Evelyn Lozada Said “Oh This Mofo Is Broke…. DEUCES!” To Her Lawyer Before She Filed

in a true gold digger fashion,
evelyn packed her bags and went ghost on a nigga.
poor ocho.
it just gets worst and worst for him, huh?
for her, i see a potential come up if she plays the media victim spin right.
shaunie o is definitely working O-vertime to make this shit right.
let’s hope she overplays her hand….

Evelyn Lozada files for divorce from Chad Johnson after 41 days of marriage following his arrest

The spouses were to be part of the VH1 reality show ‘Ev & Ocho,’ but it’s now been shelved


NFL player Chad Ochocinco was arrested over the weekend for allegedly head-butting wife Evelyn Lozada.

Chad Johnson is now on the receiving end of a divorce filing.

The former Miami Dolphins wide receiver – until recently known as Chad Ochocinco – is named in the court paperwork filed Tuesday in Broward County, Fla., by his wife of six weeks Evelyn Lozada, her rep told the Daily News.

Best known for her appearance on the reality show “Basketball Wives,” Lozada pulled the plug after Johnson allegedly turned violent during a Saturday evening confrontation over a receipt for condoms found in his car.

“Given recent events in my client’s life, she has decided to file for divorce and move forward with her life,” lawyer Michael Gilden told The News.

Johnson, 34, was arrested and booked for domestic battery on suspicion that he head butted Lozada and caused a 3-inch gash on her forehead, police said. He told authorities that it was Lozada who lost her cool and head butted him. “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me,” Lozada, 36, said in a statement obtained by The News. “It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well.”

In a 911 released by police Monday, Lozada is heard in the background telling a neighbor that Johnson was to blame. “She probably is gonna need stitches,” the neighbor told the emergency dispatcher after Lozada fled to his residence. The neighbor called the incident a “little domestic dispute” and asked the 911 operator to “not make a big scene about it.” He also expressed concern Johnson was out searching for his wife. “I don’t want him to come in here and get mad at me,” the neighbor said. “We don’t know if he’s home, or looking for her, or calmed down.”

Shortly after Johnson’s arrest, the Miami Dolphins dropped him from the team and VH1 canceled an upcoming reality show about the couple. “Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series ‘Ev and Ocho’ from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it,” the cable station said in a statement. The series was to include the couple’s July 4 wedding. Johnson, who has not publicly commented, was released from a Fort Lauderdale jail Sunday morning on $2,500 bond, TMZ.com reported.

ocho also said “fuck that bitch” and un-followed her on twitter.
well, i’m sure there are a ton of foxes who would take a poor ocho in.
give him a warm bath.
fix him a meal.
rub his head.
and then kiss his other one.
but chad,
ima need you to find a job in a month.
we don’t do “broke” in the foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

57 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Said “Oh This Mofo Is Broke…. DEUCES!” To Her Lawyer Before She Filed”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know everyone was this invested in this disaster. Lol

    They were two train wrecks that came together to make an even bigger train wreck. End of story!

    There’s typically at least one level-headed, sane person that anchors the relationship for better or worse. Both of them were crazy and this is the result.

    Bottom line is they both knew they weren’t shit so there are really no victims here.

    I do think the hate against Evelyn is a little…extreme. You guys have to separate the television persona from the person. Hell, if you want to get technical the public not only created her tv persona, they fed it as well. She is still someone’s mother and daughter.

    If you think showing a few clips from BB Wives is going to get Chad (a high profile black man accused of physical violence) off you’re sadly mistaken. He will be made an example of.

    I’m not biased at all because Chad does less than nothing for my libido.

    1. ^ima keep it funky,
      i don’t know why davon comments if he has such a problem with everything.
      he never brings anything insightful to the comments.
      so…. why is he here if he hates me and my opinions//taste so much?

      i think he secretly wants to beat.
      it makes no sense…

      1. The boy is tryna give ‘mean girl I iz so controversial’ realness. Let Davon be great lol.

  2. so why is she a gold digger? what happened to being a man and having your shit on lock? he needs to gtfoh with that bs

    1. No one can say for a fact that she’s a gold digger, but her actions don’t really help her case of not being one.

      She marries him when he’s signed and has money coming in. They get into an altercation, she presses charges. Cool. But does she seek a divorce attorney right away? No. She waits until it’s revealed he’s been released from his contract with the Dolphins and the show has been canceled.

      1. Of course she’s not going to file immediately. She’s still recovering from the incident not to mention she just lost a family member c’mon now.

      2. Lmao. Recovering from the incident? She had a cut on her forehead. From a headbutt, no less. Not a knife. Not a fist. A headbutt. Are y’all serious?

        Anything to make a bitch a victim. I guess.

  3. Fuck this hoe…I never liked her. She AGREED to have an open relationship. What’s her issue? She knew what she was getting into. Now he was wrong for putting his hands on her but I really think this is a big ass publicity stunt orchestrated by Queen Shaunie.

    1. ^well wait stevie…
      he got dropped and is now jobless.
      their show got pulled too.
      money is fucked up.
      i don’t think that was part of the stunt.

  4. …and how you gonna tell your soon to be wife that she is the last slice of pizza no one wanted.
    if that isn’t the most disrespectful shit i ever heard.
    he would constantly play her on twitter and that show.
    couldn’t be me…

  5. Im not buying this feel sorry for me act Ms. Lozada-Johnson, you set this dude up and you knew exactly what you were doing. Come on now, only 40 days and you cant work it out, there was never no love. You are a empty fame whore, I am betting my bottom dollar that her next husband is a preacher. First Lady is all a whore has left to redeem her reputation. At least we have to look forward that we will not have to see these attention whores for a while at least until VH-1 comes up with some new ratchet show to feature them in.

    1. A man hitting his wife isn’t karma and none of those women on that show are innocent except maybe Keisha. LOL! poor example. It also will not work in court, simply because those actions had nothing to do with the situation in this particular incident. He would be a fool to used them seeing that he was charged with Domestic violence for slapping his ex girlfriend once before. …don’t care how long it was ago, charges never fall of your record if you’re convicted of them. Your rap sheet follows you ask my cousin.

      1. ^look.

        i wasn’t in the car.
        you weren’t either.
        you don’t know what went down,
        how it went down,
        and what lead up to things.
        judging from how she can go from 0 to 120 in the course of a second,
        you can just imagine what went down.
        did she deserve to get hit in the end?
        can be people judge her?
        can people judge him?

        they are attention whores who put their lives out there on television.
        so, if the public takes bits and pieces of the show and use it against them,
        they cannot really expect otherwise.

      2. Firstly, her actions on that show can and probably will be used in court against her. It all goes towards her character and being that this is a domestic case, character is important.

        His conviction, however, will probably be deemed inadmissable in court. Not because it doesn’t go towards his character, but because it’s prejudicial.

    2. Don’t have to be in the car to know that Eve head butting Chad is going to put open wound on her forehead LMAO! C’mon now. Then she was the one to call the authorities if he was the one hit he would’ve call the police….knowing the drama king he was I thought he would’ve call the Law first especially seeing he’s in the position he’s in. Brandon Marshall was attack by his wife and call the Law to pick her ass up, Why? because he was really the victim. Boy Stop nobody has to be there to see what really happen. He characterized himself with slapping a woman in the face and being charged with Domestic violence…not to mention the way he treats women publicly or conducts himself in the media. They’re both wrong character wise but Chad is 100% percent wrong in this particular incident, all that other stuff is besides the point.

      1. I have some grammatical errors in that paragraph but I hope you get my point….I’m typing fast and multitasking at the same damn time (Future’s voice) LOL!

      2. Men often don’t report abuse, just for the record. The fact he didn’t call is irrelevant.

        Knowing that Evelyn has a temper and is impulsive, I wouldn’t doubt that she put her hands on him first. In order for him to headbutt her, they would have had to have been relatively close.

    3. Sorry random but I been involve with court system his record can be used against him. The fact that he didn’t call is relevant because in most circumstance regarding a domestic dispute the one who calls first always gets the upper hand. I seen this first hand so Missed with these Law & Order analysis. I been there so nobody can tell me shit about the judicial system. Although every state has its way in dealing with things, in Florida especially violent crime, aggravated, domestic etc. is handle with extreme prejudice.

      1. I don’t really care about your experience as I’m sure I have more being that I’ve studied it and come from a family of individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

        Fact is, his prior charge may not be admissible and I’m sure his attorney will do everything possible to keep it out of court being that it IS prejudicial.

        A previous domestic violence charge against a woman who is not Evelyn would convince a jury that he’s an abuser without considering the evidence and that is why it wouldn’t be allowed in court.

    4. Sorry random but I been involve with court system his record can be used against him. The fact that he didn’t call is relevant because in most circumstances regarding a domestic dispute the one who calls first always gets the upper hand. I seen this first hand so Missed me with these Law & Order analysis. I been there so nobody can tell me shit about the judicial system. Although every state has its way in dealing with things, in Florida especially violent crime, aggravated, domestic etc. is handle with extreme prejudice.

  6. Wow, so disappointed in the way you have been characterizing Evelyn in this whole situation. It always amazes me at the amount of misogyny a lot of gay man display towards women. It almost sounds as if you see women like Ev as “competition”…very catty and degrading on both sides.

    1. Agreed ^ its mostly because they have fantasies about the dude or view him as a Fine wolf for a lack of better terms. Everybody ultimately has opinions about things that has nothing to do with them.

      1. I can’t speak for anyone else on here, but my opinion on the situation has nothing to do with Chad’s potential as good meat.

        My point has everything to do with Evelyn, her character, the duration of the relationship, and the relationship itself.

        She is not a battered wife.
        She is not a victim of domestic abuse.
        She is not in fear for her life nor is she fighting to escape the relationship.
        She has no significant injuries, she has no prior police reports. She is NOT a victim.

        The shit is offensive. I know women who really have been abused; waking up in fear for their lives, walking on pins and needles so that their man can feel like a man, trying everything they can to say and do the right thing. I’ve seen a bloody face. Evelyn is none of that.

    2. EXXXACTTLYYY!! Gay dudes love when their fantasies tke over reality and thinking. Ochocinco is not even fine. Yet gay dudes hop on anything that LOOKS like IT can have a dick. Ochocinco is a drama QUEEN and needs to man up, from posting his unemployment drama on twitter to this to the white ugly jumpoff, he needs a life.

  7. Evelyn is a bitch and a gold digger. This wasn’t domestic violence. She is not a victim.

    Making her a victim is completely and absolutely disrespectful to those who really ARE victims of domestic violence.

  8. I definitely believe Ev. The man has been charged with DV before. Plus I think a man who goes out of his way to denigrate a woman he supposedly loves, does so to screw with a her esteem. It is possible for Ev to be a ho bag and for Chad Johnson to be an abuser at the same time

  9. I don’t think her divorcing him has a thing to do with him being broke. She’s upset after what he did to her, not to mention that he has lied on her. Now I’m not taking sides at all but I believe Evelyn, I truly do. She has no reason to lie, and she was driven and determined to make the relationship survive dispite what us outsiders thoughts were. I knew that they were going to get divorce when I read the reports that she wanted to press charges, and especially after she released a public statement about it. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and when it comes down to it money and fame don’t even matter.

    1. ^here is the thing…

      evelyn is a gold digger.
      evelyn was looking for love and also vast amounts of money.
      i’m having a hard time feeling sorry for her after her stunts on the last couple of seasons on bbw.
      love ocho dearly,
      but he choose flashing lights over his career.
      it just seems like they both crashed and burned out.
      chad has no money,
      no job,
      losing sponsors,
      and the show got pulled….
      she still can keep and build her brand in tact.
      she isn’t young, white, or a kim k look alike so no other athlete will touch her.
      she’ll deal with scraps from this point out.

      1. I agree. Any athlete is a fool to mess with her at this point unless they want to commit career suicide.

      2. Agreed she a gold digger and she eh messing with no broke nigger. i think chad is a nice guy his ego ran wild and he became a fame whore. but that heifer could not kill his player ways.

      3. Lets keep it real Jamari allot of people are making these claims against this woman simply because they don’t like her personally….you nor anyone else has proof about her intentions and everyone is making an excuse for him hitting this chick because he’s a famous athlete, the Black community is especially riding with him because he’s a Black male. Same coonery mess when Chris beat Rihanna up, talking about she provoke him well lets put you sister, cousin, or Momma in those same circumstances and lets see how you feel about the domestic situation. Chad aint even all that from a wealth stand point because this chick can get niggas ten times more wealthier than Chad and allot more profile seeing that she lives in Miami….one of the Baller Capitals. You among other are a tad bit bias because you deem Chad to be an attractive baller. I’m a firm believer on most circumstances that a person’s social standing and sex appeal can go against conventional judgements on character….not to mention you said you love the guy so your opinions or bias on this particular subject.

        1. ^um flex, they are both idiots.

          yeah i may want to fuck him,
          but he is still stupid for this career ruiner.
          she has always been a fool since she jumped on that table.
          i may have called her everything i said (because again the proof is in the pudding),
          but everything with evelyn is to extend her 15 minutes.
          show got pulled and he has no job.
          she (and ima add allegedly) fucked “vh” in vegas because she thought he was a baller!

          like i said,
          saw lights, camera, and career on television.
          he lost his focus.
          his career is pretty much over if he can’t show and prove.

          in all honesty,
          they should have kept it a once night stand and kept it moving.
          i’m #teamjennifer anyway.
          and she tried to warn her.

      4. I meant are bias and not saying you agree with what he did but Chad was clearly in the wrong here, so all the personal attacks on this chick is pointless. Obviously she love the nigga to put up with his player ways for so long but him hitting her was the last straw. This man head butted this woman and sent her to the hospital to get stitches and all people are talking about is she’s a gold digger this and he shouldn’t married her, Blah Blah Blah….you don’t hit women especially the ones you’re married to bottom line.

      5. Team Jennifer!!! WTF! LMAO Man she’s a loser and even that lie detector test prove that she was salty over their relationship….Jenn wanted that dick that’s why she was in Evelyn’s business LOL! Jen warning Eve was simply her being a hater, single females always interjecting their opinions on their non single female friends. That Bitch was lonely that’s all, Chad stole her friend away.

        1. ^my point rests on how you just judged jennifer.

          see here is the thing flex,
          i like you.
          when you give an opinion, i listen.
          but when you ride hard for someone,
          you ride hard.
          i’ll direct you to the nicki minaj thing you had with random.

          …and i got some many things from people who know evelyn personally.
          don’t be too quick to defend her.
          i know what i’m talking about.
          …and that’s it.

      6. Who care about what you got though, I’m riding with her on him hitting her on the face like any real man would. I’m not interjecting clips from BB wives or personal things about Evelyn from outside sources etc. Do you know her personally probably not, and who cares about outside sources…everybody has a motive now and days, they very well may have an ax to grind with her deservedly so.

        All that ish is beside the point on this particular incident. Now if we’re arguing with the notion that Evelyn’s a bitch, can’t argue with you on that even though I don’t know her personally….but when we’re talking about this particular incident, I’m going argue with people using their personal feelings towards this woman against her in this domestic situation.

        I repeat she may be a bitch but that doesn’t make it okay for her husband to hit her. Like how the hell can she get a gash and need stitches for head butting him. smh You can used that Nicki argument all you want because now you’re just reaching for leverage in this debate. LOL! Yeah I said that about Jen because how you’re going to ride for a chick like her over Evelyn when they was together doing the same shit. Boy Stop!! LOL!

  10. well i dont know about keeping all the heads to him self :-). nothing like a bald ochocinco downstairs testing the plumbing.

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