You Will NOT Talk Bad About Caitlyn Jenner or You’ll Be Censored

CAITLYN_JENNER-NYC-PRIDE-618what caitlyn jenner wants…
well you know the rest.
so you know how she made her appearance at the espys and blah blah blah?
well instagram and twitter decided to censor what everyone had to say.
so chances are if you were talkin’ shit then no one saw it.
the daily mail had this to say…

Instagram and Twitter have hidden the hash tag ‘CaitlynJenner’ to conceal hateful and abusive comments as the former Olympian received her ESPY award on Tuesday.

Users who type #CaitlynJenner into the search bar of either site now will be met with a stream of positive messages in the ‘most recent’ column.

It is a good-hearted sample of millions of comments – many transphobic, aggressive, and threatening.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 11.12.04 PMBefore the block was enforced on Tuesday night, both social media sites were flooded with statements such as, ‘How is this THING rewarded anything,’ and ‘F***ing f****t’.

Instagram spokesman Gabe Madway told Daily Mail Online: ‘Content that appears in the Most Recent section of trending hashtags can be abused because the photos that appear in that section are highly visible. 

‘To address this kind of abuse, we may restrict the visibility of the content that appears under a hashtag. We review this section regularly and content can then re-appear – so people may see different content in that section within a short period of time.’ 

Twitter has tripled its number of ‘safety employees’ in recent months, and expanded its definition of violent threats in April.

The block came into force during Caitlyn’s 10-minute acceptance speech, in which she issued an appeal for compassion on behalf of trans youth.

Millions tuned in to watch the ceremony, and afterward social media was flooded with positive comments.

However, it did not take long for cynical tweets to appear questioning why she had been chosen for the award above other potential honorees.

Tweets complained that ESPN had chosen Jenner simply for publicity reasons, while others implied that money was involved.

An outcry erupted when late teenage basketball player Lauren Hill, was passed over for the award.

Hill achieved her goal of playing college basketball while battling an inoperable brain tumor and raising money for cancer research.

The ESPYs announced a special tribute to Hill on Tuesday saying that it had been planned all along.

Jenner’s detractors included Hollywood director Peter Berg.

The 51-year-old creator of Friday Night Lights took to his Instagram to share a meme featuring a side-by-side comparison picture of the reality star and an amputee soldier with two artificial legs.

The caption included on the image was certainly controversial as it began: ‘One Man traded 2 legs for the freedom of the other to trade 2 balls for 2 boobs.’

Berg later backtracked from his offensive posting, tweeting the following day: ‘I have the utmost respect for Caitlyn Jenner and I am a strong supporter of equality and the rights of trans people everywhere.’ 

By way of comment about the block, Twitter spokesman Nu Wexler referred Daily Mail Online to an interview with Vijaya Gadde in the Washington Post in April. 

She said: ‘We have seen this type of behavior time and time again, including during GamerGate and other incidents involving both public figures and other individuals, so we are changing our approach to this problem, in some ways that won’t be readily apparent and in others that will be. 

‘In addition to improving users’ ability to control their own Twitter experiences, in recent months we have invested heavily in tools and enforcement solutions that enable us to better detect, act on and limit the reach of abusive content.’

when people are going in on another’s favs,
#blacklivesmatter issues,
or even kim kardashian
there is absolutely no censoring of tweets.
caitlyn jenner gets up there,
courageous because she is finally able to put on a dress,
and we hiding hash tags now?

tumblr_n6cp9j1CjA1tcekido1_500-1get rid of her.
that is absolutely ridiculous.
would they have put a censors on this if she was black?
hell i doubt she would have won a “courage” award,
but whatever.
let me get comfy before you answer.

lowkey: tyga got his ass handed to him for a transgender outing him.
he was chased off twitter with pitch forks.
if he,
and others who chose to be in the spotlight,
can take a beatin’ then lets not spoil caitlyn.

article credited: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “You Will NOT Talk Bad About Caitlyn Jenner or You’ll Be Censored”

    1. ^it shined a lot of light on the “agenda” people had been talking about zen.
      im disgusted that they didn’t even censor tweets during trayvon and mike brown.

  1. This is crazy! And it’s getting totally out of hand this whole “caitlynn” situation seems like something is bigger here at hand than just her transitioning I can’t put my finger on it but it nag’s at me for sure.

    1. ^it will all come out soon.

      the fact that caitlyn killed someone and got a “courage” award is rather telling.
      now let’s try this with a black athlete who wants to be transgendered.
      will that story have a happy ending?

      1. Exactly Jamari a black athlete would be dragged if they would want to be a transgender. Caitlyn should not have received this award there were way to many people deserving of this award than her. Usually I don’t comment on Caitlyn post because the last time I said something one person up here got in their feelings, but my boy Jay had said some true shit the other day on Caitlyn and I totally agreed with what he had to say and I’ll leave it like that.

  2. Meanwhile, you have all these white trolls spewing their racist remarks all over social media.

    This sounds crazy as hell. The sooner we stop letting other people’s opinions put bearings on our happiness the better.

    1. ^word.

      this is why I want the foxhole to do everyone for THEM.
      not because someone on tv did it.
      your happiness should come from you and when you are truly comfortable.
      doing someone because “caitlyn jenner” may not have the same results.
      caitlyn has a team of “republicans” behind her.

  3. I hope this discussion stays on Caitlyn and don’t make it seem like it’s part of some gay agenda. The truth of the matter is that the whole ordeal was calculated from the start. I wouldn’t call him much of a role model and most of the community have been hesitant to regard him as such.

  4. This is what gay people get for following another science project sent by the media. This bitch wasn’t for trans rights when she had a dick and was a stark Republican. Her ass isn’t even gay! She just likes to dress up as a woman and ignore the real struggle trans people experience. She can take her white melted ass on somewhere.

    1. To be fair, the gay community has been pretty cautious when it came to this. I wouldn’t consider this the Michael Sam situation where gays got behind him to support their interests. This has more to do with the Kardashian effect than any on other thing.

  5. Hollywood in general has been force feeding the gay agenda and alternative lifestyles to the for a while now using the media they bribe.

    With gay marriage being legalized its definitely about to go into overdrive.

    Notice how they only highlight the positive instead of the seedy side, which is far more prevalent than the imbalanced perspective they portray.

    Now that Michael Sam has been dropped, they’ve chosen Bruce Jenner as their savior.

  6. I knew people would piece it together. Notice how the black media are sort of silent on this issue when they are so outspoken when it comes to tearing down a black person, especially a black male. SMH, our community is being ran by cowards with self identity issues. White media is up there with them.

  7. I really like this discussion. Like most of you, I don’t get it either. Looks like a mess in a dress, but no one can say anything. DL Hughley is the only black dude that has said something about it publicly.

  8. First of all, I’m so proud of you Jamari for covering this topic. It needs to be addressed on a forum such as this one. For the record, I have absolutely nothing against trans people and I applaud their courage at every turn.
    I do believe it takes a lot more courage to be trans versus being gay.
    Only in the last ten years or so have attitudes changed toward gay rights. In 2015, a majority of people in the US population believes gay people have a right to be married and gay marriage is legal in all 50 states.
    The media is moving with the times, not the other way around.
    However, I don’t agree w/ anyone receving special treatment esp when there is SO much injustice being done to POOR, trans people of color. That group is receiving hate not just on social media but violent attacks from transphobic ppl all the time.
    At the end of the day, I don’t care about a privileged white man’s journey of playing dress up and becoming a woman if others more deserving of ‘censorship’ are still being ignored.

    1. I feel the same way. Let’s showcase the real struggle rather than the sensationalized fluff version, or don’t show it at all.

  9. To be fair Caitlyn broke the internet so you have to recognize that there were more than thousands of hastags mentioning her name and a good percentage of them were pretty abusive so it was kinda hard to ignore. I’m not exactly on the #TeamCaitlyn bandwagon but I fail to realize how some of you guys have a problem with this “gay agenda”. You do know that there a lot people around the world right now who getting beaten up & killed for being gay right? Just because American media makes everything look peaches and cream for gay people that doesn’t mean that all the issues that we face have vanished. The uproar that came about after the legalization of SS-marriage said it all.

    A LOT of people still don’t fuck with gay folks. Take the wool out of your eyes and stop letting the propaganda fool you. Every time you see somebody complain about a f*ggot being around them, or on their TV screens, or with their boyfriends and so on and so forth is a sign that intolerance is a big issue. People don’t have to get it, at the end of the day it’s their lives & if they want to choose to live it being bigoted and hateful then that’s on them. We can’t change how people feel, However we still need tolerance. All those gays living “discreet” or in fear of coming out still shows that a lot hasn’t changed.

    Open your eyes.

    1. There is a lot of hypocrisy on this blog imo.

      Though many might identify of SGL or at least MSM, they don’t really like the LGBT culture/community. This blog mostly discusses the community and culture very cynically and antagonistically even though these discussion represent the cynicism within the community. But they’ll try to put an asterisk on it by claiming they are not a part of the community.

      1. ^some aren’t tho.

        many who read are not out of the closet.
        many are and still don’t agree with many things that happen within the gay life.
        just like many of us don’t agree with what happens with the straights,
        church folks,
        and black folks but we are part of those communities.

      2. I’ve always felt like this blog represents men who may identify as gay but are masculine or straight acting, hence, wolves.

        Here is a sad truth…MOST men seeking men don’t like feminine gay men or trans folks because they’re fighting to change a stereotype themselves. Not every gay man is feminine but there is a perception (in part a media creation) that may lead you to believe all gay men are Jack McFarland or Men on Film. I completely understand their frustration and sometimes they lash out at the community for perpetuating gay stereotypes.

        They may be targeting the wrong crowd but its still a valid position regardless.

        Folks are just tired of feeling misrepresented or not being allowed to have an opinion that isn’t PC…. but not everyone is PC and sometimes you have to accept that instead of dismissing them (straight acting/masculine gays) as cynical or homophobic.

        1. ^110%.

          opm has every right to his opinion,
          and others have the right to theirs.
          the foxhole comments tend to bring out non PC answers.
          I appreciate them all because it represents another side.

      3. Agree Jamari.

        Everyone has right to express an unpopular opinion. Its the main reason you have such a dedicated following (myself included.)
        Your website represents every shade of our rainbow!

      4. ^ I agree with what starz said but my only objection was that my comment was never a masc v. fem issue. Discussions like these are necessary, but I just prefer that it’s constructive

  10. My problem isn’t the criticism, but rather there is a fine line between criticism and vilifying and a few notable people have no problem crossing that. Moreover, no one should believe that they have it made. We’re all trying to figure things out and laughing at people for falling is as catty was how some here describe the scene.

  11. I’m not politically correct about this and similar topics at all.

    The difference is I’m not an e-thug anything I say on here I will say in person and in group conversation. If you can’t handle it move around or swing, but hit hard because I surely do.

    I even tell my coworkers not to ask my opinions on things like police brutality and same sex marriage because you will get offended.

    I can’t relate to a lot of perspectives expressed here and I find myself wondering what color is the sky in people’s world, but they’re entitled to their opinion and I chalk it up to them being apart of the very real and pervasive machine.

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