f0xmail: My Hoe Doesn’t Understand I Don’t Want His Hoe-licitation. Help!


*sighs* Imma make this short….

Okay so about a year and a half ago I meet this guy off of a social media website and we instantly became friends. He lives in VA and I live in ATL and It’s like we clicked on so many different levels and would talk almost everyday. We called each other brothers and would share our things that happened in our daily lives, work, friends, family, and even our sex business and the dudes we were dealing with. I’m going to be honest, he is kinda “loose” and gets around alot with niggas he meets on Jack’d, Twitter, and even FB but he was such a good friend and we always laugh and have alot in common that I never judged him (who am I to judge) and didnt matter because I was so happy to have finally found a friend that I felt that I could talk to about being bi without being judge and vice verse without any obligations for sex.

Well I was wrong. A couple of months ago, I get a text from this friend telling me that he appreciates the fact that I’m always here to listen to him and give him advice, something that he can’t find with all of these niggas that he fucks and that he really feels a connection to me. At first I thought that he was just saying that he likes me as a friend and that I feel like family to him but then he text me on some shit like “Yo, you might hate me for saying this but if I came to ATL, I would beat dat shit outta da frame til you can’t take dat shyt no more”…

Now I ain’t gon lie, that text would be cool if it was another nigga that I was talking to but coming from him it just felt idk “awkward” b/c I never even looked at him in that way. Yeah he sexy, got a nice complexion, teeth, tattoos, nice body and about 6’2 but I just see him as a brother and that from that day forth he been sending me overly-sexual text messages and every time we talk on the phone it always turns into him talking bout that he wanna come see me and that he wanna fuck.

I know that you and your readers might think im crazy for even second guessing this shit and questioning it but I’m just starting to feel like this nigga don’t got an ounce of respect for me. I thought what me and him had was special and that we had a bond like family, but the fact that he texting me all the same shit he text other niggas that he fucks and forgets rubs me the wrong way like “damn nigga I thought you just seem me as a friend and keep that shit to yaself man. I told him that shit is kinda making me feel uncomfortable and to stop but i guess it just goes in one ear and out the other.

When I try to change the convo he just finds his way back to some sex shit and it’s really starting to turn me off from even wanting to talk to him honestly.

So my question is:

1) What do you think I should do, cut him off or take some space?

2) Why do you think that it is so hard to find friends in this lifestyle that actually just like you as a friend and not a potential fuck buddy when they done dealing with other niggas?


i love hoes.
they always have the best stories.
sometimes they have the best advice.
you need to learn how to turn a wolf inside out?
they got a manual for it.
the best fleet to keep you nice and fresh?
they got their own section in walgreens.

hoes are your friends.
hoes are your enemies….

it sounds like you know someone in permanent hoe-asis.
all he knows is “fuckin”.
according to his description,
he learned early on in this lifestyle that he was fine and fuckable.
he doesn’t know how to have a friendship because everyone that was his “friend” he sleeps with.
i’m sure all the thirsty jackals who came into his life have warped his mind.
anyone that comes into his life is a potential conquest.
you come into his life being genuine and he doesn’t understand that language.
see hoes a different language than the rest of us.
one of the issues with this lifestyle is so many people are just used as blow up dolls,
they don’t know to do anything but that.
social medias are not used to network and better themselves.
in the hands of the many hoes online,
it is a tool to get dick/ass all the time.
its their remote control for hoe-tivity.
i’m all for talkin about sex
but damn can we talk about something else?
your day?
the sky being blue?
the way my shit curved in the toilet?

tumblr_m26rq9AngX1rt9ncjo1_500you have to ask yourself a couple questions:

under all that hoe-ism,
is there a good person under there?

can you tell him to watch his hoe-licitation because you aren’t interested?

if you dropped him like a hot hoe-tato tomorrow,
would you really miss his friendship?

if all else fails,
send that hoe to the curb.
we don’t have time to have people who don’t respect us and our wishes in our lives.
i don’t do “i told you i don’t like that shit but you still keep doing it.”
that is grounds for hoe-mination.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “f0xmail: My Hoe Doesn’t Understand I Don’t Want His Hoe-licitation. Help!”

  1. If you not comfortable just tell him its not cool and you don’t want no dick simple. The problem with people is they lead others on. Yes he is a hoe but on some level he thinks you are one too, the whole birds of a feather thing,If you not interested you either do the weasel round the bushes approach or man up and say dude you know that never gonna happen right. .

  2. Cut him lose man. I know exactly where you are coming from. Sadly, everything is all about sex in 2013.

    I was talking to a friend of mine about sex the other day. He was telling me that he should swing by the school just to see if I’m going to give him head. He’ll come for shit like that, but I can’t get him to come pay me a visit. In other words, if it’s nothing sexual he’s not coming to see me. Ain’t that some shit? I’m tired of being seen as a sex object.

  3. Be direct, cut, and dry and tell him you don’t like his advances. If he doesn’t let up drop him.

    Being overtly sexual is the only way some dudes know how to connect with dudes. In his mind, he may think he’s showing you how interested he is in you.

  4. Wow the whores are out of control lol. Seriously, that dude cant sleep at night thinking about smashing you homie because you have not come under his spell and the hoe in him cant take that you are not interested in him, so you have become a challenge to him. Jamari is so on point about whores can not really be friends, you might as well cut your losses and dump this friendship until he can appreciate you as a person and not another piece of ass to conquer. You have just had to learn the lesson we all had in this lifestyles about when we all like the same thing, things can take some interesting turns because we are all men at the end of the day, but you still have to have some standards and morals about how you live your life. He will eventually come around when he has been used up and he realizes that all these tricks only cared about, was his dick, ass, or mouth and nothing more, and he then will come to understand how important your friendship was.

  5. Hey he is your friend and you should tell him the truth. I don’t think it worth to lose a wonderful friendship over something that can be talk about and over with.

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