So Who Wants To Put It Down Right Now?

“i do! i do! i doooooo!”

everybody ready to see brandy and breezy wolf in action?…


very niceeeeeee.
loved the colors and the vibe of the video.
brandy looked young, fresh, and new when she has her braids.
breezy wolf looked good.

we know…

i’d give him a juicy snack.

was i the only 1 distracted by breezy wolf’s nipple?

…oh and breezy wolf.
loose that blonde vomit on top of your head you have now please.

lowkey: i think my dancer boo,
anthony burrell,
makes a cameo.
how ironic.
i’d let him put it down.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “So Who Wants To Put It Down Right Now?”

    1. another singer too. I’m not buying her perspective on “Putting it Down” after she let Wanya smash for a duet.

  1. man i Love Brandy so much!! i want her to win so badly but Hype Williams did NOT bring it with this video! and I’m surprised brandy and her team had it released. very long wait for something lackluster.

      1. a few scenes were cute. i just feel like it could have been a lot better for someone of her caliber. shes a veteran.

  2. Love her…like the song…HATE the video. This “Motivation”- “Rude Boy” mashup was beneath her. Anthony Burrell’s sexy ass was the only redeeming quality.

  3. Love Brandy, but most of the video was too dark.
    Ike Brown wasn’t as bad as I thought. He lookin hungry as hell though.
    Hype ain’t be right since Rock the Boat, Solange’s boyfriend should’ve directed.

    I kinda miss watching music videos on TV.

  4. Go Brandy, wow she is killing them, she looks flawless, like she is 19, so good to see a star who takes care of herself and is always positive. I wish her much success with this project.

  5. Damn Chris Brown is slowly turning into Tyga.

    As for Brandy, this song is forgettable. Nice to see a singer from the 90’s still singing though.

    I think she should stick to satisfying her current fanbase rather than trying to make trendy music because she’s never going to compete with Rihanna or Beyonce. Her career has already peaked so why not just focus on releasing timeless music?

  6. She looked good & Breezy’s red nipple was madd distracting, but I’m not feeling the video. Hype started going for that ‘Belly’ look & it wasn’t working…

    People will grab it cuz it’s Brandy & she hasn’t done anything in a while so they’re hungry…but it was just okay

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