tyrone marshall brown was the only thing good about the “power” series finale

i’m still upset with how “power” ended.
it’s like all my shows ended wack af.
i’m looking at you “game of thrones“.
do the writers not know how to end a show properly?

i could have done without that series finale,
now they want to knock us over the head with all these spinoffs.
i’m glad the actors are still getting work,
but still…

the only thing worth fonting about,
and the foxhole was interested in,
was the tyrone marshall brown

…who played “q“,
which was tasha (naturi naughton) love interest.
his first couple scenes had my blood flowing:

his eye contact >>>
the way he kisses >>>
Jesus I continue to see what you do for others…
so i was waiting for a sex scene in all of “power” graphic filth.
i knew one was cumming.
i’m glad they blessed us with a parting gift in that final episode:

his facial expressions are what do me in.
he looks at his prey like it’s a whole meal he wants to devour.
i volunteer myself as prey.
i remember him from his sex scene with a trans-vixen in “gun hill road”:

…which was a really good movie.
i’d like more of tyrone please.

low key:  method man and auntie mary are in the next spinoff of “power”…


i’ll tune in for them (and a potential sex scene from meth).

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “tyrone marshall brown was the only thing good about the “power” series finale”

  1. Am also here for the potential Method Man sex scene 👏 I personally enjoyed the finale of Power. It was definitely better than GoT 😩 I’m sorry. Tasha’s ending was sloppy af though.

  2. Just like i told everyone in regards to The Sopranos; The Wire; Game of Thrones; Power when a show is extremely good and has been explosive since Day 1 there’s NOTHING you can do at the end but finish it. What else could POWER do they’ve done everything during the 6 seasons…however Tyrone is fine i was yelling out loud at my tv saying YES TASHA FUCK HIM!!!

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