When Oh When Will Dark Skin Men Love Their Kind….Never I Guess?

tumblr_mpyo89g5Kk1rn7zmqo1_500i didn’t say it,
but he did in the comment section regarding lance gross:

x read comment here

that comment blew my mind this morning.
sadly the opinion of many people within the lifestyle.
do we even need to go into details?
men of darker skin complexions are casted out into the fields,
while their light skin counterparts get tumblr pages dedicated to them.
they all startin’ to lookin’ the same too…
but even with all that has happened as far as trayvon martin,
will this hang up ever change within the black communities?
when we meet someone to dating,
does our skin complexion have everything to do with it?
i had to wonder…

Is your acceptance card really your skin complexion?

^i would swallow every bit of his chocolate nut..

i don’t know about anyone else,
but i never experienced skin color issues like most.
vixens and wolves always love the kid.
a majority of white people treat me good.
in the same token,
i never looked at skin color as a deciding factor.
i was always big on:

do you look good?
does your body look good?
is your personality good?
is your hygiene good?
is your swagg good?
can you fuck good?
will you look good fuckin me?

true story,
but the wolf that actually fucked my brains out was dark skin.
the most beautiful dark mushroom head penis i have ever seen.
i sucked on that dick like i was puffin on a cigar.
i still get moist thinking about it.

tumblr_mmrgu0E1lk1s20hc1o1_250my thing in life always is,
i dont care about your skin complexion or financial situation,
you WILL treat me with respect.
point blank period.
funny enough,
to most white people,
i’m still a nigger and just like you are.
i learned about that working in corporate.
when you leave that hood living and get into the real world,
you will see the real treatment of being black.
it aint easy!

dark skin.
yes sir you are the biggest loser….?
who knew chocolate wasn’t addictive after all.
dark skin men are more acceptable to snow bunnies,
black vixens of all shades worried about the next hoe,
and gays won’t fuck anything that doesn’t pass the paper bag test.
does it really all matter?
trayvon martin wasn’t dark skin at all.
some would say he was light skin.
his color didn’t warrant a “i’m passing” sign when he was shot in cold blood.
i had to wonder even tho we suffered from racism for a long time…

Are we the biggest internal racists, like, ever?

lowkey: ya’ll need to stop gassin’ up these light brite niggas heads.
some of them be a bowl of corn flakes.
just cause you are light skin don’t mean you can fuck either.
light skin niggas be like “my stroke WACK… but i’m cute tho”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

69 thoughts on “When Oh When Will Dark Skin Men Love Their Kind….Never I Guess?”

  1. I am a dark man and I’ve dated only light skin guys. I’m not attracted to dark skinned guys period. Is it wrong? Nope! I can date the hell who I want! By the way, that guy in that Vine video is hideous.

      1. “Wow” is right man. I want to see what some of you look like that are talking shit tho. Ol dude hates dark men, but is dark himself. LMAO…

  2. Hey I have a tumblr that is dedicate to all different shades of men, but I favor the darker skin men more because darker the berries, sweeter the juice and I find it to be true. I get a lot compliments and get ask out more from darker skin men while the lighter skin guys are so hung up with themselves.

    1. ^im the same!
      i love all shades lin!
      light skin tend to be real cocky.
      i like to lower their self esteem a little bit.
      don’t get me started on mixed dudes.
      sometimes I think I have power issues.
      i get off on bringing a cocky wolf to his knees.

      1. I have some problems with mixed dudes too. I am mixed, but for some strange reason every time I meet another mixed guy it is an instant competition with me. They would be like “You’re mixed with what?” I explain what I am and right away they will be like “Well I am more mixed then you.” I don’t give a shit, you are the one who asked me.
        Sometime you have to pull them down to Earth and smack them so they can wake up.

  3. Rotfl at fucked like a true tribesman in the bush. 2 B honest no light skin nigga has ever fucked me good. It’s always dem brown skin and black as midnight niggas with that gorilla in ya twat dick.

  4. I really don’t like dark men either. Not my cup of tea. I also feel like Trayvon Martin is only getting this national attention because he was a light skin attractive black boy. If he was dark, do you really think people would give a fuck?

      1. Trayvon was definitely passing. He could pass for The Game’s little brother and he is most definitely a lighter shade. Not passing in the gay community is Idris, Lance, and Dijmon.

      2. LOl so there is” Straight” Light Skinned and “Gay” Light Skinned .Trayvon is only a shade or two lighter than his dad in picture posted here yesterday and Tracy is dark brown

      3. No, Colette. They just be making up shit. Light is light and dark is dark. These niggas are too caught up. Make me want to turn in my bi card for a straight one.

      4. Mad that I missed this and I am responding later but some people have no clue what “passing” is because TM definitely could not pass and is brown skinned.

  5. The only dark dick I’d fuck is Dez Bryant. Other than that I’m good. Yes that guy up above is ugly. Only person sexy is Trey.

  6. WOW I just watched Dark Girl Doc last week I didnt realize this was a issue with men.Since men of every hue from Tyrese to Idris to Boris to Shemar are deemed sexy.For women what dark skinned woman is lauded for her beauty or sexiness?Very interesting topic to address

    1. ^i hate to say it,
      but dark skinned vixens in the industry are usually disregarded.
      I’ve seen dark girls who are talented as hell get turned down.
      light skin and “exxotical” girls with limited talent are pushed to the front.
      i witnessed this.
      worked with this.
      it’s nothing new.
      i will say darker wolves in Hollywood get a pass.
      lighter skin men are usually disregarded as pretty boys and not taken as seriously.

  7. Lurker and hello. You know comments like what that person said in that comment box about Lance Gross are extremely hurtful. I am a dark skin woman and I have dealt with racism and prejudice from other races and my own. When they say black people can be your worst enemy, they aren’t lying. I have been suicidal in the past because of the treatment I have received. It’s hard because my own family put light skin people over their own child. I was often jealous of the Beyonces and Rihanna’s of the world because they were accepted as “truth”. Reading these comments doesn’t make it any better. I am glad this topic was brought up for discussion. I didn’t know it was so bad in the gay community as it is in the straight. Good blog Mr. Fox. I am interested in seeing answers to this.

    1. Powerful sista! That pulled my ass right out the comment closet. Seriously BLACKS are the biggest racists. We still carry that slave master mentality to how we were treated. Now we have a foot to stand on we treat other BLACKS less than what we are. This is why the whole “crab in the barrel” phrase comes about. BLACKS are like modern day slaves. We don’t like to read, all we do is work and fuck like rabbits in the barns, and get jealous over the light BLACKS aka house niggers who are up lifting the WHITES in the house. Tell me I’m lying?

      1. U just pulled me out of the comment closet too…. This is why I don’t deal with niggers anymore, not Blacks but niggers…..

    2. Honey in the Latino community is the same too. I am brown skinned Puerto Rican and Panamanian, and I am proud of being brown skin but I had some people telling me that I would be more handsome if I was light skinned. I was also told my skin look like shit by this Greek guy. But I don’t let that crap bother me because like I said “I might be dark skin but at least I am better good-looking than you.” Remember good looks have nothing to do with skin complexion. I have to say this we can wear colors, but people who are more lighter or white can only wear black or gray, and not even white look good them. So be proud.

  8. Ah, another good discussion.

    I myself love both complexions, it really doesn’t matter. The way I see it regarding our lifestyle, a darker skin top will be praised, while men who bottom will be seen as black and ugly. Dark skin men who bottom are in the same category as dark skin women in my opinion, think about it. If you are a dark skin bottom, you will be ostracized, period. It shouldn’t be that way. I have never seen two dark skin men together, never. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but it is rare. To me, all light skin dudes are beginning to look the same. I’m not throwing shade, just speaking the truth. By the way, some of those dudes are bleaching their skin and putting contacts in their eyes, and telling people they are light skin. Yes, niggas are going that now.

    1. THEY ARE STARTING TO LOOK THE SAME!!!! Go on Tumblr!!!!!!!! You start thinking all these red bones are the same. Bad enough light and mixed skin ages faster than darker complexion. HA! The jokes will be on them at 30. Bleaching been around for centuries. Why do you think Beyonce and her mama getting lighter and whiter?

    2. I’m a black bottom with some ass on me. I get passed up all the time for the lighter boys. It is what it is.

  9. I have to cosign that Trayvon was light skin. If you put his picture on a gay dating website, he would be considered light.

    1. It’s like anything that’s not Wesley Snipes black is considered light skin when it comes to black people.

  10. Wow @ the comments on here. Just WOW.

    To answer your question, yes, we are SOME of the biggest internal racists. We will put down a dark skinned person [a lot of the times out of hate, white washing , etc] or a light skinned person [out of jealousy, envy, hatred, etc] in a heart beat. I want to see us heal and move on so much, but we are still stuck on the color of each other’s skin. The man or woman of our dreams could be standing right in front of us, but we will turn them down because of their skin tone. It hurts me to see black people put down black people like this. I don’t even understand how you can look over someone just by the shade of their skin.

    We really need to wake the fuck up because we are unconscious at this moment. We’re worried about the wrong damn things. We have the potential to be so powerful, but yet dumb shit like this is holding us back.

  11. Yup! I get told all the time if be cute if I was lighter. I bee like damn so even a fat ass don’t mean nuffin? If I was light with a fat ass….

    1. Pay them no mind. Don’t buy into it. I’m sure it’s not true because if you are dark you have dark skin features. Complexion and features go hand and hand. You wouldn’t look right light skin with dark man features.

      1. So true hehehe I’m going to have to start dating white men. They tend to like black bottoms!

  12. Just two points I used to say I was partial to redbones but if you were to look back at my numerous loves they all are medium brown with one blue black that rocked my world for years. So don’t miss your blessing by shunning those that are outside the “ideal”.

    The second point in five years of blogging the lighter skinned post always get the biggest responses and a dark brother has to be exceptional to garner any interest. Especially now that I’m on tumblr light with tatts or light eyes are a gold mine.

    Sad but true in our lifestyle we want to date light and fuck dark.

      1. Just because they are not attracted to him doesn’t mean he doesn’t look good. I visited his instagram to see more. He’s a cutie. I’ll pull the shit out of his ears.

      2. he’s fuckable. I don’t see anything worthwhile past it. Guess what, he probably is DREAMING of his IDEAL “light bright” and will not be “into” dark skinned.. Did you check out the new dark skin dude with the dreads with the WHITE girl…exactly

  13. Why am I the only human being that knows every group has attractive and unattractive people in it.There are sexy white guys, there are ugly white guys.There are sexy white women, there are ugly white women.There are sexy black men of all shades, there are ugly black men of all shades.There are sexy black women of all shades, there are ugly black women of all shades.There are sexy Asians, there are ugly Asians.There are sexy Indians(India and Native) and there are ugly Indians.I should’ve added of all shades to the Indians because they have this problem too.Also the guys you posted are medium toned.The guy isn’t ugly to me, I chew all on his lips and lick him all over his body.Some people are so immature and childish though.The first commenter was being a troll.I noticed if you put dark skin on mixed people they look like any other black person, so his comment is stupid because their features aren’t different…at all.Everyone ranges in lip and nose sizes.It is very dumb but it’s reality that if you took Lance Gross skin color away, he’d be praised.That’s people still stuck on that 19th century mentality.You thought time would’ve healed us but clearly it didn’t.What can we do?Ignorance is starting to disappear, so as long as these people don’t have kids, we should be cool.I also want to say that if you put dark skin on a lot of those light skin dudes you wouldn’t here a peep from people about em.It’s sad that this what we have progressed to.1863 to 2013 and we’re still set in are dark is ugly/evil and light is sexy/good.Black people SMH.They would hate to have lived thousands of years ago when there were only black people traversing the planet.They’d probably commit suicide.

  14. I’m a dark skin bottom that’s very attractive and like to date and converse with all shades of men. My only issue I have is when guys say things like “you are attractive to be dark skin” and dumb things like that. I have noticed a pattern that dark skin guys seem to stray away from me, I really only attract lighter tone dudes but I would prefer a dark guy like me. Another issue that could be talked about is when people assume I’m a full top only because I am dark skin. Which is another stereotype.

    1. I don’t get it none of it. Self-hate is real.

      Half of those dudes that stray away are just mad because they aren’t “light skin.” They surf tumblr and see nothing but pics of light skin dudes with a million likes and wish they were light. At the same time they want to bang these dudes. Some of the dark skin dudes who say they hate dark skin dudes secretly want them on the low. I remember in 7th grade, it was this girl who supposedly “hated” me, but for no reason. She picked on me bad. Threw paper at me in class and shit while I was trying to do my work. By the end of the school year we were flirting, sitting next to each other, and I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. She secretly liked me the whole time, and as strange as it sounds I wanted her just as bad lol.

    2. Oh My!!! Me toooooo lol….I think guys are a little bit disappointed when I tell them I’m versatile.

    3. Oh My!!! Me toooooo lol….I think guys are a little bit disappointed when I tell them I’m versatile.

  15. That comment in that Lance Gross comment box is the reason there are so many single gay black males.. Smh

  16. Another good post. I love men of all shades and don’t hold to one particular shade. Color ranks below various other factors for me and and is not at the forefront of what I would look for in a partner. That being said, most of us are conditioned by society to think that the lighter the better or the lighter the complexion, the superior the quality. So it’s no surprise that its being inculcated in dating and relationships. Those who are colorblind are in the minority. All these “light bright” dudes are looking like a carbon copy of each other; same tats, facial expression etc. No shade to any of those light skin dudes who are here but they are definitely overrated.

  17. Lance Gross posted an open letter to George Zimmerman and Im so tired of famewhore Robert Zimmerman Jr and his lies

    1. ^someone texted me that same letter a while ago without any source.
      i was so impressed.
      i thought they wrote it and it was actually lance’s letter.
      good to see lance getting some publicity and hood talk with that letter.

    2. Was written by one of TP publicist for Lance. He copied and pasted directly off her iPad after she knocked it out. Confirmed.

      Very Well Said … but give credit where credit is due. If its not on a cue card or TelePrompTer Lance can not put it together.

  18. This post and the comments further prove a few things. 1. Gay dudes are some of the most ignorant and shallow individuals on the planet. 2. We wonder why we don’t get respect and are treated like second class citizens; because we treat one another like we aren’t shit, why should anyone else?

    Personal pref is one thing but you dudes with these extreme views are either sayin shit just to get a rouse, are probably as ugly as the grammatically incorrect comments you’re making or the main ones that don’t have shit and will never even exist to these dudes that you worship for their skin color.

    It would be too much to try to convince you idiots to try something different or learn but you should learn to see beauty on an individual basis and not make blanket statements.

    Know that if you put me in a room with the dude yout probably dont even have, 9 times out of ten he would be all over me and my beautiful brown skin. Get on google and research how to get a life.

    Hi Jamari sorry for your recent loss.

  19. I never realized how messed up ones mentality is based on skin complexion.

    1. Anyone can have any feature and it look fine on them. A broad nose and lips are not deemed for just African Americans. I have seen Latinos, Europeans, and Asians have those features and look fine. Just as I have seen dark minorities have fine hair, thin lips, or a narrow nose and not think it looked foreign on them.

    2. Maybe it just gays or black gays…but you (some commenters) mention light skin and dark as if there is not even the original brown color that has not been tinted lighter or darker. I hate how people make it so black and white. WHY? FYI: Trayvon was brown. I agree with The Man, He was not light skinned at all, he was just not as dark as his parents.

    3. I think it is just as offensive to say light skin people all look the same just as it is to say vice versa about dark skin men/women. I don’t think necessarily it is their skin tone that make them look the same, but their style and how they carry themselves. I.e. a group of dark skin black men sagging their pants in tall tees would all look alike to a person looking on the outside of that group without even fulling distinguishing their actual features.

    YES, I do have fair skin. Some call yellow, white, or red. I get compliments on it, but I think it is because I treat my skin right ( I am embracing and working with what I was born with just like everyone else should). In my opinion, the best skin shade is when it consist of limited marks that radiants an even tone which any color, race, ethnicity can have.

    Mental slavery still exist, hold us minorities down in a certain mindset as if we are unable to free ourself. A white man’s brainwash has us (Latinos, blacks, Asians, etc) creating sub groups that divide each other and fight as they watch us in humor tear one another apart.

    1. When it comes to number two, I mentioned the different types of skin tones within the black community before and gave examples. Every black person is one of five skin tones. High yella, Light skin, caramel, chocolate, and darkskin.

      Klay Thompson-high yella(look him up if you don’t know him)
      Stephen Curry-light skin.
      Paul George- caramel
      Emmanuel Sanders-chocolate
      Dez Bryant- dark skin

      I’m still not over the Trayvon being light skin thing. That bothered me. I bet they would not say that shit to a straight person. For the ones who said he was like skin should be ashamed of themselves, period. You let people brainwash you into believing something that is obviously untrue with anyone with a pair of eyes and common sense. No wonder why straight people have their opinions about us and believe we are fucked up in the head. It’s some truth to that if you all think like this. It’s a sad.

  20. See but when I say it, it seems like I’m being a “mean bully” but I’m only saying the HARSH truth….Do a survey for YOURSELF.. Almost (key word) every DARK skin boy (regardless of how popular, insta-famous, twitter-lebrity status) STILL gets hung up on color. He filters his pic to look light and ALMOST certainly will make a comment regarding the whole “#lightskinniggas be like” …like why? I always wonder, why is that relevant .. seriously? Lightskin niggas fail, light skin niggas do this, BUT if a light skin guy DARE says Darkskinniggas be like “ORANGUTAN” then OH light skin guys are mean and RACIST. But Dark skin guys ARE NOT? I’ve heard darkies say to themselves oh you acting like a lightskinnigga, like what the fuck does a lightskinnigga look and act like? You may not have been exposed to color, neither was I, however it seems like it is a reality for some people and almost their mantra. Dark skin guys ALWAYS foreever find ONE light skin guy to CLING TO , i guess the ONE guy they wish they were like? Look at the IG pics for yourself. Dark skin men make fun of Dark skin women when I’m hanging out too, they say shit like “oh she dark skin and ugly as fuck looking like a monkey” and I’m like, looking, like, what color are you? Dark skin women feel insecure because DARK SKIN men DON’T want to date them…one said he is too scared his “kids” will come out too dark.. It’s a pity, this is how a lot of Dark skin men think – GAY, straight, bent etc. I’ve had my name replaced with color, one of my darker skinned friends confessed they like taking me to the club with them because “females like the light skin dudes, so I bring all the females”

    And FYI Nigerians range in color from DARK DARK SKIN to VERY LIGHT BRIGHT…please don’t say ignorant shit, my family gets roots from the islands down to nigeria. Tribesmen? The richest black man is Nigerian NIGGA


    BOTH of them are Igbo NIGERIAN.

  21. 6’9!!!? Take me NOW. But seriously as long as you are respectful to me and others, goal-oriented, and has some damn sense, then skin tone is the last thing I worry about.

  22. i’m considered chocolate, and i love my skin tone…i’ve never messed with a lite skin black guy before, but i have messed with a latino (who had a bubble ass out of this world that i loved even though im a bttm) and a white guy, but i’ve only talked to 6 guys in my life and with the exception of those two, all of them were either chocolate or dark skin…i have a deep lust for chocolate guys…idk like don’t get me wrong if boris kojoe knocked on my door or if brian white came by they would get the business…Black men in general to me are the finest creation walking the face of this earth…they sometimes get on my nerves but i love them nonetheless…SN: that chocolate brotha in those pics and that vine video could have me every which way but the right way with his fine ass…DAYUMM i almost had a heart attack seeing all that chocolate this morning lol

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