Sidney Starr Needs To Be Shown Reality

If “The Sidney Start Show” popped up on your tv schedule…

would you watch?…


My answer:


First off, she is so WACK.
Second, who is that dude shouting out Soulja Boy like he knows him forreal?
Third, her whole vibe is just “chicken head from the block”. LOL
Fourth, X-Tube is where Sidney Starr belongs.

The whole Kat Stacks thing is last year.
No one is taking that chicken head behavior serious anymore.
And, is she still trying to do this “Starr” thing?
I thought she would have gotten the hint by now.
Can’t hate a t-girl for trying…

Again I blame this one here:

oh sorry.
wrong angle…

Giving these chicks pipe dreams.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Sidney Starr Needs To Be Shown Reality”

  1. well i mean ppl like to watch idiots, whores, and douchebags. so… ill set up my dvr just incase.

  2. Takes two to play that game. Supply and demand. They want attention, and silly men like to give it to them. I say we boycott hoes, pretty please?

  3. Poor Sidney is a troubled queen who needs our prayers. “Lawd show this whore to the front of the class so that she may be educated and can get a real job” Amen!

    1. ^^ L O L!

      she came out on some ol copycat messy harlot hoe tales shit.
      her hustle can’t be respected because IT’S BEEN DONE…. and it’s over.
      and that video with her in Concrete Forest got her looking like the next star in a made for download porno.
      she is over before she started.

  4. I was literally cringing and laughing at how embarrassingly ratchet that was. I’m not gonna lie, I thought she was just a video hoe type, you know, a video hoe but still at least comes across as respectable, I obviously gave her too much credit. Even though she’s a t-girl, that display was soooooo unladylike.

  5. I blame Kim as well. What these heffas don’t undersrand is that different rules apply to Black women in Hollywood. Hello M Fishburne anyone? Not to mention Sydney is a man, soooo. Although these urban blogs get all gitty at the excitement of her alleged affairs with has been rappers, America just wouldn’t care. And unless she can name drop, which she can’t, Blk America dnt care either…The shock value is far gone with this one. She should go away with

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