Can I Be Your Pre-Baller Wolf’s Keeper?

Kahlil Bell is already a problem.
But, don’t you hate when the brother looks just as good???
Well look at muthapluckin’ Darius…

Kahlil – Chicago Bears (there are a lot of fine Wolves on this team)
Darius – UCLA Bruins

I have died and gone to heaven.
I hope to see one of them waiting at the gates!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Can I Be Your Pre-Baller Wolf’s Keeper?”

  1. Kahlil looks better. Darius looks like a pretty boi and I’m not really into those types.

  2. Man Jamari, believe it or not, I know a hand full of dudes that have been drafted by the NFL and NBA and that fame gets a hold of them so fast its unreal. I just keep thinking I used to actually play football or basketball with this dude in school or summer camp and now he’s during charity work for kids while denying his own back home. Everything becomes very appearance oriented. Texas must be a breeding ground for professional athletes though.

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