Chris Brown Will Fight You If You Like His Ex IG; Ask Soulja Boy

a jealous wolf can be sexy af.
a jealous wolf,
who you ain’t even dating no more,
can be scary af.
well chris brown is the jealous wolf in this story.
soulja boy said he liked a picture of chris ex,
and this happened via twitter

he must still love that vixen.
i thought he was dating someone else?
chris looking like he about to wear “restraining order” as his next accessory.
i still remember when he damn near stalked her after they broke up:

“chris!” – friend.

“shut up.
move to the back.
move to the back.” – chris.

well you know what they say.
crazy jackals got the best dick.
i guess chris is seeing he fucked up a good thing.
don’t they always?
as far as karreuche is concerned:

the glo up is doing her well.
she also dropped an alleged hints to chris on her ig:

good for her.
he lost and needs to live with that…

lowkey: does he play these type of games with rihanna?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Chris Brown Will Fight You If You Like His Ex IG; Ask Soulja Boy”

    1. Yeah…it’s only a matter of time before he’s locked up AGAIN and blaming EVERYONE ELSE for it.
      Is he taking his meds regularly?! It doesn’t sound like he is.

  1. Two fruits that need to rot away.

    P.S. Her glow up is coming along quite nice I saw she’s going to be on Neicy Nash’s new show.

  2. Lawd 2017 is starting out a mess, when you have two crackheads attacking each other and they both suffer from the same habit, Soulja you telling Chris not to do so many drugs is like a lesbian taking birth control pills, it is just pointless, when yall both running into each other at the crackhouse. #FixItJehovah. #justsayno

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