when your high school classmate becomes a criminal (hate to see it)

it’s interesting to see your past classmates become hyenas and jackals.
i dropped out in 10th grade,
but from my knowledge,
everyone in my graduating class turned out decent.
tons of cubs running around,
but that’s a whole nother story.
a foxholer sent me a foxmail about his former high school classmate today.
he was arrested and charged with something allegedly vile via “stl today“…

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aaron hernandez dl lover comes out (with the story)

aaron hernandez was definitely not hers.
she was sharing that wolf…
so i guess it’s safe to come out with the “stories” now.
the brother of aaron hernandez opened up about his growing up.
now the alleged lover of aaron hernandez has come to the surface.
not the alleged jailbird on cell block “d”,
but another one.
this one’s name is dennis sansoucie.
he allegedly was aaron’s alleged high school ting.
this is what he had to share via “the daily mail”
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Counterfit Bills and A Quarter Pounder With Cheese

i guess this “soon to, but maybe not” pre baller wolf was hungry.
listen the struggle is real and got people doing dumb shit.
everyone meet zayd issah:


it seems high school lunch just wasn’t enough.
do they still do pizza day?
he got busted using counterfeit bills at mcdonalds and other restaurants…

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How To Act Straight and Win Awards While Doin’ It.

an f-bi sent this to my box last night.
i glanced at it before knocking out at my desk.
i knew it would be up this morning.
it was a pretty inspiring story.
you know i’m a sucker for that shit…

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The Land of the Bisexuals; Population 10.

i noticed something.
i wonder if you have noticed it too.
every wolf/hybrid/or fox on a chat site is “bisexual“.
usually online when someone puts there are bisexual,
you are expecting them to come looking like they are fresh out of cell block “d”.
i guess it’s the masculine fantasy some of us crave.
honesty minute.
if my wolf happens to be bi,
then I need you to be a hardcore bisexual.
if i say to you one night that i want to see you fuck a vixen,
i want you to know what to do with her.
not bring her over and look like another fish out of water.

“who does your hair?”
“your shoes are gorge. cl?”
“let me tell you about that bitch on real housewives of atlanta honey…”

those are absolute violations that will have you thrown out of my crib.
the ones who say they are “gay” usually look like gigantic queens,
whereas the ones who are playing “bi” look like they are playing a role.
i can see the appeal.
a lot of these new age online bisexuals aren’t really bi at all.

they say no man can ever be bisexual.
it wouldn’t “work out“.
once he gets a taste of some dick in those cheeks,
or has stuck his pipe in between,
the flood gates have been opened.
why is it a vixen can go both ways and it be labelled “sexy” or “trendy”?
she can eat pussy from sun up to sun down and completely only crave dick after.
is it really a myth that vixens are the masters of bisexuality?
why is this?
is it something in the vixen mind that allows them to genuinely like both?
as men,
can our dicks really get hard for both?

or is saying we are bi easier than saying we are completely gay?
i had to ask…

Can a man really be bisexual?

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I Get All The Good Dick Because I’m Popular So “Ha-Ha Bitches”


high school.
a place where the jock is worshiped,
the mean girls rule,
and the nerds are tortured.
funny enough,
social media has brought us right back to our classrooms.
learning life and the lessons that come along with it.
we aren’t passing notes in second period history,
but sending direct messages to people we think are cute.
if you have enough followers,
you have the power.
hell if you have a fat ass you are popular.
we have taken a sad turn.
i often wondered if life is just on big continuation after we graduate?
even in college,
there is still a social caste system we will probably never avoid.
i started to wonder…

Where do you fit in?

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