Caitlyn Jenner Says She Is The New Normal

caitlyn-jenner-gold-dressare you tired of caitlyn jenner yet?
well too bad because its full steam ahead on this circus.
so caitlyn is about to have a docu-series on the e! network.
its simply titled:

“i am cait”

…and i guess it goes through her transition and other personals.
she also said she is the new normal.
  anyway the trailer was released and well…

i bet you can’t tell her nothing when she is sitting in front that vanity mirror.
i see they used a lot of photoshop for the cover too.
what we see is not what what we gonna get.
caitlyn is also in talks of being the face of mac cosmetics.
page six is quoted in saying:

Caitlyn Jenner is being courted by beauty brands to become a spokeswoman. MAC Cosmetics, which is owned by Estée Lauder, has already had “several high-level meetings over the past few months” with Jenner to discuss becoming a face of the colorful cosmetics line.

Jenner — formerly known as Olympics champ Bruce Jenner — re-emerged into the public eye Monday as Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair, captivating the public.

But we’re told months before the cover was unveiled, execs at MAC were already discussing the possibility of having Caitlyn as a spokeswoman. “They’ve been debating the pros and cons and whether it would be a good fit or not. There’s a camp that’s so excited and another that’s a bit more cautious,” a source told Page Six.

MAC has over 700 stores worldwide, and Jenner would follow in the footsteps of LGBT-friendly MAC representatives including RuPaul, Ricky Martin, Elton John and k.d. lang. Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have also been spokesmodels. The line’s motto is “All ages, all races, all sexes.” MAC declined to comment.

2s9aotewell you had know this was coming.
you knew money was going to made off this.
caitlyn was married to kruella de jenner.
thats all i need to say.
“i am cait” premieres july 26 on e.

lowkey: i hope caitlyn isn’t a big a narcissist like “that family”.
then again…
she just might.

lowkey: page six

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Says She Is The New Normal”

  1. Yup! I’m over this whole Caitlyn thing! Lol!
    Just does nothing for me tbh, and here’s why:

    I’m happy for her and respect her struggle, but I think it was JAY who said it in another post of yours.
    Caitlyn’s story isn’t inspiring to me because of the position she’s in! I understand that rich or not, republican or democrat that this IS a big deal for her, and I won’t discredit her 65 year struggle. I am truly happy that she can finally be who she wants to be.

    But make no mistake. She’s no hero, (other than her Olympic accomplishments) Her being famous makes it easier for her to follow through with this decisions. Think of the every day people or the poor people who are struggling with being stuck in the wrong body and the only thing stopping them from making the change is money.

    Or the people in situations where they might be killed for being who they are.

    Its great that she’s trying to be a spokesperson for this demographic and shed some more light onto them, and its great that shes using this as a platform but she just doesn’t represent them, or their stories or at least not the majority or the most disadvantaged.

    Again, I’m happy for her, but this whole media attention is almost sensationalizing the REAL struggles.

    The regular people watching this unfold STILL won’t understand the struggles of transgender individuals, because there is still not enough representation.

    To put it into perspective, what if Caitlyn were black? and not like Laverne Cox who came onto the scene already done, but the same situation as Bruce/Caitlyn. An all-star Olympic athlete who was transgender.This would be very different IMO..

    whether people agree or not, I am just not particularly interested, or think that the world is changing. LOL Lets not be naive now.

  2. over it LAVERNE COX deserves the MAC contract not BRUCELLA. Bruce is forcing this on the world. LAVERNE didn’t she was living her truth openly unlike BRUCELLLA

  3. I’m kinda getting sick of Caitlyn too.

    I took a lot of strength to see the process through but the way this whole thing has been carried out has been very disingenuous. It seems like some people don’t know how to be different without alienating others anymore.

  4. Caitlyn gonna duck around and make the public opinion turn against her.

    Has the mother said anything about this?
    She’s been oddly silent. Guess she ain’t trying to fuck up dem coins.

  5. I swear beyonce looks like that at EVERY basketball game she attends Or until king James gets on the court. LOL!

  6. Caitlyn just looks like a big 6’5 man in some fly dresses. RuPaul must feel like Little Richard right now.

  7. You can buy all the makeup that Mac can make. But if….you can’t look inside you, find out who am I too.

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