1. The Man

    I always thought he was cute, but you got to do better Nick. Less than a minute? Damn. I’m mad for her. Bless her heart lol.

    I kind of see why she is angry in a way. The fact that he didn’t last for a while made her mad, and also because he only gave her 300. They didn’t fuck long, so at the end she got enough money. I blame her cause these groupies and jump-offs gotta learn.

  2. Kinky

    she did not play that nigger right she was suppose to put on her hooker heels get his dick hard and leave. ballers want what they can’t have oh and always indicate he could not handle her anyway she would have least gotten 20000 in gifts and cash. jump offs

  3. Nerd

    Maybe it takes a more whorish fox to know. By no means is that me, but my good fox friend just clued me in that the disrespect is that shes wasn’t a basic bitch, clearly she meet the requirements to fuck and get the nutt off for whatever reason. So dont pay her like one, at least trick off 1.5k then its like damn he respects this pussy.

  4. She had no game. A woman with game wouldn’t have fucked him the first time they met. They know how to string men along and keep them wanting more until they get every single thing they want.

    I know some real maneaters.

    She got played like a $2 hoe because she acted like one.

  5. Davon

    “aye i swaggy aint none of tthem” wtf. Dont they teach these niggas english?

    Basic hos for basic niggas. Who says “so wassup” at 3am with a chick in your room? How he gonna say he did not know and then gave her $300? Them 2 deserve each other

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