so they just indicted atlanta city councilman antonio brown? (oh word???)

atlanta councilman,
antonio brown,
always had the best reputation…
thus far?
i don’t know much about him,
but some of the foxhole would send me various things about him.
he sat on city council,
hung out with the fione attentionistos,
did a ton of charity work,
and they made him seem really down to earth.
( x see his ig )
( x see his councilman page )
well 2020 is back at it again.
antonio brown just got “indicted indicted“…

A federal grand jury has indicted Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Brown on multiple counts of fraud, for allegedly lying about his income on applications to obtain loans and credit cards which he used for personal purchases — including a Range Rover and Mercedes Benz C300.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has also accused Brown of lying about being a victim of identity theft to defraud the financial institutions that gave him the money.

Brown is charged with wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud and making false statements on a bank loan application.

The alleged crimes occurred years before Brown became a member of the City Council. He won a special runoff election in 2019 after the district three seat was vacated when long time Councilman Ivory Lee Young died of cancer.

“For years, Antonio Brown allegedly sought to defraud a number of banks and credit card companies by falsely claiming that he was the victim of identity theft,” said U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak.

Although there have been former council members indicted after leaving office, Brown appears to be the first sitting councilman to be indicted since federal prosecutors charged D.L. “Buddy” Fowlkes with bribery and income tax evasion in 1993.

He did not immediately respond to messages left on his personal cell phone seeking comment.

i’m shocked.
i had make sure this was the right wolf.
this is not what i expected to get news about.
i thought,
at the most,
he would be accused of being mixxy.
this is not what i expected to see on the summer jam screen tonight.
i mean this is all alleged so we shall see what the outcome will be.
atl foxhole…

What is the word?

step up to the front so we can hear wtf is going on bts.
i know ya’ll got the pipin’ hot lipton.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

56 thoughts on “so they just indicted atlanta city councilman antonio brown? (oh word???)”

      1. Y’all love and try to kick somebody when they back against the rope. Wait till the shoe is on the other foot. We’ll see who be laughing. It’s amazing how ppl try and bring up old stuff just to tarnish a person. WHOEVER tonio wants to be with that’s his prerogative! Instead of concerning yourselves with who he sexing be more concerned about your self and who you rolling around in the bed with. It’s sad to see your own ppl turn against you and for what. I’m over this particular post so argue on I could care less! Keep tonio name out ya mouth he ain’t thinking about what’s being said!

        1. CHRISTIANtonio, please stop the madness lol… please… smdh. U sound desperately crazy farealz! U should be busy retaining a damn good lawyer w/ that inflated salary…

          1. JB that’s Antonio he’s given himself away several times. I could just send this to the AG for his FYI.

          2. Jamari has both my email as well as my internet address clearly he can tell I AM NOT ANTONIO. That shows how dumb you are. You think if I was antonio I would be using the same name and email address. I ain’t gonna let you throw dirt on that man name when he not in the comments to defend himself. Both of you miserable. Laughing at someone’s demise. Like I said tho wait till the shoe is on the other foot. I encourage both of you to seek help with the hate and malice in your heart for a person that I seriously doubt knows any of you. He got his family and friends around him who loving and supporting him and we always going to support him no matter what. Remember this day when you fall into the ditch you tried to put him in. He gonna rise from this better and stronger. So hate on and while hating he and the rest of us gonna continue to love. LOVE IS OUR WAY!

  1. I’ve known this man for years now. Tony has always been a truly sweet person. Treats others with love and kindness. Will give you the shirt off his back. I don’t know if these allegations are true. But what is true is his character. And he is a fighter for all the underdogs in the world. I truly hope he makes out ok during this time. He is an example of what communities need in there local politicians….. And not for nothing his Dick is good af😂😂🤷‍♂️.

    1. Lol who is this? Why you put tonio out thea like that lmao. I attest to everything you said except the last part. Dont know how he look underneath the clothes except the scar. I hope he be ok. He not perfect but I know he a good person. He been through so much already. What a person done in their past doesn’t mean they are the same person. He worries to much about his past and holds himself to a high standard that he can’t attain. To be an example for others to follow. I know it hurts him most that he feels he let the ppl down. Regardless of who turn on him we always going to have his back. Let him know when he wrong but always have his back. This is the time when he will see who his real friends are from the others.

      1. Antonio really… You keep defending yourself in third person here. Guilty as charged

  2. Atlanta politics are DIRTY and Antonio is learning the hard way. I respect his passion for change, and his enthusiasm for justice……HOWEVER, he chose the wrong city to fight the power when his milk aint entirely clean. There is a legacy black political and wealthy class in Atlanta that is incredibly powerful, and they don’t take kindly to disrespect or not paying your dues. If you don’t comply, they will force it from you. It appears Antonio used recent BLM protests to elevate his stature nationally through various media interviews. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, he also used this time to demand the mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, resign for her handling of recent protests. Mind you, Keisha doesn’t quite need bad press at the moment, considering she’s on Biden’s shortlist for VP. Honestly, he turned on Keisha when she needed him the most. Publicly, they had a very good relationship prior to all this. She loved her some Antonio Brown. Thats a quote.

    It’s no secret among the gays in the know, that Antonio, while a nice guy, has SKELETONS in his closet….and it’s no surprise the black and powerful in Atlanta are beginning to dig it all up. There are Andrew Gillum level skeletons in that closet (IYKYK), this could get messy if he chooses to go down fighting.


    1. ^if people have skeletons in their closets,
      whole mausoleums,
      why do they often chose this route in life?
      they always get exposed and thrown to the side.
      it never fails.

    2. He’ll tell you himself he fighting demons but for the most part I know he means well and have a good heart. And as for as those skeletons I know exactly what your talking about. I told him he is not the same person he was back then and he truly regrets some of the mistakes he made in his past. LET HE THAT IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. It’s so much he doing for the people that ppl dont see. He and Keshia remain in constant warfare because he feels she’s to passive on issues and pushing her to do more for the people. He was the only one pushing for defunding the police. He proposed the bill for fair housing so ppl didn’t have to be limited to where they live. I dont see any of the rest out there advocating like him. They not out there in the morning hours helping anybody. And as for that narrative that you stated that him and Keshia being on good terms before he went after her that is a LIE! Tonio been having problems on council way before then for those truly in the know. He wants to get things done and they only want to give the appearance of being for the ppl. Keshia has been petty as well as condescending to tonio for just trying to help. Atlanta has a certain code it lives by THE ATLANTA WAY! They see tonio as an outsider who came from somewhere else. He didn’t anticipate the opposition he would come into upon taking this task. What you see now is a group of ppl conspiring against him including some on council not just to silence him but get him out the way. None of them wanted him on council. That explosion that you witness was a build up of all that you didn’t know was going on. He knew they was coming for him way back in March or April. Saying that was trying to tarnish him. Tonio been through a lot. A lot of this stuff I say started back when he was raped multiple times and on the top of that the chaotic issues he and his siblings grew up in. I dont care I feel for the guy. He fight everyday to stay afloat and sometimes like he told me his demons get the best of him. Tonio won’t back down from being intimidated I admire that but also it scares me because I dont want them to hurt him. Let’s just pray for him. There a reason they going after him for things they allege he done way before being on council. Right is right and wrong is wrong but know there’s a lot more to this story that isn’t being told.

      1. Stop it Antonio. They where on to you before you ran sweetie. They have the receipts. And stop posting in third person

  3. I knew Antonio when he lived in New York before he relocated to Atlanta. I have nothing but good things to say about this man because not once has he done or have I witnessed him being dirty to himself or others. I wish him the best of luck with this inditment, because I personally believed he stepped on some toes.

    1. Why would he do his dirt in front of another person. This has been years in the making.

  4. The most important statement in all these comments so far is what @Honeybee said. As someone coming in without “a dog in the fight”, can someone please explain how Mr. Brown has been “for the people”/”not with the establishment” with examples? What is his opposition to Mayor Bottoms? I’m not from Atlanta, but I would like to hear some positive things…

  5. He has a whole football team of brothers. They are fine af! Reminds me of my crushes on B5 back in the day.

      1. Dude you been going back and forth with everybody on this post. Who are you really. The hate for Antonio that strong that you work over time in smearing his name. We all standing for him because we know he got a good heart. We know where his allegiance truly lies. He’s done more for the community than you have or ever will do. Seem like to me either he wouldn’t let you hit or you just simply jealous and intimidated by this young brother. Or maybe your hate is politically motivated. Say what you want but in the end the victory will be ours! Now Run back to your handlers and tell that! You nor them stopping anything! They only after Tonio because he ain’t afraid of the establishment. And he gonna continue to speak truth to power. Forget what you think op! Antonio protected! I never will understand why someone can be so hated when all they do is stay to themselves and bother no one. You ain’t out there feeding the homeless at 1 in the morning. You ain’t laboring around the clock like he is. Dont you dare speak on that man like you know him. Let him have his day in court. And we will see if he guilty or not. When one digs a ditch for another often times that person is the one that falls in it!

        1. I was wondering why he was so excited in the comments about another man’s downfall.

          It’s very ugly to witness.

          1. Hi Antonio you still did fraud. All the cover up won’t stop you from doing time

      2. I don’t know what he did or didn’t do. I looked at his social media and saw many cute brothers. I admit I had nothing to contribute. Neither do you, Adam. Or did he steal from you? Good Day, Sir.

  6. Looks like a hit job. He should have seen it coming and prepared. If you don’t play the game and are for the people “they” will come and collect that ass.

    Now Jamari .. whats it mean, you thought he was mixxy? lol

  7. Atlanta is a place of oppression and depression. Low pay and high Bills. Blacks get few breaks and if another black is in charge, expect it to be even worse.

    There really is no upward mobility there, he must have tried some come up without the ok of the in-blacks and their authoritarian white masters.

    If you were considering moving there, don’t.

      1. Did either one of you actually read he did fraud several times. The Antonio Brown fan club is in denial

  8. Like Andrew Gillum, Antonio didn’t get the memo: The elected office don’t equal the privilege when you Black. Moreso if you’re same-sex attracted. Light bright left a mountain of dirt behind him on the streets of Atlanta. It’s enough for the Feds to bury him with.

        1. Ethnically, he’s black. Racially, he’s mixed. Nevertheless, I hate to see this dude in this predicament. I’ve met him once or twice (long story), and he’s a good dude. Sending up prayers for him.

        2. Yeah, no. You all make everything who doesn’t have nonexistent lips, Black. This is why we have Shaun Kings running around. I went through his social media and he’s phenotypically Latinx. You can even see his hair is smoothed down to evoke a close cropped cut.

  9. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General, and the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation Division are investigating this case.

    “We are committed to working with our Federal law enforcement partners to aggressively pursue those who falsely claim their identity was stolen in an attempt to defraud financial institutions,” said Gail S. Ennis, Inspector General of Social Security. “I thank the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and IRS Criminal Investigation for their efforts in this case, and the United States Attorney’s Office for bringing these charges.”

  10. Sad, I always heard good positive things about this Brotha, but as someone who has worked in the Court system, when the Feds have a case against you, they have a case, and these types of cases are not even filed unless they have airtight proof. These charges are FBI level crimes and the Feds rarely prosecute a case that they can not get a conviction on. I am sure this Brotha was doing what he had to do to survive and this may very well be a hit job but you still have to have done the crime for them to come at you this hard. Only the very rich and powerful who have legal teams with high priced lawyers are able to get away with white collar crimes, I am afraid this young man is not going to be so lucky. I pray for mercy but I am afraid this is not going to end well especially if he has pissed the wrong people in power off. With all that is going on in our society you can see that the rich and powerful are not going to give up their resources this easy. You see that they are infiltrating the protest with agents of chaos to turn the American people against these peaceful protest because these protest might result in a shift of power. I can tell you the Feds being knowing about his activities and just waited for the right time to drop the hammer on him.

    1. Tonio been angering all the right ppl including Mayor Bottoms and law enforcement. He truly for the ppl despite what he may have done in his past. He was leading the way for change in Atlanta nd this happens. I pray some how things work out for him but trust this is motivated by a hit. We’ll see how it turns out soon tho. He’s a good person it’s crazy that he’s involved in this situation.

  11. These charges that occurred before he was a Public servant seems like someone was looking for dirt!!!

    1. Which means they where building a case against him. He’s a stunt queen. Take your personal feelings out of the situation

  12. I dont care what anybody say tonio got a good heart he’d give you the coat of his back. He been more for the people than anybody on that seat despite what’s being reported. Hopefully he’ll beat these charges. He told me they was coming against him on council and now you have this. He just recently got into it with mayor bottoms on council. Now they digging into his past to get him off council! Indictment does not equate to being charged. This is a hit job. For the ones in the know know what’s truly going on. Tonio has been stepping on a lot of toes lately all for the sake of his people and they didn’t like that. Dont always read everything at face value. This is in part retaliation for being in opposition to what’s been going on on council. You’ll get through this bro. We fighting for you.

    1. ^i mean i’m legit shocked at what i read because his character was always presented to me as someone genuine.
      this is all so shocking to me,
      but i hope he can beat this since this seems like a hit.

      it’s what i believe this did to andrew gillum tbh.

      1. Jamari Tonio is a genuine person! Period. He always been open about everything that’s went on in his life. He’s been through so much from rape both his parents being in jail, abuse, having to drop out at the age of 15 to raise his sister’s and brothers, being homeless. Tonio haven’t had it easy to get to where he is now. Now they want to go after him. Not one person on council wanted him there. But he still made it. If people knew half of what he been fighting and dealing with they be amazed how he’s still here today. he almost died some years ago from health issues and now he dealing with this. When you speak truth to power and refuse to bend and conform to there way they try to come against a person anyway they can. Politics isn’t for the weak. If you knew the amount of threats he has got from being on council you’d be shocked. They going after him for things that may have been done before he got on council. Its many more that needs to be removed il leave it at that.

          1. fuck your opinion! If you dont know what’s going on then I suggest you stfu. In the header of the comment I believe I referenced Jamari not whoever tf you are. Every man is innocent until proved guilty. Let the courts decide if he guilty. As for the lil rape comment just made dude be careful laughing at someone you or someone you love may end up in the same predicament.

    2. “I dont care what anybody say tonio got a good heart he’d give you the coat of his back”

      Yeah, I’m sure he wouldn’t care to relieve himself of a coat he purchased w/ illegitimate funds… lol

      The Feds aren’t gonna indict w/o some serious evidence homie…

      And btw, The difference between being indicted and charged is that a prosecutor usually files “charges” while a grand jury “indicts”… semantics, but the results are still the same for the defendant: He gon’ be arrested.

      If the allegations are true, doesn’t matter if it’s a hit job or not… they wouldn’t be able to follow through w/ it if ya boy had clean hands…

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