Caitlyn Jenner Says She Is The New Normal

caitlyn-jenner-gold-dressare you tired of caitlyn jenner yet?
well too bad because its full steam ahead on this circus.
so caitlyn is about to have a docu-series on the e! network.
its simply titled:

“i am cait”

…and i guess it goes through her transition and other personals.
she also said she is the new normal.
  anyway the trailer was released and well…
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Once I Put This THANG On Ya (That Real Good THANG…)

The weirdest thing has happened…

Maybe the Gods have turned karma around for me.
Maybe I am in my perfect place for a blessing.
I… don’t really know.
All I know that I am “NOT INTERESTED“…
or maybe I want to see where it will go.

I was sitting in my room today,
after lathering my back in Icy Hot like I was 50 years old,
when I got a nice little:

… and you won’t believe from who.

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