Ciara Got Her New Baller Wolf Doing “Daddy Duties”

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.08.04 PM  ciara got baller wolf,
russell wilson,
pushing her baby in the streets.
i guess this is really happening.
i’ll allow it.
future: -0

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17 thoughts on “Ciara Got Her New Baller Wolf Doing “Daddy Duties”

  1. My jaw dropped when I saw this
    Kudos to him tho, he just got sexier
    I hope this one works out for her!

  2. Nah. I read in Thursday that they’re taking a break already. Idk who put this publicity stunt together. And honestly he seems like a he’s fam if you catch my drift.

    1. This pic was taken Friday or Saturday ,obviously the story about them taking a break was a rumor.She posted a pic on him on her IG during their supposed break as well.If it is PR relationship it didn’t help her album or tour sales nor will affect his football career.I hope it is serious since she has introduced him to her son.

    2. He ain’t fam. Black folks kill me with this crap. Gay men and black women do this all the time. A young man is refined, speaks well isn’t thuggish well he must be gay.

      Russell Wilson is part of the old Black elite, from a distinguished Richmond family. His granddad was the President of Norfolk St. Dad was a well respected lawyer. He was raised to carry himself with class and not to shame the family. Something many these days can’ relate to.

  3. Off topic…

    I wanna buy The Wonderlnad by Marcus Randall. My email address has “boy” in it. You think he gon trip? Lol

  4. Gold Star for CiCi, she is always getting clowned and roasted about her vocals and lack of talent but hell she is no different than many others out here who are selling records in this new millennium, so I wish her the best. She is very pretty and classy young lady, so I hope that she can find her a genuine love. Never thought Russel was attractive, but he looks sort of sexy in the pic with the cub.

  5. Ciara has gay man dating tendencies. The fact she broke up with future before the baby was born, had the baby, met and started “dating” Russell Wilson, and introduced him to the baby all before his first birthday is troubling to me.

    I still think this is all a publicity stunt. I don’t get “we’re attracted to each other” from their photos.

  6. Well this pic was taken in San Antonio on the Riverwalk.Now they are in Dallas.I am puzzled why Russell Wilson would need the publicity of dating a C list R and B singer with a baby.Especially one with a rapper baby daddy who has four other baby mamas.Seems like a lot of unnecessary baggage for a guy who just went to Superbowl and will probably sign a $80-$100M contract.I see why CiCi could use the publicity since “Jackie” sold less than 20,000 units the first week,an all time low for her.Good luck to them if it’s a real relationship.

    1. Could it be that he’s genuinely interested in her? Regardless of who the baby daddy is…perhaps there’s more to her than we see, a part of her he gets to see that makes him genuinely interested in her. I’m sure he’s not looking to marry her, but SOMETHING is there that makes the dude want to be with her..other than her stripper-like skills. LOL
      I’ve heard, and we’ve seen, that Russell is more the “Becky” type, so maybe Ciara is the closest to a sista that he is willing to get? LOL
      And good luck finding a woman without kids these days. They’re out there…but more of them have kids and baby daddy’s than not.

    2. Just like she started dating future right before her last album came out. Then she was linked Amare Stoudemire with Basic Instinct and 50 Cent with the album before that. None of them needed the publicity but she did.

      It always has been her thing. Some of the relationships might have been real but she definitely spins them for publicity. No one notices because it hasn’t translated into success on her part. Lol

      im just saying the timeline is pretty fast for a new mother who’s primarily raising a baby that just had his first birthday.

  7. I’m really routing for Ciara but I don’t see this relationship lasting. I could be wrong but she tends to put all of her relationships out in the public eye and I think it’s her downfall.

  8. I think that it might work,but so many develop theses relationships and they don’t last. We have to remember that they are humans just celebrities.

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