august alsina got his mind, meat, and soul reupholstered and he can’t get over it

remember when we use to call him “september“?
those were good times.
august alsina has been through some thangs,

i bet his memoirs are gonna be fantastic.
he has literally been on a roller coaster since he got in the entertainment industry.
well a vix-bi sent me the following about his alleged sexuality.
august had a recent interview about a past relationship he was in.
he chose to use the terms “person” and “human” to describe who he was with.
it lead to someone questioning his sexuality on twitter and well…


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folks thought it was about another male,
but uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
it was really about:

we likes when the juice is poured straight from the source.
it’s fresher that way.
august claims will smith gave him his blessing as far as jada was concerned.
that’s the part that blew my scalp back.
this first part was him talking in circles with angela yee via “the jasmine brand“:

but the second part tho:

i mean,
we all knew that jada put that fire on him.
she had august nose wide open.

august probably was easy to turn out because he is very damaged.
all she had to do was swoop in playing the “mother earth” role,
lowered his defenses,
and turn him the fuck out when she laid that vitamin “punani” on him.
i bet she did things to him sexually that vixens his age never did.
she reupholstered his entire soul and it seems he can’t get over it.

“jada taught me”.

you gotta be careful turning folks out in these forests,
especially the ones who are damaged.
erykah badu had the same effect on males too.
on the positive,
i’m sure this will make for good music,


lowkey: jada was one of my first vixen crushes growing up.
“a low down dirty shame” is one of my favorite movies with her.
“woo” and “jason’s lyric” are tied.

that sassy attitude she has turns me on.
now i got that sassy attitude and i’m turning the wolves on.

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “august alsina got his mind, meat, and soul reupholstered and he can’t get over it”

  1. Gays are so pitiful….If people been following him, clearly they would’ve known it was about Jada. These miserable Queens want everybody to be Gay. It makes their sexuality that much easier to deal with, if the occasional attractive straight male joins the club.

    1. Funky Dineva just posted a video about this. How some gays want to make everyone gay. It sets back the movement.

  2. August is spilling the tea worst than Wendy Williams. I guess Jada like them big young dicks lol.
    Cause everybody knows August dick big like a truck….and I’m here for it 😉

    1. I haven’t watched the interview yet but I’m assuming this relationship happened in 2018. Remember August was on Red Table Talk and Jada was very secretive about her relationship with him. I think he was dealing with drug addiction and health issues during that time as well.

  3. how does everyone feel about him being like 22 and her being in her late 40s?
    the talk is he was homeless and had a lot of baggage and it comes off like jada preyed on him.

    does the foxhole have thoughts about that?

    1. I really don’t see anything wrong with the age difference.
      If they did have sex, I could understand why…sometimes you need a young dude to give you a rough, hard fuck to break your walls down🐎
      I doubt Jada took advantage of him. If anything ,I believe the friendship helped him. He was a young man dealing with becoming famous along with health problems, drugs etc.

    2. I am not sure she preyed on him. Didn’t she help him out a lot? The boundaries are funny, but I don’t think she necessarily saw him as disposable.

      I am surprised he is talking, I thought they ended on good terms. How.can you do that to someone you care.about.

    3. I have an issue with the age difference coupled with the fact she knew he had mommy issues and was vulnerable,troubled.I thought she was treating him like a son not screwing him.

      Also think it’s weird that Will gave his blessing for his wife to “date” a guy the same age as his son Trey?

      BTW if this was a man in his 40s involved with a troubled 22 year old woman( or man) dealing with the same issues I would also have a problem with the relationship.

      I wonder how the Smith kids feel/felt about it?

      1. I think Will letting Jada do her thing is neither here nor there. That’s their relationship dynamic, it’s their choice. I doubt it was ever meant for their kids or anyone to have an opinion about it, because they have been so discreet. (Open relationships are quite common so I am not surprised)

        However, I can definitely see an issue with the power Dynamics. I don’t mind the age difference at all, but if she was his mother figure or mentor, it is completely inappropriate to have had sex with him

        I wonder what the relationship was meant to be in the beginning. Did it start off physical, or did Jada get caught up?

        I doubt she will bring it up at her red table talk.

    4. This happens all the time in Hollywood and entertainment. My Dad has told me some crazy stories of the industry. I imagine its like Scotty Bowers and the gas station in Netflix”s Hollywood. As long as no one gets hurt anything goes. Also considering Black entertainment culture where coming out means career suicide these folks will never admit anything until maybe the deathbed. Scotty wrote his book on all the Hollywood sex shenanigans when he was like on his last legs and all the people in the book had died years before.

  4. Angela was not listening when her auto response was “you did the right thing” ar about 1:20 in the 2nd video

  5. Ok I know we ALL know at this point about the smiths being “swingers” but GEESH! They let the other have full blown relationships too?! I just wish they would talk about it cause I’m SO damn curious! lol but my GUESS is that no matter how long or strong the new relationship, Will & Jada have set the Boundary that they WILL stay together, part for love, part for the family and part cause there is ENTIRELY too much money between these two for them to be divorcing, my other guess is that August broke boundaries and expected Jada to “choose” him completely and ole boy was Crushed when he found out he was fuckin wit a OG-level-100-swinger Ms Jada! She cut that shit Abruptly and indefinitely!

    1. I think you are on to something. This whole situation smells of, side chick getting caught up that her man didn’t leave his wife. They never leave their wife. I thought everyone knew that.

  6. August is so tacky I can not stand it. But any “blame” should lie with Jada. She’s older, more successful, and ultimately had more control. He was younger and no where near as experienced in the industry. This is the consequence of a power imbalance. I’d say the same thing if it was Will in this situation.

    1. Extremely tacky. He knew what he was doing with this and it did him zero favours.. Smh being a “celebrity” can be sad asf when you think about it. Sometimes you gotta throw all of your integrity out of the window all in the name of being in the press to keep your buzz alive.

      You have A-listers like Beyonce & Jay-Z outing infidelity in their OWN marriage all in the name to sell music, The Kardashians physically attacking each other on their TV show, August Alsina doing this.. etc.

      Fame is a hell of a drug.

      1. I didn’t see an issue with Beyoncé and Jay Z discussing their personal life in their music because they should be allowed to draw from personal experiences in their work. Also they had control over their own narrative, as opposed to the media/gossip blogs putting it out there.

        1. Same. If someone hurt you, you have every right to make lemonade out of your lemons. It’s a little tit for tat, but whatever.

  7. Why is August talking? Does he…..want to end up missing? They have a “Black Family” image in Hollywood and this…ruins it. May he remain safe. Kissing and telling is tacky.

  8. Y’all funny to me… Y’all shame gay men for outting downlow men that they have been dealings or secret relationships with but him putting him & Jada business in the street is fine with y’all??? I mean she had her part in this but him putting this business in the street is not copesthetic in the slightest!!!

  9. Nothing new to see here folks…its hot tho!! August got that “young Will Smith” thang in his feaures and Hell its pretty much old news bout his “sexuality”…Hell, Will prolly got a taste too…Dont sleep on it!

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