All The Fine Wolves Go To The Brooklyn Muesum on Saturdays…

I have come to realize that a lot of good looking people live in NY.
A lot are very hood and you just can’t take them anywhere.
Sadly, you won’t know unless they take a bath and clean themselves up for an event.
They all head to the biggest event,
which is on 1st Saturday of every month at the Brooklyn Museum.

Basically the whole museum is open for the general public.
They have a ton of open mini events,
in the parking lot is a huge party,
and best of all: the iCandy is orgasmic.
Everyone puts on their most fashionable looks,
baby oils their body,
vixens get a fresh weave,
and goes to show out.
It NEVER has hoodrats.
They always seem intimidated to attend.
It always attracts the freshest and finest of the city.
Everyone from gay, straight, white, black, latino, asain, college, graduate, professional…
just come together and get along for one night out every month.

(I showed some visuals here here briefly…)

Last weekend,
and a couple weekends to be honest,
I have played hooky for some reason.

I don’t know if it is my mood or the fact I’m “re-inventing”, but I’m not interested.
I don’t know, but I did advise someone to go and I got a nice phone call about it…

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