all of the 90s black tv show classics are gonna be back in stock (on this decade’s blockbuster video)

“90s and up” kids understand the joy that was blockbuster video.
friday nights at blockbuster was poppin’.
that’s when you go to rent the newest release that was in the theater.
i use to beg my parents to pick up “such and such” a movie/game.
for those who remember,
there was like 50-11 copies of the new movie and all of them would be gone.
those were some of the best moments of my childhood.
in 2020,
blockbuster is no more (well except one place in the us)…

…but it’s all about streaming movies and tv shows.
no more getting vex by something we want to see not being in stock.
it’s all there at our fingertips,
whether illegally or not.
i woke up from a nap today to see all of my 90s fav black tv shows are coming back…

…and i screamed tf out.

sidebar: where is brandy?
“moesha” is her vehicle.

 first off,
i’ve always wanted to watch all the episodes of “moesha”.
i haven’t seen all of those others shows in their entirety,
but i’m glad they’re hitting netflix for me to enjoy.
i had to wonder tho…

Would Blockbuster still be successful in this decade?

i had to ask.
if every season of every black show ever made were at blockbuster,
would we actually leave our cribs to go rent them?
i would if it was in my neighborhood.
i think some of the foxhole would do too.

lowkey: i love that most of those black actors/actresses are getting a check for this.

12 thoughts on “all of the 90s black tv show classics are gonna be back in stock (on this decade’s blockbuster video)

  1. I’m happy and not happy. I just got blessed with a Netflix password 30 minutes ago. However…..I don’t want White people quoting Joan/Maya/Lynn/Toni or singing the Half & Half Theme Song. It feels like “mine” and I don’t want them up on it.

    The Parkers? I wonder if Mo’Nique gets royalties because she will get a NICE Paycheck. A classic show. I recently started watching it on YouTube.

    One on One and Half & Half are underrated GEMS. Essence, Rachel True and Kyla are treasures.

    1. I wonder what Monique thinks of the parkers these days… since she is so woke.

  2. first, Hollywood video was better than block buster. I said what I said. you got a whole week rental with Hollywood, and block buster only gave you like 3 days.

    second, I am so glad these shows are getting a second chance. I can’t wait to see these shows in Netflix’s top 10. if full house (which is a terrible show when you take off your rose tinted glasses) could succeed on Netflix then I am sure these shows will too.

      1. yep, everyone hated on Hollywood video, but i had the last laugh with my week long rentals. lol

  3. All of those shows I enjoyed watching but Girlfriends is forever my favorite from Seasons 1-5, then the season got a little too serious and I hated they broke up Toni and Joan’s relationship. We’ll never know what would happen if they ever came back together or if Joan would get to marry her man cuz the show end abruptly!

      1. There will be a Girlfriends movie. They had a mini reunion on Blackish with all of the cast. The show’s creator has her hands full with Black Lightning and her husband cheating on her. She also did The Game.

        Jamari, did you know Aldis Hodge was the original Derwin from The Game? The Game started off as a spinoff of Girlfriends and Aldis was in that episode with Melanie.

  4. OMG I’ve literally seen every episode of everyone one of these shows but I’m excited to binge it as an adult now!

    On the other hand Netflix admits that we’ve been asking for this for years my question is why now!!??

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