Tahj Mowry Stars As “The Straight Guy” (Do Do Do…)



Tahj Mowry is an interesting little character.
He has surely been letting his short man complex run wild on Twitter.
But, he has a message to all his potential gay suitors….

I didn’t know he was so “wanted”?
Maybe I missed the wanted lists with him on it.
Seriously, I DOUBT he is gay.
No, I DON’T SUSPECT he is gay,
He doesn’t strike me as the type.
Seems like a pretty boy who likes to dress.
He definitely has a metro-sexual feel to his swagg.

Corny = CHECK.
Gay = NOPE.

So Jackals and Hyenas: LEAVE HIM ALONE.

Tahj… I will need you not to use the word “AWWF” in rants tho.
That is definitely GAY.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Tahj Mowry Stars As “The Straight Guy” (Do Do Do…)”

  1. You dont get to wear UGG boots as a male and still call yourself heterosexual. I will not let her get away with it. She makes me sick with her twitter antics.

    1. Miguel has the hits, not denying that. However, rainbow colored microphone stand that lights up and i have to acknowledge you as heterosexual? What? Okay, okay, you want to maintain your career. That’s cute. But don’t you dare pull a Clay Aiken or Ricky Martin down the line talkin’ bout “i can’t hide who i am anymore”.

      Ms. Tahj is going to great lengths to affirm her heterosexuality and we all know the type of person who does that usually turns out to be.

  2. I literally laughed out loud in the office at:

    “But don’t you dare pull a Clay Aiken or Ricky Martin down the line talkin’ bout “i can’t hide who i am anymore”. “

  3. “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen”

    I’ve always wanted to say that. LMAO!

    I wouldn’t say it irl though.

  4. Well he didn’t say it in a nice way, but whatev. As far as guys being attracted to him…As a person who has seen him in a state of undress…He had a hot lil body. He was playing college ball at the time. Don’t knw if all is still the same, but it was sort of like Romeo. You dnt expect to see all that under his clothes. Now I didn’t see the peen. I couldve, but I play it straight and don’t look down…Did catch him on the walk away tho. Not bad. Not bad at all…

  5. Mayne, he’s too busy sucking his own dick to be concerned about anyone else’s…

  6. a guy wearing uggs doesnt mean hes gay. neither does loving lady gaga, nicki minaj, madonna, watching basketball wives, single ladies, gay porn, or having sex with men. that just means youre open minded.

  7. I’ve always figured he was gay (at least hoped), but I think the real question here is, “Who told him that he could sing?!”

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