I Am The Blur Tool?

tumblr_ns67kmrCJM1uqbcwho1_540ok so i’ll admit…
i did not watch “i am cait” last night.
i know.
i know.
well mi is watching it right now.
i sat and watched it on an “apple juice” kitchen run.
it was at the part when her mother met “caitlyn” for the first time.
is it me…

…or did they soft blur the fuck out caitlyn’s face?
for those who don’t use photoshop,
that is basically smoothing out the wrinkles and flaws with the blur tool.
someone in editing decided to go ham with it on her face.
definitely didn’t look like that as the espys.
i could be wrong.
did any of the foxhole watch?
if so,
lowkey: don’t you hate when vixens go OD with that blur tool on instagram?
like we can tell.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “I Am The Blur Tool?”

  1. I liked it. *shrugs*
    Btw to that poster, all reality shows are scripted like that lol. Nothing is a coincidence. IJS

    1. I haven’t watched the show so I have no idea what its about. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be chronicling her life as a trans-gender, so its not as shallow as KUWTK. I would assume that there’s supposed to be some purpose to it.

      If it’s like the above then its already too “scripted” and would easily come off as disingenuous. I feel like that would put off a lot of people because they’re not looking for that in this case. Idk.

      Idc either way though.

  2. Jamari, they def blur the hell out Caitlyn. It reminded me of the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race when it looked like the camera lens was smeared with Vaseline.They give the Barbara Walters specials the same filter.

    The whole show seems very scripted, just like KUWTK. I guarantee the producer passed out a shot sheet that said:
    6:30 to 8:30a: Hair and Makeup
    9:00a: Discuss your mother
    9:30a: Your mother arrives.
    9:45a: Kylie will accidentally Face Time you. Act surprised. She’ll pretend like she’s just waking up groggy from a dental procedure but will show up at 1 p.m. fresh from hair, makeup and wardrobe with a gift.
    1:00p: Kylie arrives.
    4:00p: Talk about suicide in the transgender community
    4:15p: Walk into the kitchen, open your laptop and play the Youtube video that Production Assistant #2 set up about two recent transgender suicides.

    I’m def not watching the next episode when Caitlyn “I’m Not Gay and have never been with a Man” Jenner goes on a tour of gay clubs handing out condoms.

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