f0xmail: I Got The DL Wolf and It HURT… and Now I Want To Be Over Him. Help?!


Hey Jamari, I’v been reading your blog for about 2years and all I can say is you are doing absolutely great things. Much love.
I am a 27yr old DL fox from a conservative background in West Africa. I am pretty successful here. I met this 23yr old wolf around my ‘hood while jogging one day. We became friends and got closer. He was straight until I noticed he started acting weird and making some very direct compliments. He said he likes me a lot. I rebuffed him for quite a while until I was sure he wasn’t playing- I’m not one to convert straight guys.

This wolf is a muscular, cute sweetheart who quickly became a staple in my family home(and my life). My family see him like my junior brother but we were much more than that. We started dating and when it got down to d crunch- he is so well-endowed I bled the 1st time. I cldnt get myself to do it again(and he was of the same notion). Long story short- I fell in love with him. He still kicks it with vixens but I’m d only guy.

After 6months of dating (enjoying the friendship too), I realised he doesn’t feel the same way I do. He acts weird when I tell him my feelings, he isn’t d romantic type, he bangs some round-the-way hos(cos he says he wants a quick-no-feelings bang). He lives 5mins away from me. I’m completely heartbroken cos I stupidly fell in love with a guy who just confessed that he cnt grow to love a guy. I’m devastated cos I’v invested so much into this and nothing is forthcoming. We are good friends but we come from 2 different lifestyles and ideals.

How do I get over him? Unlove him- cos I guess its so convenient for him to be the centre of my attention(and I’m a Cancer, I love hard and I kinda take care of him to some extent). I see him EVERYDAY. He claims he’s trying but he keeps lying to me about the skenks he bumps uglies with(I aint against heterosexual sex but he can do waaaaaay better- he loves sex- but not with people who are immature, shady and steal from u).

Please help me(talk some sense into me). I wanna get over him but I can’t. I do deserve better.


west africa tho?
we global foxhole!

ok i’m done.
well i’m glad you reached out to me.
i think we ALL can relate with this story somehow.
i know i have and it left me hurt.
emotional ties are the worst because they are always full of knots.
the first time you bond laps around mutual feelings and potential memories.
it’s not like a one night stand that can’t be tied to anything.
this is real.
you start to tie one emotion,
around the another.
sooner of later,
you get so wrapped up that you can’t let go,
but not realizing that he has already UN-tied himself and his feelings.it seems he is trying to un-tie himself from you honestly.
he loves you,
but something inside him is not allowing him to.
the main issue with any dl wolf.
he catches feelings when he doesn’t want too.
hence why he started fuckin’ all those scally wags.
(why is it always the low grade pussy?
i never understood that.)
it helps him to detach from you and keep him seeing straight.
he is bound to you because you both share intimate moments together.
you are jealous because he is now sharing those intimate moments with hoes.
not to mention he is not talking to you about it and lying.

this scenario is deep.
you both dated.
knows your family.
lives five minutes away.
a doozy.

here is an idea….
instead of looking at it like you did something stupid fallin’ in love,
beatin’ yourself up over it and getting emotional,
accept that you did and realize that you both can be just friends.
why cut him off?
these queens will have you thinking you can’t be friends.
feel blessed in knowing you still have a deeper connection with him.
something those hoes don’t.
aside from the “relationship” aspect,
he hasn’t done anything terrible to you.
you are holding on to “something” and he is trying to let go.
seems like he is a good friend besides stickin’ his dick in ratchet hoes.
who knows,
once he sees you have dropped those feelings,
because i’m sure you are coming off like “the whiny girlfriend“,
it may make him try to lasso you back.
wolves run when you start to apply pressure.

so starting tonight,
build a solid friendship and feel good about it.
not everyone’s d/l situation ends like this.
i guess that’s why everyone hates them.

need advice?
well you know where to send it: CONTACT

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6 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Got The DL Wolf and It HURT… and Now I Want To Be Over Him. Help?!”

  1. To keep it 100% real. All he wanted is sex from you man. A majority of men in the life do not want relationships with other men, it’s that simple. The DL ones can be the worst. One thing I hate is a man who is not yet or never will be comfortable and secure with himself. If you do not identify yourself as gay or bi you need to get up out my face. When I meet a dude the first thing I ask him is what are you? I ask just like that, I don’t fancy it up or nothing lol. If he can say that he is bisexual or gay, he is a keeper, anthing else I run away from, especially the ones who say they are curious or just a freak. If he gives himself a title, then more than likely he wants a relationship as well. This is for all my fellow young ones out there. Always ask a dude what his title is. It should be the second or thrid question you ask when you meet a guy. That way you know what you are getting in to.

      1. That may work with the dumb ones, but not with me lol. You don’t know what I believe in so that wouldn’t work either. You wouldn’t know if I would kick it with a dude who is not comfortable with himself. I never reveal that until afterwards. Believe me when I say this, when a man is not comfortable it always shows Jay. A friend of mine told me that he didn’t even feel comfortable sitting next to me on the first day of class, and made it seem as if I had done something when we weren’t even in class for 3 minutes that day cause the prof cancelled, and he was the one who came over and sat next to me lol.That is why I will never fuck with him. Not to mention he didn’t even know that you had to clean your ass for anal(yea you read that right), and he told me I knew too much. No, you don’t know enough.The ones who are not comf. are always ignorant and uneducated when it comes to the life. All they know is dick and ass. Watching gay porn is a stuggle, googling gay shit is a struggle, being near other gay men is a struggle. It always shows man.

  2. He is from west Africa but lives here in us. I’m almost 300% sure the person is Nigerian or Ghanaian nothing else, where is the ” wolf” frm could help answer a lot f questions

  3. I went through the same thing for 6 years until I got sick of the emotional roller coaster. One minute i’m the best thing since slice bread and the next minute im annoying him. Love can be many things but love does not make you feel regret, love does not make you feel ugly, and love does not make you feel annoying. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Keep looking

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