everyone turned trainerjosh bi over smackin’ his homeboy’s ass

everyone meet the latest hoochie daddy shorts ambassadors.
i’m a hoe”.
this is also a good time to font about:

How To Let People Create Their Own Narrative About Your Sexuality by Your Response

so in this photo are two wolves we will talk about.
wolf a,
was at the carnival in st. lucia with his wolf pack.
wolf b decided to get behind a vixen to give her some dry jooks.
trainerjosh was recording and…

he started smackin’ his friend’s fat tail but caught himself:

it was his dramatic reaction for me when he realized he was being recorded.
these tweets happened in the tweet chain:

 the tweets either about:

TrainerJosh getting caught being “bi”

His home wolf being thick af and everything surrounding his lower half

trainerjosh should have left it alone tbh.
he should have shut tf up and let folks speculate.
he got videos like this coming out:


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his reaction in the video is what looked lightweight sus tbh.
you were recording from all angles down there.
how did you not realize that was your friend’s ass behind your head?
you do realize that you both came to the carnival together,
i don’t think is a solid representation of him being bi tho.

It looked like he was caught up in the moment.

His home wolf was wukkin up on a vixen and he smacked his ass.


i know we see “straight” negros doing gay shit on onlyfans these days.
that is a small representation of sex workers.
not everything is confirmed gay or bi.
i think the person tweeting was reaching heavy and deserved to be blocked.

i liked this comment the most:

 i don’t accuse anyone of being bi unless you are giving obvious evidence.
that or you do gay shit with malik joseph.
let’s get into the real story.
trainerjosh is fine but the thick wolf friend thoooooooo:


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what a nice-looking horse.
i’m sure he gets ridden properly during these carnival trips.

lowkey: nothing worst than when the whole crew is fine.
geez louise…


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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “everyone turned trainerjosh bi over smackin’ his homeboy’s ass”

  1. haha, this is hilarious to me.

    If he were smart, he’d come on social media and say “Yeah, I’m comfortable in my sexuality and hyped my boy up. DM me if you want to get glutes like his or a body like mine. I’ll train you put on pounds during the pandemic trolls”

    You have to clap back in an unbothered manner. Plug a business and move on.

  2. Since they were at a festival/party, he more than likely was under the influence of alcohol/drugs which will lower one’s defenses & also causes a person to not pay attention to details. I get the impression from the vid that he thought it was a vixen’s ass at first, since he only glanced from the side of his vision, so didn’t get a good view, then when he went in for a pic realized it was his homie’s ass. Pretty funny clip. Doesn’t mean he’s bi or gay, he just made a mistake.

  3. This ( Covid & Trump elected president) are reasons why I don’t F**k with 90 % of the population .. PEOPLE ARE DUMB!!!!!!!!

  4. Yea, this was empty. He made it worse by acknowledging it. Straight men are sooo fukn fragile. Smh.

    I’ll pass on the trainer, but I could have some fun w the friend.

  5. Listen, when you are at Carnival, have some fucking fun! He was having fun! Dudes smack each other on the ass. That was all harmless… to me. Whether he was surrounded by a bunch of women and didn’t realize it was his friend, so what. Whether he was joking with his friend like hit that shit but get away from my head doing it, so what! Have fun! The only ones that have a problem with it are the ones who can’t have fun like that. If I can’t have fun with my friends at Carnival like I would in Vegas or on the beach in Miami, that would be a problem for me. One act of gayness does not mean you gay. If smacking a dude on the ass gay, there is no excuse why you would defend why they do it on the basketball court because Ja Morant, Jayson Tatum, LeBron, and even NFL players do it. You can google Blake Griffin head gif and you would see Blake Griffin grab a trainers head as if the trainer was giving him head and everybody found it funny. Now if TrainerJosh was grabbing his dick while doing it, that’s a different story. Everybody who got a problem with it, uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

  6. Chile y’all said it all but let me go follow them both. I’m always here for eye candy and they look extra tasty and delicious!

    I would love to go to carnival, low key it’s looks like way better time than pride with better music all in rainbow colors 😂

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