“Work With Whats Working”

beautiful-boat-canoe-float-Favim.com-900690i heard ^that quote the other day while watching “girlfriends” at work.
i was bored and finished all my work…
it was the only series in full on youtube
anyway the quote inspired me to write this

the episode was when joan gave up on the restaurant she opened with william called “the j spot”.
william found a way to get customers,
but it started becoming a sports bar.
joan’s idea of it being a restaurant wasn’t making any money.
she wanted “an elegant place of business”,
while william got “pookie, lil mook, and jj” to watch sports.
she decided to let william have her dream and give up.
toni came over and basically told her to “get it together”.
it doesn’t matter HOW the customers came,
all that matters is they keep coming back.
it wasn’t joan’s ideal situation,
or the fantasy she created in her mind,
but she could slowly incorporate her original plan as they went along.
the sports bar became a complete success in later episodes.

“work with whats working”

i am a little blogger on the net.
there are other sites that get more traffic and revenue.
i have created something magical here.
a place where people like me,
and even others who aren’t,
come and share their struggles and stories.
i am not an entertainment or fashion blogger.
i don’t post wolves all day or show the ones i baited for dick pics.
thats them.
i’m me.
i can’t really be defined.
i don’t really know what i am,
i just know it makes me happy to do it.

“work with whats working”

most of us have a fantasy of how we want our lives to be.
that fantasy can come true,
but it won’t start the way we think it will.
sometimes we have to start off in a totally different direction to get there.
as we struggle to get it together,
we see others who it looks exceptionally easy.
we wonder what we are doing wrong?
why can’t it be us?
what is taking so long for our blessings to come?
guess what?
they are all doing exactly this:

“work with whats working”

everyone is sent to this earth with a skill or talent.
some have good looks and they work it.
some shine with charm so they work that.
some are book smart.
some are street smart.
the problem is that when life/career/love isn’t going the way we want,
or we aren’t receiving the accolades we deserve,
we try and change ourselves and end up going completely backwards.

“work with whats working”

you may not have muscles,
but you pull a decent amount of people without them.
you may not be smart as someone you know,
but you are talented as fuck doing something else.
you may be ugly as hell,
but your personality and spirit is what makes you beautiful.
you may not be flossing on social media,
but you are quietly making moves to shock people later.
you may not be the bitch that everyone bows down to,
but you get respect from the people who think you are a prize.
you may not have all the money right now,
but your bills are paid and your credit is in tact.
you may not be out of the closet,
but you are not living with self hate or harming others in the process.

“work with whats working”

everyone else looks successful or more attractive from the outside looking in.
you will never be them.
you will always be you.
so take a look at what you’re good at,
what you have accomplished,
and start working on highlighting those things.
if it ain’t working,
then fix it.
don’t ask people whats good about you.
only you can change you.
do some soul searching and find it.
you don’t know who is watching you and is completely impressed.
we fail to realize we are “the shit” to other people.
its your forest and mountain.
build it.

“work with whats working”


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on ““Work With Whats Working””

  1. ^THIS!!!!

    I’m always comparing myself to other people because I’m not where I want to be in my life right now. I fail to realize that I have a special set of skills and tools that draw people to me. I used to hat the face that I was so upbeat and not chill with swag but people are always telling me at work I’m a joy to be around. Even passengers who just meet me ( I work at the airport). I have to learn to use what I got and not go against the tide.

    P.S. You’ll get no judgement from me I love Girlfriends. I consider myself a mix between Joan and Lynn

    1. ^thats it!

      the ones who are every letter opening aren’t always the joys to be around.
      that quiet mystery is always appealing.
      stick with that and dig deeper into who you are.
      the things you think are your negatives are really your positives.

  2. Jamari Jamari Jamari boy your post are always on time for me dude. It’s like you know what I need to hear to feel better. I’m searching for my purpose and trying not to compare myself to others. I’m not jealous but it’s hard seeing people my age posting pics of their foreign cars, luxury condos, taking expensive trips, wearing top designer clothes and shoes, but I have to look at myself and see that I have been blessed with my own place, decent car, amongst other things it might not be luxury right now but I’ll get there one day. Being 25 I rather work hard to get my nice things than to lie on my back or do illegal stuff to get expensive things. Jamari I have said it before and I’ll say it again I love this blog. It’s the only blog I check and read on a daily basis, please continue to write your helping and saving lives with this blog.

  3. Thanks Jamari, I love and appreciate this one!! Btw, I gave all eight seasons of “Girlfriends” on my external hard drive.

  4. Yes Jamari! Do what works for you and stay in your lane! One of my life mottos. As long as it works for you, then well, it works!

    Well said!

  5. This is one of the BEST posts on IJF! You bettah preach boy! This truly just blessed and encouraged me! Thank you for tapping into this frame of thought! #awesome

  6. I wonder when/if there will be a Girlfriend reunion show….. Anyway I couldn’t agree more with this post. I just think you have to have faith and hope even tho that shit is hard. I am setting my goals like a workout plan, sorta, to stay focus and trying to achieve what I want.

  7. Jamari Fox, thank God for your blog. I was on another blog about 3 years ago, and it posted a link to a entry you had written, and as It’s been said the rest is history! I love the fact that you give us a variety of things, you don’t allow commenters to disrespect or be disrespected to each other. I could go on and on….lol but I’ll stop here. Thank you Jamari , and keep doing your thing!

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