I Call Him Daddy Because He Really Is A Daddy

Favim.com-15307“everyone has fuckin’ kids nowadays!”
i was just telling someone that the other day.
funny how in a yesterday’s comment box,
someone echoed the same sentiment.
back in the day,
like way back in the 30s or 40s,
it use to be adults getting married and settling down.
having a child out of wedlock was frowned upon.
now anyone with a fresh wardrobe and instagram account is a daddy.
…and not in the good sexual way as it should be!
it’s really common to mess with a DILF.
it don’t even matter the age of the wolf because times have certainly changed.
the “daddy” movement is getting younger and younger.
hell that DILF could be a hot 21 and not 41.
some dudes have 2 to 7 kids before they even reach thirty.
he obviously knows his way around a hole and had a falling out with condoms.
i always wondered how that kid would feel knowing his dad is banging you out/getting banged out?
“call me daddy!” fantasy ruined… kinda?
i started to wonder…

Does it feel weird to mess with a DILF?

ive messed with wolves who had kid(s).
some were in the kids lives.
others hadn’t seen the kid since he popped out the womb.
the rest couldn’t remember if they had a child or not.
they were some who ive seen the kid live and in living color.
saw them in their house on their mantles and hanging on the walls.
even tho the wolf happened to be fine as hell,
and i couldn’t resist the power of the peen,
i still felt like i was doing something wrong.
with these new gang of down lows,
you will probably meet someone who has already started a family.
may or maybe without the ring.
two or three different vixens.
i often wondered if they did it so they could have the experience of a child?
did it happen by mistake?
or, was this child a way for them to prove they were straight?
once the child came and the “awww” factor wore off,
ya know after the crying and all the poop,
they suddenly realized it was time to play:


serious-funny-baby-owolves with kids.
sure he maybe fine,
and something about a wolf who takes care of his kid is sexy as hell,
but is it really what it seems?
can you really handle all that comes with that?
the down low creepin?
the potential baby mama drama?
the itching to be straight again because he suddenly realized he is a father?
the money going towards the rug rat and not me?
baby gap over bergdorfs…

tumblr_mbugv6dhay1ro8ysbo1_500…i know!
the horror!
oh the horror!
…but the main one:
messing with a man with a child knowing he doesn’t know about his dad.
hell do these DILFs even care these days?
why should i?
so i had to ask…

Should we avoid the DILFs at all costs?
or should we just get the sex and run?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “I Call Him Daddy Because He Really Is A Daddy”

  1. I’ll never look at Big Sean the same way again after he fraudulently claimed that nude pic of the guy with the big dick was him. Now all I see is lies, deception and DL. Him and Naya Rivera together are about as believable as Chris Bosh and Adrienne.

    1. ^i think they paid that guy off to go away too.
      i use to follow him on twitter when his picture leaked.
      i wrote about it as well.
      one minute he was on twitter,
      next he was gone.
      suddenly big sean is taking claim for that dick.

    2. How you gon claim another nigga’s dick though?!
      & on top of that, how you gon claim another nigga’s dick that looks nothing like you
      and is a few shades lighter than you?!

      *exits thread in a angry cloud of confusion*

      But no I can’t mess with a man with children, even if his kids know about him messing with men.
      It’s way too messy and causes unneeded drama.

  2. Nah I could never date or have sex with a man who have children, especially when he have more than 2, that a problem to me.

  3. I’ve dated a guy with kids before, but I wouldn’t date a guy who was still involved with the mother. I think you are limiting your dating pool if you swear off guys with kids. When you get to a certain age, most people you encounter will have children. As long as you respect his relationship with his children, everything should be ok.

  4. Yall keep trippin hard, gonna end up alone and bitter holding on to irrational standards.

    Hell yeah to DILFs. No man is off limits, and every man is approachable. If you don’t believe this, then you got bigger issues. This is not to say that you want every man, have your standards, but stop blocking your potential mate over some bullshit.

    Some are in marriages/relationships that are open and some men who are comfortable with themselves produced children and are raising them. Some are taking care of their nieces and nephews or other young family members.

    It’s men who don’t take care of their business I can’t mess with. If they can’t honor their contracts, they ain’t no good, so fuck them. They are not daddies, they are sperm donors. Huge difference.

    You helped produce a child and you are not contributing to their life, you ain’t shit, and I’m not trying to be around when karma comes to get your sorry ass.

    If a man or woman is really handling their business, who they deal with, their children won’t know about anyway until the time is right. It’s the trifling bastards and bitches who bring randoms whores around their kids—if they are even involved with their kids.

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