foxhole, britney wants you to know it’s not a rose! it’s soap! (it’s just soap)

this looks like the real britney spears.
depending on who you speak to,
they’d tell you that this:

…is a designer imposter.
it’s no surprise that britney has been off for a while now.
i saw a recent video that had me put my hand to my mouth.
it was her in the tub letting us know a rose really wasn’t a rose


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Itโ€™s just soap ๐Ÿงผ๐ŸŒน !!!!

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if you were confused that was a rose then nope…


i keep asking if it’s the meds?
from her voice to all of this:

compared to this:

who is that person?
i doubt britney will ever be able to perform again.
i highly doubt she can hit the “slave for you” choreography flawlessly anymore:

this makes me so sad because i feel like she has lost her whole mind.
where are her kids?
i have so many questions.
it’s almost like people are watching a train wreck.
we are waiting for her to go off the rails.
it’s almost like she is in the mind of a child or something.
i hope she is being protected and not being taken advantage of.
she is unproblematic and you can tell she has a good spirit.
hell she nearly fought some jackals for allegedly calling her bodyguard the “n” word.


people took advantage of her and this seems to be the outcome.
it makes me continue to have a soft part for her.

lowkey: her body still looks good.

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14 thoughts on “foxhole, britney wants you to know it’s not a rose! it’s soap! (it’s just soap)”

  1. Actually she’s doing a lot better than we think. Her Father stepped in and saved her from having a ending to her life from Mental Health issues years ago. He also protected her coin and assets. I feel she’s always had to perform and be someone else. I feel she always suffered from mental illness but now gets to be herself after working so hard from childhood to take care of everyone. Britney like fuck yall I’m being my authentic country self. Can you imagine how many divas had mental health issues and we’ll never know because their image is always painted as perfect. Even with Beyonce that’s my girl but sometimes she looks mentally exhausted in her eyes. We have to check on each other to maintain our sanity.

    1. ^maybe youโ€™re right.
      she just seems so different than how she was when she was in her prime.
      you can tell something is going on,
      but i guess she is just enjoying her wealth and being her true self.

  2. I don’t know what’s going on with her but I am concern. She’s not the same Britney we knew from the late 90s to mid 00s. Its like fame has gotten too much that she lost her mind. I hope she get better from whatever is going on.

  3. she has documented mental health issues, however I think this fact taints our image of her. She is odd but seems so kind and sweet. in the videos she is just dancing, being her unapologetic self. If we didn’t know her mental health history we wouldn’t see anything odd about a pop star dancing on social media. I think she might be doing better than we think.

    Ps. I am sure she is stressed about the conservatorship reevaluation happening soon. if you didn’t know britney has been under a conservativeship for the last 12 years. she wants out of it. she is unable to make major decisions regarding her career and finances without the explicit approval from her father.

  4. Honestly I think itโ€™s cause fame is a very unnatural thing! Man said โ€œoh yeah, just Jet Set all over the world, waking up in a different country/climate every few days and letโ€™s see how it goesโ€ lol Iโ€™m being funny, but they truly did push it with Britney; she traveled all over the world, all the time and had to be this MEGA brand! This is back when you had to do ALL day press runs, day/night talk shows, every station had a big award show, her videos were epic and took days to film (think MTVs โ€œmaking the videoโ€) Fame nowadays is watered down; half the talk/award shows are GONE, most videos are cheap and done infront of a green screen, And all the major labels are broken up, 90s fame was just a beast of a different caliber & thatโ€™s why so many of our beloved 90s stars have/ had mental break downs

  5. I love me some Britney.. I think she’s fine, Intelligent, talented and a little quirky, but so are most performers and Artist [ Me included..yall read my post on here] ..

    True, she had some issues that were unfortunately held on a microscope for all to see. Still many of us ,myself included experience meltdowns ,stress that require medication ,or Alcohol, Pot, Food, SEX, Coke, Norco’s ..catch my drift!! .

    She knows exactly what she is doing and how people are commenting . In short, Britney is in on the joke and laughing back at us all the way to the bank of Atentionista and the cash as we stream /Download her music and follow her outlandish life( smile).

  6. Wow Britney looks awful. Sheโ€™s just a couple of years younger than me and she looks like sheโ€™s LIVED a rough life. Then again sheโ€™s had a lot of mental health issues & I pray that sheโ€™s doing ok.

  7. Cant say I was ever a fan of her music, but watching these videos made me smile, she just seems like a genuine sweet person and maybe because I dont follow her or know too much about her other than the public breakdown, she seems fine to me. None of us could probably even imagine the hell she has been through being as big a star as she was. Sadly the entertainment industry has broke many a person along the way. Wishing her well.

  8. How come no one ever mentions the fact that the drugs she was on during her breakdown probably fried her brain? We’ve all seen the commercial. “This is your brain, This is your brain on drugs.”

    My friend noticed back in 07, Britney had the skin of a meth addict. It’s cleared up now but I’m gonna be honest and say her mental issues were grossly exaggerated. In fact, I don’t think she ever had any to begin with. I think what happened was a young naive girl was thrust into the Hollywood lifestyle. Surrounded by yes men and allowed to partake in any drug she wanted. Screwed her brain up, and now we have what we have now. A recovering addict.

    The same thing happened to Whitney Houston and countless others.

  9. Meanwhile sheโ€™s a multi-millionaire living in her mansion, unbothered while the people who are struggling to survive are giving their unsolicited opinions about her mental state and well-being ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚….focus on the problematic ones.

      1. That there are more important things to be worried about then someone elseโ€™s mental well-being sis.

  10. I will respect the fact that nobody went to the MK Ultra, RFID rout. (I believe in all that, though)
    However I don’t think her father is a hero in none of this.

    All she asked was for (creative) self control, something that wouldn’t lead to all the scandals the public witnessed so far if her wish was granted.

    I also read through a Tumblr post that her conservatorship stuff has been extended and I’m giving the situation a side eye.

    I liked the first interview/YouTube video. I didn’t watch the rest because I am not prepared. I feel sorry for her, though. I do.

  11. I just read an article detailing Britney ‘s conservatorship

    Under the conservatorship, Spears cannot drive a car, vote, get married, have children, spend her own money, speak publicly about the conservatorship and more, according to pop culture watchdog Diet Prada.

    this is just sad.

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