Draya and DeSean?

Draya Michele.
DeSean Stevenson.
His birthday.
This Sunday.

I wasn’t invited D?
I’m a little disappointed….

The Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson has popped up in a racy online video promoting a nightclub appearance with a controversial TV star.

Jackson and the Eagles don’t play this Sunday and he will be appearing at a nightclub in Philadelphia on Sunday night, “celebrating” his birthday.

It was the same type of appearance awhile ago that almost cost Michael Vick his job with the Eagles.

But this time, the host of Jackson’s “party” is controversial “Basketball Wives” star Draya Michele.

In the YouTube video promoting the event on December 5th at G Lounge, Michele appears topless at one point and nearly topless at other moments.

The video also shows a shirtless Jackson crossing his arms, display a tattoo that reads “God’s Gif.”

Michele is a lightning rod on the reality TV show and is reportedly dating an NBA player, and she also may have a sex tape hitting the market.

Jackson is in the middle of a controversial season with the Eagles, featuring poor play from Jackson during a contract dispute.


Let’s cut this jibba jabba.
Either he tryna beat or he already beatin.

… and I would LET HIM!

DeSean looks like he would eat your Foxhole RIGHT!
Then pipe you down until you can’t see straight.

… oh and Draya I’m sure will look cute.

Have Fun!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Draya and DeSean?”

  1. Desean is a sexy lil thing. I can admit that I’m a tad bit jealous that these hoez have easy access to a few of the men I lust after. Must be nice.lol…Oh and yes I’m sure he smashed…I just wanna eat the bootie for a few mins, damn what does Draya have that I don’t?ha don’t answer that…

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