How To Date A Fine Wolf… And Not Go To Jail.

Having a fine Wolf can be an issue.
It definitely has it perks, but you look at him and wonder sometimes:

“Will this fool cheat on me?”

Even though, for some strange reason, you forget you are attractive too.
We never like to place our value higher than these Wolves we date.
I guess after waiting so long, we automatically brand him as “KING”.
But, when you display your fine new Wolf to the world…
…and the Jackals and Hyenas start to attack…

What do you do?

Star Fox has a new love interest.
This one is not only handsome, but he seems like a winner.
He is a “nigga” as we like to say meaning he is OD masculine.
We will call him Wolf Man.
Wolf Man and Star Fox met 2 years ago when Wolf Man was in a prior relationship.
They had feelings for each other, but Star Fox kept his at bay.
They drifted apart and reconnected recently to try something new.
So far, it has been a trip to Bergdorf on Cloud 9 Blvd.

Star Fox asked him to join Twitter since he isn’t in the social media loop,
and all hell broke loose.
Wolf Man’s same ex found him and is now tweeting him.
Even though Wolf Man claims there is nothing, the ex seems persistent.
Along with that, little Hyenas and Jackals have started barking up his tree.
Of course like any full-blooded Wolf,
Wolf Man is enjoying the attention but it is leaving Star Fox type: VEX.

One tweet from a Jackal said:

“U need to cum turn me out… but if you get a taste, you gonna cuff.”

Another from The Ex:

“I been calling you and you haven’t been answering…”

All this attention could make a Fox very very VERY TITE.
But, it made me really think about dating gorgeous Wolves…

They say for every 1 fine Wolf, there is about 50 Foxes + 100 Jackals and Hyenas combined fiending for a taste (even if he is taken).
It makes things very intimidating because these days,
these new school submissive hoes are suddenly getting aggressive.
They will disrespect, sneak around, and even fight you just to get to your Wolf.
Would it make a difference if you were dating an Uglier Wolf?
Would the game be different then?
Or, is everyone in this lifestyle lonely, overly whorish, and just desperate to find a man,
even if that man happens to be cuffed already?

From your friends trying to screw you by screwing him…
To random non factors trying to divide their legs and conquer…

It all made me wonder…

Can dating a sexy Wolf pretty much turn ugly?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “How To Date A Fine Wolf… And Not Go To Jail.”

  1. I believe that dating a Wolf can turn ugly, if you second guess yourself on the attributes that made that Wolf want you. Any Fox, Jackal or Hyena can try to get him but if the Wolf is a smart Wolf he’ll know that as flattering as all that attention might be, he’s got the Fox he wants. I know trusting isnt the simpliest thing to do but I feel that any scenrio like that is just a test for us Foxes to see his true colors, which we dont normally see until its too late. I’ve learned that some Wolves dont know what they need, so you have to show them what they need and that requires patience and confidence in what you bring.

  2. I believe that if you keep your pimp hand strong, and bring your wolf down a notch when he gets overly cocky, things will work. Sometimes in life you just gotta give a hoe the hands.

      1. or somethin sharp. im one of those ppl who can bring a knife to a gun fight and still kick ass. lol. but seriously i will swing a bitch by the weave if i got to.

  3. Ha! i know that feeling of having to tell these hoes to GET BACK with a machine gun. Lol i was laughing at the gifs cuz that’s exactly the thing you feel like doing. But it’s one thing as a fox to be attractive and have confidence in yourself but i don’t think our experiences when it comes to desirability are the same as wolves. A really attractive fox is, well, at least in my opinion, common. There are lots of pretty foxes out there and they’re everywhere you look. When it comes to wolves, most are not on the same level in my opinion (so we sort of seek out straight men and fantasize about and try to attain them). They’re a rarity so it would only make sense that they’d be sought after to the extent to which they are. These jackals and hyenas all have the same thing in mind: sex him so that he becomes so enamored he’ll never want to leave me and be with someone else. They view him being with you as a clear sign that he could quite possibly be with them exclusively as well. So if they just got a chance to show him how great they are, he’ll leave you for them. I think if fine WOLVES (seeking exclusivity and playing that sort of ideal role) were equal to the amount of fine foxes then i don’t think the amount of thirstiness would exist.

    Star Fox has no one to blame but himself for putting him in the line of fire for those who seek out men like wolf man and are willing to do w/e it takes to get him. Ideally, the way to deal with that situation is to have confidence in yourself that should he decide to up and leave you that you’ll be okay. We can sort of fantasize that wolf man knows a good thing when he sees it and will know the difference between that and people who want him for no other reason than what they fantasize of wolf man to be like. But we dont really have control over his thoughts and actions. Dating someone who is highly desired is tough but its something you choose to sign up for.

  4. First off, who in the hell would suggest their attractive partner join twitter. Id shake Star Fox vigorously for that move. Do you know how many people have fucked at least 5 of their followers?

    People can talk about being confident and bringing him down a notch all they want, but it all comes down to how deep of a connection you have and how much they value it.

    Ive seen guys fuck around with another dude because their significant other was too busy ONE TIME! Imagine sexing your bf Mon-Sat and they cheat on you Sunday because you had to work or study.

  5. Like Vain & Jay said, Star Fox has himself to blame for suggesting his man get on Twitter in the first place. FB maybe, cuz I haven’t seen the level of thirst on there that is Twitter (which can be worse than A4A/BGC/etc. combined).

    Second, if youer man wants to cheat – he’s gonna cheat. You can’t stop him. So you can spend your days worrying about it, or work on building that trust and confidence in one another. This is not to say if you see or feel something suspicious to not check it out (or talk about it), but people are gonna throw themselves at him…whether he’s on Twitter or not. As long as he’s staying faithful, I don’t see how the attention is bad. I’d just encourage him to put some of the worse ones in check when they cross the line.

    In general, hoes gonna be hoes. You just don’t have to entertain them. And constantly 2nd-guessing gets tiresome & draining. I’d know I’d be pissed if my fox was vexed at ME for doing something he encouraged and the chickenheads came out — especially if I’ve done remained faithful…I’m with YOU, not THEM. People can get pushed away by insecurity…

  6. YngBlkWolf has told the truth. Insecurity will definitely push a man away. Take ol’ boy in the pic–yeah he fine, got a damn 8-pack, handsome face, but he’s only fine enough to fuck and not necessarily fine enough to get know. At some point foxes and wolves are gonna have to move beyond how attractive someone is or what position they play when it’s time to reach orgasm. Thinking good ass or good dick is the only thing that can get/keep a man or worse, only having good dick or good ass to keep a man around, shows a lack of creativity, personality, and ambition.

    Also, not everyone should have access to your partner which includes the intimate details of your relationship. Stay off Twitter and leave those Facebook statuses empty; have a life outside of your man, try not to include him into things just so you can be seen.

  7. No need to speak on this i see my fellow foxes know how to handle this. Jamari slap your friend for that crazy stunt he pulled. Social Network + Relationship = ALONE

  8. jordan :
    or somethin sharp. im one of those ppl who can bring a knife to a gun fight and still kick ass. lol. but seriously i will swing a bitch by the weave if i got to.

    lol! too funny. But what if they don’t have any weave? what do you grab then?

    1. ill disguise myself in drag, offer them a free weave, sew it in, come back later as myself, and then swing em by the weave lol.

  9. Overly whorish! Ha! I would concur. But then again, I’m not, so I believe there are good-looking people that are also trustable 😉 (Yes I’m tootin my own damn horn if you caught that lol).

    Anyways, if Star Fox met Wolf Man while Wolf Man was in a relationship… And they had feelings…

    And any real and confident man would not need such “gross” and pathetic attention from Twitter followers. Just sayin.

    I think Star Fox needs to listen to himself, because most of the time, yourself is right 😉
    And also keep in mind what Jamari has taught us… don’t put him on a pedestal 😉

  10. Wow this post and the comments and the gifs have me cracking up. One of my close friends is a so called wolf and has many foxes craving his dick, he loves the attention, gifts, money etc. He is supposedly dating someone exclusively now but there is always some fox around the corner willing to give up the ass and he never turns it down. I almost feel bad for the dude he is dating, I am cordial with him but not his friend, he thinks my boy is the answer. A part of me wants to tell him to find him someone who is ready to be in a relationship and not a whore, but most foxes dont want to hear the truth and have to find out things on their own. My boy is an egotistical asshole at times thanks to the attention from thirsty foxes, I am one of the few people who tell him his shit stinks. I got a feeling one day he is gonna run across the wrong fox and his world is going to be turned upside down, he has been getting away with his behavior for so long that he thinks its not going happen when I tell him this, he thinks because he lifts weights and is manly he can beat someone ass if they cross him. One thing about foxes they are smart and wreck shop on your ass before you knew what hit you, so I am going to lay low and wait because I know its only a matter of time.

  11. I think if this guy is as attractive as J. Fox say he is then he is probably getting a lot of sexual heat from others on a daily basis. My thoughts are that there is nothing wrong with J introducing him to twitter because trust me sooner or later he would have ended up on it or some other social network. If the brother is going to cheat he is going to do so regardless of what media he uses to communicate with others. I think that there is nothing one can do to prevent their significant other from cheating, and any attempts to do so will become a full time job. Meaning of J has to play gate keeper when it comes to the social medias then he will have to do the same whenever he goes to the gym. a club, shopping, on vacation, etc.

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