The Smart Guy Is Really A Smart Ass

Did we at the Foxhole have something to do with this homo-emotion of Tahj Mowry fuckery?

… well, uh, if he did’nt want anyone to NOT think he was gay.
He failed.

Vain is about to chew him up in 5, 4, 3, 2….

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “The Smart Guy Is Really A Smart Ass”

  1. Didn’t anyone else notice that his so-called “Best Friend” Jeremy Fall is gay???…. Hmmmm…

    Tahj has been gay since his ears have been big. Sit the fuck down and handle the d*ck like you do in secret.

  2. Wow not only is he a queen, he’s bitch made.

    Not even remotely likeable and definitely not attractive enough to get past the arrogant demeanor.

  3. Whoever dropped that diana ross comment, was a genius. Either they really had him confused with the other one or gave him the best read of his life.

    On a another note, i hate black people that have to nerve to say another black person is too dark. In the beginning we all came from very dark and nothin is wrong with it. He probably says he is #BIRACIAL in front of white folks. He is worse than B.Scott with that mess.

  4. Jamari you are sooooooo messy all up in that Boys mentions.smh What the hell is going on? Where did all this come from? Talm bout good hair, dark skin, and 95% of his haters are Black? 95% of the population don’t even know who he Twitter is truly the Devil…Funny tweet of the Decade-someone tweeted him…and I’m paraphrasing…FUCK THE
    HATERS, AS LONG AS YOUR MOM IS DIANA ROSS THEY CANT DO YOU SHIT<I died…please burry me next to Richard Gere's gerbil….

    1. ^^ ” i ain’t do nuffin!”

      and whatttttttttttttttttttt??? —-> FUCK THE

      Sad they got his confused with the Evan boy.
      Tahj just not winning this week!

      1. Boy stop! That was noooooo confusion! Dude was str8 clowning. You people re soooooooooo mean. Even got his ol long faced sister on twitter defending him. Face probably get longer when she sad.smh This is horrible…Oh boy. Ur mobile site is trippin on me. The tweeter was even tellin him ” Read Miss Mowry, READ!!!” as he was arguing with someone. I can’t…I just can’t…G-nite…

  5. I think he read my entry because some of the things he said revealed too much LOLOL
    Kudos to everyone (Vain mostly LOLOL) who commented that made him SICK.
    He probably felt his stomach go thru his ass reading the comments.

  6. She makes me ssooooo sick tho! She lives for these supposed “haters” that she picks fights with and then turns around and tells people they have no life? We fucked up when we gave these hoes access to camera phones and broadband cuz they don’t know how to act. Someone point her to the nearest stadium and tell her to have a seat —-> _/

    1. LMAO.

      S(he) is buggin tho.
      All that was uncalled for on his(er) Twitter.
      I read all that like, what in the fresh blue fuck????????
      Short man complex is on sky high.
      And then Tamera gonna say his words were misconstrued.
      Tamera really tho?

      1. I can’t with these butch queens sometimes. There’s a special breed that i just can’t deal with. What’s worse is she has people who probably blow her head up with support and admiration. Why couldnt she be like her sisters? Or at least like her little known, and much cuter, younger brother Tavior?

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