and they ended up having sex.
the wolf never messed with another male after him.
in fact,
he went off and got him a girlfriend,
but will still keep the contact open for the future.

in this life,
you will meet another male that is drawn to your energy.
often times it’s un-explainable.
it’s just something about YOU that moves his meter.
you can put a ton of other males in his presence and he won’t feel anything.
he might even feel uncomfortable.
you walk in the room tho…

i know for many,
this probably sounds ridiculous because it’s either “he gay or nah?”.
it’s no secret that some males are simply physically and sexually attracted to you.
once you drawn them in emotionally,
it’s pretty much over.
attraction can be a confusing thing at times.
there are males that you’ve been around that the attraction is on high.
you can literally feel the energy between you both.
in some cases,
other people can feel it too.
they always want to be in your radar or be around you.
they have to let you know through actions they are into you.
if they build up the courage to pursue,
they will fuck you into the next dimension.
some will get too shook that they never speak to you again,
while others end up being “the one“.
they’ll get into that will be in brand new relationships,
but will drop what they’re doing if you text them.
they might even send you random nudes so you won’t forget.

I’ve always wanted a energetic hold on a wolf like that.

it reminds me of the character,
“basil henderson”,
from the late e lynn harris books.
he was drawn to raymond,
even though he turned all kinds of males and vixens out.
there is something sexy about someone who is addicted to you and only you.

i find that can be the beauty of this life we live.
if you’re lucky,
you’re meet another male that you’re energetically linked to and the adventures that follows.

lowkey: there are attentionistos who are in full blown relationships on ig,
but you can tell just by their energy.
it’s not broadcasted.
you just “know”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “it’s something about you that makes him harder than chinese arithmetic”

  1. The reality is although it’s not impossible for you to be a straight mans “only one” that’s usually not the actual case.

    More than often dl straight identified men just cant admit to being gay in ANY aspect and will say they are only attracted to you in order to avoid having any commitment to a gay/bi label.

    Let’s not be foolish, we all know men will tell women they are the “only woman they are dealing with” and meanwhile they have multiple females on the sidelines. You have no clue what/who these men are doing when you’re not in their presence.

    It’s a cute idea, but if you’re just taking a mans word for it you probably just want to feed your own ego regardless of the actual reality of the situation.

  2. I had a co worker bring her brother to our job during the summer. He was a cutie, but you could tell he was hood all day. After the first week, he wanted to come over to my crib to smoke and drink…I was down.
    Two hours in…the clothes was off, his hood dick (10 inches) was in my mouth… I was sucking it like it was my last supper lol. After that dude
    was ready to fuck and I was ready to give him the jelly donut…it was so hot!
    I was the only dude he ever messed with, three months later he got engaged.
    Now he has twins. I guess you never know a dude’s back story huh.

  3. I strongly believe that if we stopped being homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, and sexist to name a few , most people would consider themselves bisexual. Me personally I consider myself gay but I could marry a trans man. Just put on a strap on and we can say I do. Sexuality is complicated and there are so many exceptions to our rules. But if you don’t stay in a narrow lane people start judging. No body wants that we people just don’t explore their own desires.

  4. I think the ‘PC’ term for people like this is Pansexual. They fall in love with the person, sexuality isn’t the overriding factor. My partner of 30 years was married twice, and had two children when we met. And when we met we both knew something happened, it was that unexplainable ‘something’. And I know deep down, that if something happened to me, he woukdnt seek out other men.

  5. Confession time-I played with this fire and got burned bad, had no idea that my secret str8 crush knew I was feeling him and he ended up letting me know that he had some feelings for me as well, but in the end he retreated because he could not deal with those feelings and what it really said about him, so he went back to his str8 life, not giving one fuck about my feelings, it was a hard learned lesson but one that made me better. This situation taught me that many Black men are dealing with some heavy burdens and society makes it almost impossible to be their true authentic self.

  6. he went off and got him a girlfriend, but will still keep the contact open for the future.

    What the heck is that? So you can “catch up for old times sake after his kids graduate from highschool, getting caught, he and wife pretending it didn’t happen and him never contacting you again? Bye.

  7. I graduated from Morehouse and, not only did I have a relationship like that, I know of at least 3-4 others. I mean, it’s an all male school. There was/is bound to be experimentation or that connection with that one dude. I had the one dude that would literally ask “you love me right?” over and over while trying to blow my back out, but there a few others that knew I wasn’t in the business of outing dudes for experimenting. I’ve had dudes initiate “massages” while working on projects or research papers at 1 in the morning. Then, it the dudes that went out of there way to be naked in front of openly gay dudes, would freak out if you made the 1st move but would fuck you stupid when they finally got up the nerve.

    There are new/different words for sexual attraction these days. The dude that asked me if I loved would fall under demisexual, the sexual attraction stemmed from an emotional attachment. There are also sapiosexuals where sexual attraction is triggered by intelligence or talent, sometimes regardless of gender.

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