Would You Let Shawne Merriman Thump You?

I’m talking to you.

Shawne seems to be a Wolf with a MAJOR high sex drive.
I think he would actually make  me beg to stop judging from all these groupie tales I read.
I would hate to admit it though….

Check this one out…

So my girl and I met Shawne Merriman on the beach in Miami. We got fucked up, went to King of Diamonds, and back to the Hotel Catalina (which he is part owner of). Shawne kept saying how he would do anything to have a 3some with us so we agreed to do it if he paid us. He didn’t even flinch,he paid us and we got busy.  SHAWNE has a monster cock. The shit is massive. We nicknamed him “thump” because whenever you let his dick go it THUMPS back on his stomach. His head game is pretty good too. he gives a lot of effort so it makes it fun to watch. Shawne is a freak! He insisted that I fuck his face. Not ride it but actually fuck his mouth with my pussy while my girl was sucking his dick. After that he flipped me around and ate and fingered my ass while I made out with my girl. She was riding him. Shawne has a mean pound game and an obsession with anal play. Shawne took turns fucking me and my girl for about an hour. Like I said his dick is amazing. It’s beautiful. He’s got the perfect stroke. Not too hard, not too fast. He’s freaky and nasty and likes to talk shit. He likes to play with your ass while he fucks you.

He was loving it. My girlfriend got on all fours so Shawne could fuck her from behind. He got behind her and I got behind him. He moaned so loud. That only lasted a few minutes before he came. I’m pretty sure he’s on something because every time he came he would scream  so loud and his body would tremble. It didn’t seem like a natural reaction. Anyway why did I go to the bathroom after and find a prescription for Viagra. That explains the ferocity in his fucking I guess. Overall great dick if you’re not turned off by the whole freaky thing.

Source: Baller Alert

I see why they call him LIGHTS OUT!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Would You Let Shawne Merriman Thump You?”

  1. I was simultaneously turned on and turned off. He sounds like he’s pretty good, but something about it came off as too much to me.

    Anyways, maybe I’m picturing it wrong, but shouldn’t being face-f**ked by a woman be the same as being slapped in the mouth by a heavy hand? That doesn’t sound pleasant at all to me lol.

  2. jamari.hes definitely a freak..u need the youtube clip of him showing his ass to a camera in the doctors office..he got cakes! i dont know why he showed them..but happy he did!

  3. he does sound good in the sack but two quotes got my attention. quote 1 “Shawne has a mean pound game and an obsession with anal play”. and quote 2 “He likes to play with your ass while he fucks you”. if a man likes ass that much then what does that makr him???

    1. ^ I dunno…
      but I want to find out!!!!
      he can eat me for a half an hour and decide what next after.

      and why did I see his broke twin yesterday on the train.
      I had to wonder if he was a freak too!

  4. Guys like him are strictly sex machines. Big, strong, potent sex machines who tend to be many people’s “best sex experience.” He was probably that kid at 8 who was masturbating to porn magazines before he even hit puberty. He was down for exposing himself to whoever asked and was touching little girls in the playground inappropriately.

    He is fine though but he might be one of those who’d penis i was probably run from. He’d have to hold me down lol. But he can eat it or just tongue each other down for hours on end for sure.

  5. I said this on the last Shawne post…Every White girl in San Diego had stories about him. Whether you like him or not, whether they liked him or not…They all agreed he had a big dick. Then some guy came in claiming he’d seen it in person and that it wasn’t? Maybe Shawne is a grower…Whatever the case, and I didn’t read the full story I just jumped to monster cocl, no I wouldn’t let him thump. He’s an ass…speaking of which that’s what I like…ass…now if he were gone let me thump? If he paid me I’d consider 🙂

  6. Lik i said before hes a beast and he can break me down however he likes but …………..
    viagra? That was sort of the turn off. Freakyness turn on

    1. Agreed R. The viagra is a turn off. I mean dude is only 27, you shouldn’t pills to give you that extra edge. Now if he wanted to smash, I would let him, not that I would have a choice because I couldn’t get push all the meat off me. But yeah big penis, I’m in! 🙂

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