We are having a meeting to discuss something tragic.
Something that if I EVER hear you doing,
not only will you be BANNED from the Foxhole,
you will be forced to do community service at Lindsay Lohan’s house.
That means checking to make sure she stays sober.


I need you all to sit down and listen carefully.

This entry is not for the sloppy or the messy.
You create amazing drama filled entertainment for us to laugh and grow from.
This entry is for my class acts who do not get involved in petty bullshit.

I don’t care how good he is in bed or how much money he has supplied you.
Never fight for a Wolf to STAY with you.
The way I see it is this:

If he would rather fuck some ragga muffin, then go right ahead.
If he chooses to leave you for some ragga muffin, then go right ahead.
Even if he leaves you for someone “better”, then go right ahead.


The way I see it is this…
If you KNOW you are a bad Fox then you will be complete with OR without a Wolf.
One monkey don’t stop no show.
And it is NOT OKAY to fight some Fox, Jackal, or Hyena for a Wolf either.

“You can have him!”

How dare my Wolf have some asshole calling my phone?
(and why do they always call after 12am???????????)
I should bust him upside his head for being so messy.
I should also break his knee caps for fucking some estrogen filled high school Fox.
He violated you in TWO ways: One for the blatant disrespect and two for the cheating.

I was talking to a Fox in emails how he had to get rid of his Wolf for that same shit.
He was fucking with a messy Wolf  for 2 years and he got caught up cheating by having some queen call his phone .
He politely told the Wolf that he had to end it and left it at that.
Of course when a Wolf knows he has lost a good thing, he begs and cries for your forgiveness.
You are suddenly, “the one who got away.”
Nergo please save that shit…

You need to have him on the Vanessa Bryant Apology Program:

She is looking at that muthafucka like, “I GOT YOU BY THE BALLS! SAY SOMETHING! SAY SOMETHING?!”

You teach people how to treat you.
Your Wolf should already know you don’t play that.
The issue with us is that we let these Wolves get away with EVERYTHING.
And it isn’t his fault because YOU let him.
Just like most things in your life, you ARE usually responsible.

So if your Wolf does wrong, ask yourself do you really want to tolerate this bad behavior?
Your answer should already be NO.
And if you can’t get him to cooperate…


If he is a fool, he will leave.
If he knows better, he will come right back.

But just know…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “BUST DAT WOLF AZZ WIDE OPEN!”

      1. I do too – that ish is hot. They both have some lovely cakes…

        And I don’t know how you can get that maked with another man & at least not be bi… #carryon

  1. It’s almost 2012!! I’m not willing to fight over nothing! I’m too damn old I be done sprained or pulled sumb trying to fight over sone runaway dick!! Furthermore don’t the wolves know we can get dick by the pound if we want to!! I aint chasing shit but some money… Fuck that!

  2. You said its best Jamari if he wana leave let him. If he wana stick his dick in a hole with no walls let him. If he wana duxk with a fish or fox better than you let him. All you really gota do is pop open a bottle of _______, roll you a nice bleezy, put in some power music personally Ill put on drakes take care or headlines. And have the best time with yourself cause you already got what you need

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