All The Fine Wolves Go To The Brooklyn Muesum on Saturdays…

I have come to realize that a lot of good looking people live in NY.
A lot are very hood and you just can’t take them anywhere.
Sadly, you won’t know unless they take a bath and clean themselves up for an event.
They all head to the biggest event,
which is on 1st Saturday of every month at the Brooklyn Museum.

Basically the whole museum is open for the general public.
They have a ton of open mini events,
in the parking lot is a huge party,
and best of all: the iCandy is orgasmic.
Everyone puts on their most fashionable looks,
baby oils their body,
vixens get a fresh weave,
and goes to show out.
It NEVER has hoodrats.
They always seem intimidated to attend.
It always attracts the freshest and finest of the city.
Everyone from gay, straight, white, black, latino, asain, college, graduate, professional…
just come together and get along for one night out every month.

(I showed some visuals here here briefly…)

Last weekend,
and a couple weekends to be honest,
I have played hooky for some reason.

I don’t know if it is my mood or the fact I’m “re-inventing”, but I’m not interested.
I don’t know, but I did advise someone to go and I got a nice phone call about it…

So a lowkey Hyena I know in the industry was looking for something to do.
We haven’t seen each other in a while (good ol screening calls).
I was suppose to go, meet up with my mutual friends, but it was like 105 degrees.
One thing you need to know about a Fox is I do NOT do hot weather.
I ended up laying in my room,
while catching up on this show called Scandal.

Today, I got a good phone call…

“so why you aint tell me it was like that?!” – he screamed.
“didn’t i tell you it was serious…?”
“the trade there… WHEW!!!”
“did you stay long?”
“not really. I had to GO!”
“the niggas that were there!
I turn my head and it was fine niggas everywhere.

Outside: fine niggas.
Inside: fine niggas.
In the bathroom: fine niggas.
my poor heart!”
“I told you dude.”
“those dudes that are there are straight TOPS.
downlow dick only!”
“yeah…. i know….did anyone scope you?”
“yeah, but everyone was crewed up so it was hard.”
“yeah and then it is like how would you get the number?”
“shit, the gay party I went to after had nothing looking like that there.
all bottoms.
this lifestyle is so depressing.”
“tell me about it…”

Maybe that is why I stayed home.
Although I like going and enjoying myself,
the surroundings are like a Wolf Torture Chamber.
You stay breaking your neck because everywhere you turn is Wolves.
All the MEAT I have shown you throughout the years.

…. all over the place.
Looking like Baller Wolves and Pre Baller Wolves.
All of which are my type.
All of which make me want to be a classless hoe.
They are all contestants in a huge guessing game I am tired of playing.
One that the ending prize is… nothing.
Unless you are a Vixen with a fat ass,
it is hard to meet Wolves at places like that.
It all plays out like one big nightmare.

I’m just tired.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “All The Fine Wolves Go To The Brooklyn Muesum on Saturdays…”

  1. Well look at like this, at least you are somewhere even if you dont meet the dudes you have a opportunity to look at them and might have the chance to holler at one of them. You could be stuck in a tired depressing city which has nothing but a bunch of trash or buried treasure at the very least. I want put my city on blast, but Im envious of you all in the Concrete Forest who have at the very least, the chance to meet a wolf or fox who is your ideal instead of having to settle for whats in the clearance rack. The dudes who have a little bit of swagg where Im at are obnoxious and arrogant because they have so much to choose from and so many dudes literally throwing themselves at them, because it so few choices out here. I can always meet top notch dudes when I travel out of town, but sadly nothing here at home. My mind is already trying to figure out a way to get to the Concrete Forest for the next museum event.

  2. Jamari Fox,

    It’s been awhile, but dude you should have went and got you some culture and a couple of numbers but naw you psyched yourself based on this belief that wolves you want are hard to get.

    You are in the Concrete Forest, in the summertime no less, no way in the world would I be up in the house looking at Kerry Washington hungry-looking-ass than miss the opportunity to meet and mingle with those I find desireable.

    Stop thinking about a lifestyle and start living your best life. Stop guessing and second guessing, and just do the damn thing!

    1. ^ honestly,
      I’m going through some shit that has me not wanting to be social.

      Maybe I am over the people I am around….
      Maybe my money is funny and it costs to go out and enjoy yourself in The CF…
      Maybe I’m just moody and everything is not gelling cohesive enough for me…

      I dunno.
      I’m just going with the flow at the moment trying to figure some shit out…
      I’ll be over whatever it is soon.

  3. Wolves intimidate you, that might be why you miss out a lot, and you like playing the submissive role since you’re a fox. Nowdays even us Wolves are waiting for the foxes to speak up because it’s all a guessing game, and we donb’t know what to expect. Nobody wants to be bold.

      1. Yes both parties are losing. When two dudes are scared it ruins the chances of even a hookup at the least.

        I’m even guilty of this type of behavior also.

    1. Exactly…and a lotta foxes give that ‘don’t fuck wit me i don’t wanna be bothered’ vibe and we just don’t know what to expect. And the Internet & mobile apps make it hard for people that actually want face to face interactions.

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