Did You Know Jail is The New “Men4Now”?

jail is the new hook up spot.
or, is it?
i was talking to my friend who is a correctional officer at rikers.
she did say there is a lot of gay shit that happens.
d/l wolves run rampant… and then kiss their wives, gf, and kids when they visit.
she told me some stories about other female officers who fuck inmates.
she said it was real common.
she said there are A LOT of fine muscular wolves in prison and it’s some good easy dick.
she has never done it,
but she knows of others who have.
i guess it’s something about the jail birds

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItAzJD0o9NQ]

or fleece johnson

i remember one jail bird tried to talk to me off a chat site last year.
he was older,
but he was fine and my type.
muscles and the whole 9 yards.
he had a curfew and was in some jailbird house thing.
he wanted to fuck me and make me his “boy“.
said he would take me around on his bike.
you can only guess why i never hit him back up.

after that convo,
i watched this thing tonight and i thought i’d share…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy9j8VGxBJ0]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwagnFMH8qU]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQZu7EcPvQY]

the videos are all over the place,
but those are the ones that stood out to me.
what is so different about the being in and out of prison?
well, besides freedom.
it seems everyone is following the same agenda.
we got “straight” wolves getting head from foxes/jackals/and hyenas.
people randomly giving the cheeks up to everyone.
everyone is working out to get buff.
the “straight acting” segregate themselves from the “gays”.
the weak and insecure doing extra shit to be chose by their “daddy”.
a lot of other little similarities.
but after watching those videos…

… is the lifestyle similar to jail?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Did You Know Jail is The New “Men4Now”?”

  1. My thing with guys going to prison they are going to experiment and for the most part they are going to get their needs met. It is true about female correctional officers regardless of what state if they want that inmate they will fuck no question about it. It’s bad, but those men sometime look like the shit and one will make you weak if you’re not careful!

    1. ^she told me these females risk their jobs to get some jail bird dick.
      some of these wolves have game and some platinum penis.

      i forgot to ask her where do they fuck these inmates at.

  2. Seen that series last month and thought I found the holy grail. After I seen it, I was saddened because its the same shit we on the outside go through!

  3. Seen that series last month and thought I found the holy grail. After I seen it, I was saddened because its the same shit we on the outside go through! But also turned on, Idk why.

  4. These are the same wolves that be hustling the hybrids and foxes along 8th avenue in chelsea cause they can’t get a job after they get out of the slammer. G4P and go home to wifey and kids.

  5. Dang, Im up watching a Documentary about Prison Life and come on here and see this post. As someone who has worked in the system, believe me these stories you hear about these inmates are true. They are slick as hell, and will try to lure you with their magic flutes. At the end of the day, you have to remember that they are criminals and will tell you anything, and will do anything to get what they want. I cant put the system I worked for on blast but lets just say that it was a scandal in a small rural town where several White female redneck guards had babies by Black city slick prisoners. They tried to cover it up, and many of these guards were charged with felonies and terminated. These dudes were spitting so much game and along with their chiseled bodies had these country bumpkins shooked. Inmates would be naked in their cells jacking off or hard when it was time for the morning count, driving the white female and a few of the male correction officer’s crazy.

    Another story a buddy told me about one of his homeboys who was a straight up queen who had been locked up, kept in touch with one of his cellmates when he got out. Well one day, this dude decided to pay him a visit just to chill and hang out since they both were now out and free. Said this dude was fine as hell and hardcore trade, said they were just drinking and chilling when old boy ask him could he lay down and take a nap and the dude let him. Said he called him in the room a short time later, he was laid out on the bed buck naked, lubed up and begging him to fuck him. My buddy told me that this his homeboy had pressed hair and was flaming, but he had respect inside the joint because he would fight and was open about his sexuality. After working in this industry, I would not put nothing past a man who has been locked up for more than 6months not to do some questionable shit.

  6. First of all, this was fascinating! We know things like this goes on but we never see it documented to this extent. There are a lot of smart people in the prison system and it shows through the elaborate way they trade sex, cigarettes and candy as currency. When they say there are CEOs and talented individuals in prison wasting away in prison without a chance.. this is what they mean.

    To answer the question, is the lifestyle similar to jail? Overall, i would say no, I dont think it is. There are similarities like… the cunts and the trade, white men being considered “of value” (most of the “boys” were white if anyone really paid attention), and perhaps the focus being on sex. But overall, at least for us, we don’t have numerous masculine men coming at us openly on a day to day basis. Sure, it may happen once in a while if you read the signs correctly and are in the right place at the right time and you give a certain aesthetic. But they’re in prison coming at you the way they go after the fysh. We are not taken as being of value or something to be pursued and obtained. Wolves usually are not really up for the challenge of courting you. Who’s getting taken on dates and showered with gifts like that? Out here in the real world, they don’t speak unless they’re looking for sex and will immediately toss you to the side if you aren’t willing to give up immediately. Theres no effort out here for us foxes. There arent very many attractive, masculine wolves out here looking to make you their “boy.” We’re out here fighting for wolves where as in there, its the other way around. Maybe that’s where all the wolves went? They’re in prison,

    1. ^it fascinated and scared me all in the same time lol

      …. But I love this breakdown as usual v.
      so it seems like jail is better because you can get claimed….
      ….if we iron their prison clothes to a crisp.
      with extra starch lol

  7. That shit is crazy. That’s why I’m never doing anything to go to jail.

    S/N:That pic of Kermit was too much. LMAO…

  8. I don’t care how fine he may be, they are all in prison for a reason. The ones that do get out often take that prison mentality with them and I don’t find it attractive.

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