I Hear The People Talk (Excited When Work Wolf and I Walk)

tumblr_lege54wlI61qdoln8o1_1280people talk.
that was the lesson of my day.
i mean i know people talk,
and i’m sure they talk about me,
but when they involve work wolf
i found myself getting a little nervous.
so i was talking to thing 2 today…

i went over to her section to bring her some paper work.
we started talking and then she said:

“whats going on with work wolf and you?”

“we cool.
why you ask?”

well she told me that liar liar was talking about us.
she said that i’m trying to talk to work wolf.


she goes on to say how she said it in front of a group of people.
she mentioned how she peeps how we interact.
people started chiming in how they saw us walking to the train.
it was a whole discussion.
usually i’m okay with being the star in the mouth of others,
but this time it was different.

“naw its not even like that.”

“be careful.
this is how rumors start.”

i was so pissed.
liar liar has been smiling up in my face lately,
acting fake as hell,
but she been plottin on the fox?
oh ok.
a part of me wanted to go to her desk and curse her the fuck out.
does she really want me to unleash my wrath?

queen-b-3-blair-waldorf-30412232-500-218i was trying my best not to be messy,
but she gonna make me cut her head off.
supervisor or not.
so i texted work wolf and told him:

“lol fuck them
these niggas here fake as shit”

out of a brief insecurity on my part,
i asked:

“would this effect our relationship?”

“i don’t care what these people think.
let them talk.
we know what we got.”

it made me smile,
but i made a decision to lessen my contact with him.
i know it sounds stupid,
but this is where we work.
nothing worse than a job that becomes a high school playground.
“work with whats working”
well our friendship can’t work at this job.
too much ignorance.
we can chill outside of the building,
but walking to the train is gonna end for a while.
i’ll continue to text him,
but i’ll keep the interaction to a minimum.
even though he says he doesn’t care now,
what if that changes?

lowkey: he is going to buy me lunch all week.
i’m low on funds and he offered.
i might have to decline since this is “news at 11”.

i loathe this hoe bitch.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “I Hear The People Talk (Excited When Work Wolf and I Walk)”

  1. Lol. They know you love the fellas. Liar sees you, you see her, y’all see each other lol. You and Work Wolf have the office buzzing.

  2. Hey jamari don’t knock your blessing! If u are his friend be that! I agree keep coworkers out your business! I work.w nothing but women! I’m nosey in general they are nosy in depth! Just be discreet at work I would say. Best wishes to you both!

    1. ^and the thing is,
      i don’t go chasing after work wolf.
      he waits for me outside to walk to the train.
      so on the outside i’m sure it looks suspect,
      but on the inside,
      i am pretty much being lead by him.

  3. Well I guess it’s time u lead! If he cares about and is your true friend he will understand! I would take lunch offer though! Do my let fear n insecurities get best of u! That’s usually my job! Lol u stronger than that J! Remember that! Stand tall!

  4. Always sucks when “these” types of situations come about. Because they can complicate a friendship on the simplest levels. Glad to hear WW is more evolved though.

    I commend you Jamari for keeping it professional. It only means you two have to do that much more to interact outside of work. Try not to penalize him for others behaviors. Tricky waters.

    I will say, if you’re trying to keep a low profile it may be too late. Although Work Wolf knows you’re gay–the office may know as well now (unfortunately). I guess just depends on your comfort level. I’ve found the work place tends to revert to high school when others have nothing exciting going on at home. People live off the little bit of drama. + shows like Love & Hip Hop only fuel their desire for “drama.”

    Best of luck!

  5. This is the situation.. of jealous vixen Vs fox friend…. Straight women always want to play opponent when it comes to a man they way. Getting all defensive and petty when it comes to dudes. You wrote about this before Straight women and gay men. smh. Don’t worry Jamari she want to be you so bad. She jealous of your work ethnic, attention, and your friendship. Tell her she mind as well be your friend and take notes.

  6. Do what’s best for you, but realize people are gonna talk no matter what. He’s reassured you countless times that he doesn’t care what other people think.

    1. ^and thats why this is so weird for me.

      its like i’m use to foolish people that when someone different comes along,
      it has me confused and insecure.
      its like i’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.
      i hate that i feel like this.

      1. I totally understand that feeling. It’s like a defense mechanism to doubt people’s intentions when so many have proven to be fake and fickle. But from what you mentioned before, I feel like you need an ally at work. Especially another male.

  7. AND IF YOU TWO WERE DATING??? Whose business is that but you two. Folks constantly going out of their way just to TRY get in yours. #Losers!

  8. I’ve been coming on this site for years and just feel compelled now to comment. This bitch is “#dust” as Meagan said from BBW, and she’s petty as fuck. Isn’t it enough that she actually has a vagina that he’d be interested in? Why is she so bothered by your friendship with him and has the nerve as a Supervisor to bring it up in front of her subordinates. I would be just as pissed as you are and it would take a lot for me not to confront her. I know they say to kill people with kindness, but you need to throw it back in her face, oh so subtly. I’d love for you to go over to her desk and casually bring up something amazing work wolf did for you and walk off, let her stew in her bitterness. Ultimately, you’re too classy to even stoop to her level of immaturity and don’t let it affect what you and him have built. You deserve this friendship and no one should come in between, FUCK THEM ALL!

    1. ^i really wanted to let her have it.
      i saw her and i got so hot.
      if i did,
      it would only cause more drama.
      i learned a long time ago to pick my battles.

      1. Nothing but respect for you! Women like her have a five course meal of karma waiting for them…watch her next relationship be turbulent as fuck.

  9. You shouldn’t have to stop walking with him to the train, it only makes you seem more “guilty” despite not being guilty of anything, which is the point; if you’re not guilty of anything then you have no reason to change your behaviours. If avoiding contact for awhile makes you feel more comfortable though, then by
    all means, but if you want to, don’t let them stop you! It’s none of their business anyway!

    Liar Liar is going to do anything to sabotage this because she hates you and wants to fuck him, its a double whammy. If she’s talking, you’re winning so it actually benefits you if you keep doing what you’re doing,keep doing you! She’s weak af!

    1. @Dignified…you took the words out of my mouth. Jamari, if you change up the routine…it’s gonna look suspicious as hell. Screw what those people say. As you said…he looks out for you. And if someone makes a snide comment, be sure to let them know…he’s your friend and anyone that doesn’t like it or says otherwise should get a life. You say you pick your battles wisely, but I will not let anyone disrespect me in any way. Talking about you and assaulting your character is paramount to that, and in business it spreads…and the situation can get ugly really fast. Me, I play fucking headgames with people that try to come at me. I don’t care who you are. You come at me, don’t think I will sit idly by and let you say/do whatever you want to and/or about me. Not gonna happen.

      It’s too bad you don’t have a stronger HR presence in your office because I would go to them and tell them that someone came to me confidentially and told me that my supervisor was spreading fake gossip about me in front of a group of my co-workers. And on my way out the door I might let it slip that packages ain’t the only thing she’s getting delivered by the mailroom. LOL
      You wanna play…we can play.

  10. Dignified said it all. Glad you agree. Glad Work Wolf is comfortable. Your initial concern is natural; it’s like growing pains. You’re evolving and growing. I’m so proud of you. Continue to live your life.

  11. Ugh. I cannot. The fact grown people acting like gossiping clowns in high school annoys the hell out of me. And the fact that you’re minding your own business and worrying about yourself and they’re still putting their noses in your business just pisses me off. I cannot stand mess like that. Why is the spotlight on me when i’m in my own little corner not in anyone’s face or starting trouble? If you were nosy then everyone would have an even bigger problem. smh we cannot win either way. I understand people will talk about you even after the day you die but i don’t understand why people got your name in their mouths if you have NONE of their’s in your’s. That’s. so. childish! Honestly, stuff like this also makes me uncomfortable. Like how do they know you guys are walking home everyday? Are they specifically watching you? is someone stalking you at work? shit like that is creepy.

    I agree with Dignified, don’t stop walking with him. And, Jay, said before stuff like that is no different from Work wolf treating you some kind of way because you’re gay. Let that messy ass bitch Liar Liar keep talking cause you’re winning.

  12. Jamari, NO! Do not lessen your contact with work wolf
    U need to check liar liar, don’t be pussy
    There is a nice way to say anything, TRUST ME,
    Get her! I am so sick of that bitch and I don’t even know her
    I’m telling you work wolf is a good friend
    U shouldnt have to sacrifice that for others

  13. I understand your thinking you don’t want to be in the middle of any messy drama or the reason for it. You also on one hand don’t know how work wolf will act when these rumors start to affect him at work because even though he said it won’t change anything he’s never had coworkers question his sexuality like this all because of association. it’s easier said than done.

    I think you should put your trust in work wolf, after all you guys have been through so far he hadn’t given you any reason not to put faith in him as the good friend he’s been to you. I agree with the others in the foxhole keep doing what you’ve been doing, you can’t let these petty people dictate how you live your life.

    P.S. Two things

    1.) I’m convinced liar liar is the spawn of satan and jealous of you.

    2.) it’s sweet he wants to buy you lunch for a week, take that blessing with pride.

  14. He says it doesn’t bother him but the moment he hears rumours flying around that he is gay & is messing with you then we’ll then see if he truly means what he said. Actions speak louder than words. After all, you did say that you guys usually chill together when your co-workers aren’t around.

    And I know the feeling though. It happened to me a few months ago when I was in college. This girl who gets clowned by everybody decided to start talking to me and she is cool as hell. I like her company (as a friend of course). And then one day we decided to stop at McDonalds during our break & before you knew it less than a week later people started coming up to me asking me if I was dating that “weird girl” because word started going around. And I can’t lie it did bother me a bit. I still talk to her though to this day though. People can be childish as hell.

  15. Jamari you are better than me I would of been put that little hoe back in her place. She is truly pressed over work wolf do they still even talk? We all know liar liar is a hoe and she feels threatened by you Jamari. She views you as her competition like she probably does with other females. Just continue being you and continue to hang with work wolf don’t limit your time with him. Hopefully he doesn’t let this interfere with you guys friendship.

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