Karrueche Has Friends In High and Low Places

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 10.52.59 PMwell we all know that karrueche is a popular vixen in the la streets.
i’m sure she ended up meeting a lot of people through her ex.
well it seems like she,
and her gay bestest j ryan,
met up with someone i mentioned just a few days ago.
guess who?…

654_900tyson is making his rounds ain’t he?

lowkey: whats the deal with her gay bestest?
i guess a vixen can put you into the right circles:

i hear la has stories.
more than atl.
true or false?

video found: instagram

8 thoughts on “Karrueche Has Friends In High and Low Places

  1. Straight men that work in fashion have to work with gay men so they’re notoriously more comfortable with their sexuality than your average man. To the point of flirting with gay men to get ahead, all the while being straight.

    If you look at Tysons exes Karreuche is definitely his type physically and age wise. I don’t know if he’s still with that VS model.

    I’ve heard J. Ryan is pretty much your average, stuck up, rude queen from multiple people that have had encounters with him.

    There’s your average superficial gay man and then there’s your average superficial gay man…from L.A.

    1. ^Interesting comment about his “type” because I’ve only seen pics of him dating white women.
      The mother of his son is a white chick. I think she was a model as well.
      Has he dated a black or latina and been photo’d with her?

      Whatever floats his boat..but I’m just asking.

      1. That VS model Shanina or something like that was the last one I think he was linked to and she looks “ethnic”. Not sure she’s black but definitely exotic looking.

    2. ^la has a different breed of superficial it seems.
      i also read a lot of the Instagram attentionistos out there and messing with older richer “insert role here” to maintain the lifestyles they maintain.

      1. I have family there so I stay there for extended vacations and the gay/bi men essentially have the same mentality as the women.

        They wreak of vanity. If you’re not fair skinned and gorgeous or PAID, prepare to be rejected lol.

        Didn’t matter to me because I found the majority of people I met there to be intolerable, even family lol

  2. I think its TRUE, LA is just more discreet than Atlanta. I always pick up a strong down low vibe whenever I go out in LA, its very laid back and being gay there is no big deal at all, so its hard to distinguish what is really going on when you go out there. I have heard that if the Hollywood Hills could talk they could reveal alot about the discreet private parties that go on up there and I believe it to be true because LA is very much a anything goes kind of place. If you ever get the chance to visit LA and you wanna see the Black DL culture first hand and up close, go to the 24Hr Fitness in Ladera Heights, and visit the Magic Johnson TGIF Restaurant during Happy Hr on LaTijera thats located right down the street.

    Mr. Tyson B sure is friendly with the kids in public settings but throws so much shade on social media, very interesting indeed. Im sure Karueche good Judy J. Ryan has more tea than Lipton about the LA social scene.

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