when your high school classmate becomes a criminal (hate to see it)

it’s interesting to see your past classmates become hyenas and jackals.
i dropped out in 10th grade,
but from my knowledge,
everyone in my graduating class turned out decent.
tons of cubs running around,
but that’s a whole nother story.
a foxholer sent me a foxmail about his former high school classmate today.
he was arrested and charged with something allegedly vile via “stl today“…

A Florissant teacher was arrested and charged Thursday after law enforcement officials said he had sexual contact with a high school student. 

Willie J. Williams, 29, of St. Ann, was charged with sexual contact with a student by the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Williams, a teacher at McCluer High School, contacted the student on social media, and sent the student naked pictures of himself, according to the probable cause statement. He also had sexual contact with the student. The contact allegedly occurred between Jan. 1 and Feb. 13.

Williams gave the student money after each incident and told the student not to tell anyone, police said.

 this is what he looks like:

he looks like he has no regrets in that mug shot.

I wonder how he got busted?

i bet the parents found out somehow.
my foxholer said he was an all around pre-baller wolf in high school.
he was on both the football and wrestling teams.
he said he could get any vixen he wanted and according to my source

“His muscles are everything.”

…and to waste it all being an alleged predator at his place of employment.
hate to see it.
it’s disgusting that he allegedly found his prey on social media.
once he’s released,
he could as well get use to being labelled a pedophile for the rest of his life.
no good looks or muscles will be able to live that down.

i’m sure someone desperate enough will pay him for dick tho.

low-key: i’m hearing of more and more teachers hooking up with students.
are you there to teach or are you there to troll for sex?

article cc: fox2now

2 thoughts on “when your high school classmate becomes a criminal (hate to see it)

  1. Am i like the only one who went to a high school and middle school where faculty was routinely having sex with students? Or is this one of those things were we just all pretend that it doesn’t happen multiple times a day?

  2. Thank god my high school days are behind me. Most of my High school teacher’s were old, old. besides this one history teacher. I wanted to be in his class so bad, just so that I can day dream about him. but I would never cross that line no matter how sexy I found that man.

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