I Met “Him” Finally and When He Stops Banging Me, I’ll Update. K?

tumblr_m1zlno9LZm1r6vyblo1_500at last.
at last,
at fuckin’ last.
you finally met “him”.
not just anyhim”,
but the one you were lookin’ for.
i’m also hearing “him” is a baller too.
well good job!
life can suddenly make sense when you meet “him”.
it can make every day feel like a disney movie.
the suns shines extra bright.
whistlin’ dixie in the streets.
random animals singing inspirational love songs
for some of us,
we get so involved in “him”,
that we slowly start to become “him”.
everything starts to take a back seat including people you knew.
i never understood why some people let “him” take over their lives.
especially if “him” makes you change who you are.
or is this always who you were?
people talk all this tough shit about not gettin’ whupped,
but as soon as some new dick cums in their life,
they like casper the friendly ghost on ya ass?
where are ya?
i don’t see ya no mo.
i had to wonder…

Why do we get so bussy whipped?

well… chante single today.
i always thought that song was a tad…
how can i say…
“better than ya’ll”.

so tonight i asked a vixen to join me at a industry networking event.
i was a little nervous,
but i wanted to go and mingle.
see if i can score a lead on a job or something.
the possibilities are endless!
i told her last week when i got the info.
we talked about it and she said she would roll with me.
she said had no plans today.
i hit her up this morning to ask her what time she wanted to meet.
she says:

“i just realized i have an something to do with “him”.
you wanna do lunch?”

RexConfusedi am trying this new thing where i don’t flip on you early in the morning.
it worked,
but that low-key pissed me off.
bad enough she has met a exec wolf recently,
whom has become her man all in of 4 days.
i haven’t responded to her text.
i’ll roll dolo and do this on my own.
maybe god is tellin me something.

tumblr_m6uxp5oja11qfg3uso1_r1_500the new relationship.
your new relationship.
sure we all want to be in or around “him” all the time.
you can’t even take a shit without sendin’ him a text.
“the smell makes me think of you baby…”
what happens when “him” starts effecting your other relationships?
i always hoped when i met someone,
whoever it was,
i wasn’t going to become “a dumbass for new dick”.
the type of person who can’t function when a wolf is in my life.
i’m not saying you can’t cater to your man,
but does everything else have to change in the process?
it always kills me when someone puts a temporary over a permanent people.
then when shit goes left,
they want to bore the fuck out of you telling you about what an asshole the person was.
he wasn’t an asshole when his dick was in ya mouth.
maybe it needs to be again so you can shut the hell up.
when it comes to meeting “him”…

Are you a potential “Dumbass for new dick”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I Met “Him” Finally and When He Stops Banging Me, I’ll Update. K?”

  1. I know the same feeling. As soon they get a new man in their life, all their friends are dead to them until that wolf breaks her little f-ing heart and that when she remember her dead friends. And she expect us to woo, woo, woo her, but I quickly remind her to grow up and shut the f*ck up because no one in this table have time for her anymore. I can’t stand people like them and it piss me off when they have the nerves to call themselves your friend.

  2. Preach! I have a friend just like this. I never do that to friends, never. I know how to balance relationships. Which is a task I’m starting to realize most do not posses. But oan it would be nice to have the option to pour all my time into somebody for a change. Nah it looks lik cuffing season is getting to me

  3. I’ll never get hype over a man again until I’m married and my surrogate is recovering from twins. Even still the dude will be on thin ice. Niggas are acting up and y’all are letting them. I’ve discovered freedom and happiness in being single for once. Life is fun and less stressful. No uncontrolable factors to worry about. I suggest everyone else do the same so you stop losing your damned minds when you finally find someone else to validate your existence.

    Exits post.

  4. I’ve never been a dumbass for dick. But that’s how most of my friendships ended. People getting so wrapped up in being with someone that they completely cut me off. I pray that I never get so mesmerized by dick that I forget about my friends.

  5. This is how I feel about this subject. I don’t drop my friends or associates when I’m in a relationship. They normally stop talking to me or feel some type of way about my relationship lowkey. They say I’m “acting funny” or “I changed” or try to turn the script on me like I did something wrong. My number is still the same and you can get in contact with me at any moment, so don’t get pissed at me because you want me all for yourself and someone else has me. A true friend would be happy that their friend as found someone, especially when that friend has been single since God knows when!

    Please excuse my rampage, but this post has struck a nerve. I’m in this exact situation now.

  6. I think Punks are 10 times worse than females about this. But one reason guys get so wrap up is because if you are out here searching for something real and when you find or it or even think you find it, you probably will lose your mind, because it probably has been so long since the last time you really got into someone. I aint gone lie, its been so long for me with the exception of these microwave popcorn jigga’s that when I do find somebody I like and connect with, Im gone say F^CK FRIENDS. I have been on the short end of that long stick so many times, of always being there for my friends, listening when their shit goes bad and they drop me faster than Paula Deen’s endorsements when they get a new man. I dont think str8 dudes do this to their homies, they are always gonna find a way to fit there really close homies into their life, but Punks not so much. I guess with gay men, dudes dont want you around their new dude for fear that he may like you better. I have had that happened. I have had someone who I thought was close to me, sabotage my relationship by telling my dude what I told him in confidence, to break us up and make a move, and one dude who was just a casual friend did the same with this dude I was talking too. I dont think gay men who are your friends are really genuinely happy for you if they think you are happy in a relationship, whether they are in a relationship or not. It would be so nice to find a good dude and some good friends to boot, but thats probably a fantasy, in the gay life. Maybe, I need to start hanging tough with some of my str8 friends who live by the motto Bro’s over Hoe’s 🙂

    J I am glad you are going to the event by yourself, because usually this is when we will be able to meet someone and also you can be approached on the low, so look at it as a blessing.

  7. Yea this happens way to often. My ex did this to me. I haven’t heard from him in months. When things are going great he’s fine, but when things are going bad he’s depressed. I’m thankful he’s out of my life relationship wise tho.

  8. Everyone does this to some extent.

    Naturally, in a new relationship everything’s fresh and you’re getting to know each other. You’re not going to have as much time for friends.

    A good friend will allow you the space to get to know your new mate, and when the time is right maybe they’ll extend their friendship to your mate as well.

    Don’t allow yourself to become salty on the low. This is the reason why you shouldn’t be all up under the same people all the time.

  9. Jamari,
    I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate this blog and all that you do.

    No on this subject, I have been accused of this very thing by my friends saying that when I meet someone new,that I drop everything, shut them out and end up M.I.A.

    I don’t see anything wrong with being into someone especially in the beginning. I f I don’t show them some attention you know someone else will. And these same friends that complain, as soon as they find a new hottie, they do the exact same thing.

    If and when I meet my 6’2, black/puerto rican mix, business executive partner for life, all of my friends can delete my number and unfriend me on all social media…IT’S A WRAP!!!

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