talk shit; get hit

^this is when he knew he fucked up.
i don’t why people don’t think some gay males have paws.
if you’ve seen gays fighting,
you should know some of them come with the heat.
this white jackal thought it was in his best interest to call a group of gays the “f” word.
did he learn that day…

this was my favorite part:

first off,
that jackal was outnumbered.
i’m puzzled why he thought that was ok?
some straights love to think gays are weak,
but a fighter gay will lay a cuff into them so hard,
their mother’s will feel it.
stop underestimating gays,
and underdogs.
be better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “talk shit; get hit”

  1. Bwahahahaha! Thats what his ass gets! I really wanna know the context of this.. Like what happened and why he felt the need to say that

  2. Many of us “Gays” leaned to survive early on due to peoples aggressive and unwarranted cruelty based on their discomfort with our sometimes “Dazzling” yet intriguingly beautiful visuals and flavor ( Snap!) ha ha ha ha

  3. Just lovely, this is also the energy we need for Karen’s. I loved the transition from recording to ass tapping.

  4. I can see them getting upset about being called the β€œF” word, but you can’t go swinging on every person that calls you out of your name. I wonder if they would’ve swung on a brother? Probably not.

  5. The funniest part was when the man swung and missed and ended up on the ground. He had all the mouth and no hands to back it up.

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