Porsha Throws Kordell Stewart Under “The Gay Bus” And Runs Him Over

porsha-williams-stewartits no secret people have talked about ex baller wolf kordell stewart‘s sexuality over the years.
well it seems his ex wife,
porsha stewart,
is trying to expose that secret on the upcoming season of rhoa.
trying to hold onto that spot p?
i feel ya…

In a new promo released for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Stewart — who is in the middle of a divorce — questions Kordell Stewart’s sexuality.

In the clip the former model confesses that the ex-NFL player didn’t want her physically. “That made me wonder, what does he want?”

537so then kordell released a statement saying:

I’m very ashamed of my wife for saying something that she knows is not true at all. The rumors have never been true. I’m not gay.

It is sad that she would target the homosexual community which often times lacks support to begin with. It is very disappointing that she will do anything and say anything for a minute of so- called fame.

She can have that life, I just want to continue to be the best single dad and father that I can for my son.
-Kordell Stewart

tumblr_lw0h472kt71r23tzzwell porsha hit him with the 1, 2 punch on instagram:

evano she dih’nt!!!!!!!!
he shouldn’t have been filing for divorce on twitter tho.
that was real fucked up.
why do vixens run to the “he gay” card as soon as shit goes south?
they should have never given these people reality shows.
porsha is going to milk this for all it’s worth.
you know last season kenya played her like a nintendo.
i’m kind of over this show,
but i’m sure i’ll tune in.
again: 5 episode courtesy.
check all the messy middle aged drama in this quick promo:

 … so where is apollo and his body?
that’s what im tuning in to really see.
rhoa: season 6 starts on november 3rd.

lowkey: did they ever establish whose workout tapes,
between kenya and phaedra,
sold more?

story source and more kordell instagram: bossip

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Porsha Throws Kordell Stewart Under “The Gay Bus” And Runs Him Over”

  1. never watched the show, and saying he does not want her physically to me on its own doesn’t scream gay, maybe he like big girls or white girls one never know. people just like to go to the gay place.

      1. Obnoxioustv that blog that outed that minister a few weeks ago,posted a video yesterday.The video pretty much accuses almost every Black male Gospel singer of being Gay. I guess the guy who made the video doesn’t care about Female Gospel Artists’ sexuality.

  2. Funny how she ignored the Gay rumors when she started dating him in 09, married him in 2011, got on tv, etc.When he files for divorce THEN she starts questioning his sexuality.

  3. Kordell is gay, it is what it is. I read the story about him getting caught. The police tried to cover it up because of his fame, but somehow the story still broke. Just like the Teddy Pendergrass story, that turned out to be true. What Porsha said has nothing to do with the rumors, all she did was cause them to resurface. As soon as she was cast on the show the rumors came back up. Do y’all remember?

    As for him not being attracted to her. You don’t lose attraction to someone physically unless they change. If someone looks the same as they did when you met them how can you no longer be attracted to them physically? Think about. It makes no sense. Do y’all see the hips and ass Porsha has on her? My goodness, that woman is built quite nicely. Not to mention her pretty face and her personality. Men love women like her. If a straight man isn’t attracted to her physically something is wrong. Just like if a woman isn’t attracted to me she’s a lesbian lol. I’m just kidding.

    People were saying if he’s gay how come he hasn’t been outed? He is a vet in this game, he knows how not to get caught just like we do. I been in this life for five years and I know I’m not getting caught EVER LOL. All the dudes I been with have something to lose. More than likely Kordell only likes married masculine men or masc men who are discreet with a whole lot to lose like most of us on here. How many of y’all can afford to out someone? Exactly. I know I can’t.

    S/N: I heard Apollo beat the fuck out of Kenya’s assistant Brandon DeShazer. They said he beat him to a pulp. Brandon is lawyered up like Jennifer Williams lol. Google it.

      1. Kordell is an old school muscle queen who thinks no one knows. He only deals with young trade who don’t even realize who he is just recognize the $$.

    1. it wasn’t covered up just because he was Kordell that is how Pittsburgh handled it back then. You were just chased out of the park no matter who you were by the patrol. With no social media, 24 hour local news a lot slipped under the radar. The Steelers were terrible during his years so he wasn’t a fan favorite.

    2. I Heard about that incident years ago and pretty sure she knew about it too. YET she chose to marry him.So don’t bring it up after he divorces you .

  4. I actually lost a little respect for Porsha on this one, thats not cool at all when you know that this man livelihood is at stake and that can mean more money for her in the long run. You have to be careful when you play these types of games. As far as Kordell, my shallow ass sees nothing attractive about him so I could care less, now I would be all on top of this if it was Apollo lol. Seriously, I heard that story about him being caught was made up and never proven, and was started by some fans who were trying to smear his name and reputation, but I can say that a very close person to me went to College at C.U. with him and said that he had suspicions about him, but he was more than likely into white dudes, nothing ever proven, but my homie is gay and was an athlete as well and said that he picked up a vibe but at that time he was very much closeted as well, so he was not shocked when these rumors came out.

  5. I don’t like that she did this either.At the beginning of this year your ass was doing everything he said and now he’s gay because he’s not with you anymore.But if they were still together she’d be on hush mode bragging about her marriage to Kenya.

  6. I’m bi, but there is no way I could be married to Porsha and not give her some children. I’m not saying Kordell is gay, but I don’t see how he could WIFE her, and not be happy with her.

    Porscha needs to holla at me 😉

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