Chris Brown Yells At Us To Buy His New Song, “Party”

so chris brown has a “demanding” problem.
he is quite the divo.
when he WANTS you to buy his records,
he will disrespect you and others into doing so.
so chris has a new record called “party” he just released.
this is the new video


this is what he allegedly said on his ig before he deleted it:

so he basically yells as us and degrades his peers to buy this song?
a song that sounds like something from his last album?
and maybe the one before that?

if he wants to make us “buy” something of his,
he needs to “reswagg” his entire brand.
i would actually like to see a visual album from him.
the ones beyonce does so successfully.
something telling a story about his current situation.
i can collectively say we are all bored with him and this pop lockin’ shit.
maybe even team breezy.
you can also throw in the “every vixen i fucks always cums” song as well.
give us something gritty and nasty.
give us something raw.
hire some actors/actresses and give us some drama.

lowkey: how can you attempt to sit with legends and icons,
but can’t be game changing?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Chris Brown Yells At Us To Buy His New Song, “Party””

  1. #tired All those cute kids standing around while you talk about fucking bitches, drinking, drugging, and jail? Boy bye! MJ would NEVER!

  2. Chris Brown is a talented asshole. Kanye West is a talented ass. But there’s not much difference between “asshole” and “ass”.

  3. He def needs to reinvent his brand. I love chris, we all know he can dance but what else? It’s the exact same song he gave us from the start. and lately he’s so full of himself kanye style, like he comes after the sun. Humility chris, try that.

  4. It seems like he releases 10 songs a week. Plus All his stuff sounds the same. How many songs can you make about half naked girls in ur living room or throwing money at the strip club? Smh. What happened to songs with medlodies and without auto tunes or sounding like zapp from the 80s. I miss male singers who actually sing.

  5. I like it! But I also love his dancing and I’m a Usher and Gucci fan. He does need a career overhaul though. Hire Benny Medina Chris.

  6. I don’t want to see a visual album from him because I don’t think he has the vision for that. Every video would be him dancing at some underground club trying to dodge ninjas and such. I can’t even put him in the same category with Kanye West because while Kanye is a crazy asshole he produces good music.

    P.S. The only artist I would like to see a visual album from would be Solange.

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