Travis Cure Is The Cure For Your Sweet Tooth

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.03.01 PMif you like a dark chocolate wolf that is.
travis cure is…
well i have no words.
my body is speaking tho.
actually my hormones are yelling obscenities.
just look at alla this…

Dancing_7429b1_1031884oh sorry.
i couldn’t control myself.
people always talk about their fuck buddies and friends with benefits.
some people have gargoyles to get them off when they need it.
imagine if someone like travis cure was your fuck buddy?
imagine THAT walking in your crib during 11pm-3am?
i’d get off just by him sitting on the couch.
salute to the vixen(s) getting pounded by travis.

lowkey: i wanna know how he got to be krave magazine ambassador.

pictures credited: travis cure

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Travis Cure Is The Cure For Your Sweet Tooth”

  1. Thank you, thank you, and again thank you..Everyday I secretly be wishing that you will post something about this dude, and today is a good day. #MY MCM-T-W-TH-F-SA and Sunday

  2. Ironically yesterday I was hanging out and catching up with a buddy of mine who just moved to my town and like me, he loves dark skin brothers, well he had never seen Mr. Cure before and I showed him his picture and told him, how one day I was going to get him. He was equally impressed and was like Damn, I told him he was a Dime. He is on my Top 10 list of all time greats of best looking men. Just pure chocolate perfection.

  3. Ay papi I would love to have that dark chocolate Travis as my fuck buddy, but I want us to get tested every month and make an agreement/understanding so he can cum in my bootyhole…. But I love that gif tho cause those little girls’ faces.

  4. Pure rich dark chocolate…. wait… he with Steven BecK?…that might be Steven Beck work wolf. *Logs out*

      1. lmfao… But really… Who doesn’t Steven Beck know? He a real socialite in every state. He sure knows how to network.

    1. LOL! UH-OH!

      Damn though, I wouldn’t blame Steven though! Phew! Travis is gorgeous. You know what Jamari says about these IG likes and shout-outs though… lol


  5. I see Steven B. don’t miss a beat lol. He’s photo’d with all the muscle boys. Steven give thirsty power bottom anyway so I’m sure he tries to work all the trade.

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