Once I Put This THANG On Ya (That Real Good THANG…)

The weirdest thing has happened…

Maybe the Gods have turned karma around for me.
Maybe I am in my perfect place for a blessing.
I… don’t really know.
All I know that I am “NOT INTERESTED“…
or maybe I want to see where it will go.

I was sitting in my room today,
after lathering my back in Icy Hot like I was 50 years old,
when I got a nice little:

… and you won’t believe from who.

“Hey Jamari,

I hope all is well.
We miss you a lot here.
You did a good job when you were here.
I hope for you to visit again soon.”

^signed sincerely,
and please sit down for this…
my boss.

Hope all is well with you!”
my reply

I had to go back up there 5 months later for them to give a fuck about “missing” me?

What happened to not one single contact with me for those 5 months?
What happened to the extremely ignorant way of letting me go?
Why all this sudden reaching out and wanting to see how I am?


I don’t know why this is all suddenly happening.
But, I’m watching it and will continue to be kind.

This reminds me of being with a Wolf and he treats you like dog shit.
He thinks you will be there to be his support beam to all his bullshit.
You finally realize your worth and you leave (or he leaves you for he thinks is better).
You cry and you feel hurt,
but you hold your head up high and keep it moving.
He realizes what he had and wants you back….

You are definitely going to have to work for it baby.
And, you may not even get it after that is all said and done.
BUT, we can still be friends.

Let this be a lesson.
If you are a Fox, a Wolf, or even a Hybrid who is actually a damn good person,
people will truly feel it when you are gone.

This story will definitely be an updated one so stay tuned.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Once I Put This THANG On Ya (That Real Good THANG…)”

      1. Well, in my years of corporate red tape, let me share a thing or two. If your boss seems to care about your well being, then have you considered that he may have been “ordered” to release you? Oftentimes, things of this nature starts at a higher level, and is out of the immediate manager’s control.

        I would not hold grudges, just know that all things happen for a reason. You know what you really want to do with your life in terms of your career, so your being termed could have been just the push that you needed to focus more on your goals.

        1. ^someone I was speaking to told me that today.
          This is why I kept all my grudges to the side in this round.
          I was hurt,
          but in corporate America,
          there are some hateful people in the higher ups.

          But this cannot be just happening to be spiteful.
          I wish he wouldn’t have waited 5 months.
          That is what bothers me the most.

  1. Hmmm. Maybe he wants to tap that……oh nevermind. LOL. Yes I was just about to go there.

    I think it’s very unusual for a boss to check up on a former employee, especially after he fired them. Why are you on his mind to the point that he writes you a letter telling you how good of a job you did and all that ish? I would have asked him why did you fire me if I did such a good job? Something ain’t right in the air, period. I respect you for keeping your composure tho.

    The question is, if he wanted to hire you back would you accept his offer?

    1. ^LOLOL
      I don’t do the old meat…. ollllllld meat….

      I am practicing this new thing were I am not “a raging asshole off the bat”,
      so I’m being nice right now LOL

      I would need a letter stating I will never be fired and laid off…
      …and I need a nice 4 dollars raise.
      He is not my friend…. but Benjamin Franklin is.

  2. That was definitely a pivotal moment in your career/life when that mess went down. I hope that you have learned a lot during your separation from the company. Just know that if they ask you to return, make sure that the $$$ is RIGHT. I don’t know what type of job it was, but if they paid bonuses, make sure that yours is guaranteed before you sign the paperwork, as well as vacation time.

    I feel the same way about my job. When I finally make my exit, they are going are not going to be able to find what they have in me. I am not trying to toot my own horn, but…you get the point.

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