A Hot Cup O’ Joe Anderson, That Is

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.27.10 PMladies and gents you remember joe anderson right?
he is a baller wolf that plays for the chicago bears.
  he was
also part of this mini scandal:

x the big pipe chronicles

the meat was…
well joe is also a scorpio.
…and from texas!
you know how i feel about those damn scorpios.
you know how i feel about wolves from texas.
*drip drop*
an f-bi sent me some more of scorpio joey from texas

tumblr_inline_ms44yw5nwA1qz4rgphe is fine and his swagg is on 200!!!!!
what is it about those scorpios tho?????

*adds scorpio on bucket list*
well joey is engaged to a pretty vixen and also has a beautiful son.
i know.
sad face.
there is no crime admiring from afar,

tumblr_m2et85dFqW1rszru2o1_500lowkey: he so fine,
you gotta wonder if he would be faithful.
he has that automatic “how my drawz end up on the floor?” look.

id keep him handcuffed to my bed.

Author: jamari fox

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