“Caitlyn Jenner Does BBC” In The Near Future?

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.06.49 PMi knew this was coming.
caitlyn jenner wants a wolf.
they tried to sell us that bridge,
you know the one down in bk,
about her being this “lesbian transsexual¬†venusian goddess”.
well i guess caityln lied to ya’ll.
this is what entertainment tonight had to say…
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I Am… Cancelled?

tumblr_static_1dwhoqsy6t6sgw0k4w80w0ocki guess all ya’ll are over caitlyn jenner.
it seems her dreams of overtaking “the kardashians” might be over.
her reality show,
“i am cait”,
allegedly isn’t doing well.
at all.
allegedly headed towards cancellation.
this is what the inquisitr had to say…

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I Am The Blur Tool?

tumblr_ns67kmrCJM1uqbcwho1_540ok so i’ll admit…
i did not watch “i am cait” last night.
i know.
i know.
well mi is watching it right now.
i sat and watched it on an “apple juice” kitchen run.
it was at the part when her mother met “caitlyn” for the first time.
is it me…
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You Will NOT Talk Bad About Caitlyn Jenner or You’ll Be Censored

CAITLYN_JENNER-NYC-PRIDE-618what caitlyn jenner wants…
well you know the rest.
so you know how she made her appearance at the espys and blah blah blah?
well instagram and twitter decided to censor what everyone had to say.
so chances are if you were talkin’ shit then no one saw it.
the daily mail had this to say…
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Caitlyn Jenner Says She Is The New Normal

caitlyn-jenner-gold-dressare you tired of caitlyn jenner yet?
well too bad because its full steam ahead on this circus.
so caitlyn is about to have a docu-series on the e! network.
its simply titled:

“i am cait”

…and i guess it goes through her transition and other personals.
she also said she is the new normal.
¬† anyway the trailer was released and well…
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