the hyena who killed bashar kallabat has a face

remember the recent story of bashar kallabat?
he is the popular hair stylist that was found murdered in a motel room in detriot.
( x see the story here )
they released the imagine of suspect and more 411 on bashar’s untimely death.
a foxholer sent me the story via “the detriot news“…

A 24-year-old Detroit man was formally charged Friday in the slaying of a popular local hairstylist.

Jimmy Jermaine Pickett, who was supposed to be getting married Friday, folded his arms and at times looked down as he was arraigned via video in front of Chief Magistrate Millicent Sherman in 36th District Court. 

Pickett is charged with first-degree felony murder, which carries a penalty of life in prison without parole, in the Tuesday death of Bashar Kallabat, 56, of Bloomfield Hills.

Pickett’s defense attorney, Philip Ragan, asked the magistrate to grant his client bond, saying he is a security guard with two young daughters and attended the Flip the Script job training and mentoring program.

Prosecutor Jaimie Powell Horowitz of Fair Michigan asked that Pickett not be given a bond, citing the suspect’s previous criminal record, including a plea in 2017 for unarmed robbery for which he is on probation. Pickett also has a conviction for assaulting, and resisting and obstructing a police officer in connection with the 2017 incident.

The victim was found beaten in a room at the JZ Motel on Eight Mile near Gratiot on Tuesday evening. He died of blunt force trauma.

Police have said the suspect was seen in a surveillance video coming and going into the room occupied by Kallabat. Authorities allege Pickett went into the room, killed the hairstylist, took his personal property and left.

The suspect allegedly had used a ride share company, with Kallabat paying for the transportation. It is believed the victim met the suspect on a dating app.

Kallabat checked into the motel at 6 p.m. Tuesday. The suspect was seen leaving the room at 9 p.m. wearing a distinctive security guard jacket, according to authorities.

Police Chief James Craig said earlier this week that high-definition surveillance footage obtained through the city’s Project Green Light program helped police catch the suspect.

this is the arraignment video:

he looks like a dusty.
so was he on the dl?
or did he pretend to be gay/bi with intent to rob and kill?
im done he was getting married on valentine’s day.
i know his fiance must be in for the shock of her life.
she and his kids are other lives destroyed in this senseless killing.

there are so many hyenas lurking on these hook up apps now.
you gotta be vigilant.
the bad part is this went down at a motel with cameras all around.
this hyena must have been real stupid to not realize this ain’t 1965.
another thing that stands out to me:

He is a security guard with two young daughters and attended the Flip the Script job training and mentoring program.

i have met so many jail birds who are security guards.
a majority have been in jail at some point of their lives.
it’s like being a security guard is the fall back career for some criminals.
either way,
someone lost their life when they were probably doing their usual.
hooking up for many gay males is a usual.
this is a very sad case,
but one that serves as another eye opener.

article cc: the detriot news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “the hyena who killed bashar kallabat has a face”

  1. I hardly even use Grindr and all these other apps these days because of stuff like this… I’m like, if I don’t know you that well and we get to know each other well first then we ain’t meeting, period… And if we’re meeting publicly I have to consider the possibility of the guy being what we Jamaicans call a ‘gully queen’ (mostly fem criminals who live in gullies and on the road who are ostracised by society because of their openly flamboyant and messy ways, they tend to be on these apps disguising themselves as masculine, unproblematic men) so I’ll text the person and observe and identify them before they can identify me so I know what’s real and if we can move forward… Sigh what a world we live in

      1. Oh certainly! A LOT! I see this tweet the other day that said ‘the DL community is bigger than the LGBTQIA community, and I can imagine that’s true…In every aspect of society there are gay people here… The gays are getting more mainstream though thru comedy, fashion blogging and the like, but no hay artistes… There are a lot of DL artistes who’ll likely never come out as dancehall and reggae are inherently homophobic… If you’re a foreigner most people tend to leave you alone, but if you’re a citizen you’re held to a higher standard… If you’re wealthy everybody generally treats you better and you can insulate yourself from the haters better

  2. As a Jamaican, this is unfortunately a normal thing for us here… The gays and bis use our uniquely homophobic state to (mostly) rob unsuspecting men of phones, jewellery and whatever else they can take (in some cases, lives), and in most cases on top of that threaten to out the victim if they do not comply. It’s a truly disgusting and heinous crime, and there’s a special place in hell for dusties who do this. He wasn’t thinking of his two daughters of his job when he murdered this innocent upstanding citizen who merely wanted to have a great time, was he? I say fist him with whatever they can find and see how he likes that… It’s the children that are left to fend for themselves and have this awful thing tied to them for life… I’m just freaking INCENSED! Rest in peace to Mr Kallabat, I’m so terribly sorry this happened to you… Stuff like this just makes me lose faith in humanity even more smfh

  3. Just horrible. & clearly he’s not just evil but stupid on top of it. Why would you do this in the first place, and in the second right before you’re “supposed to be getting married Friday”? WTF? He really thought he would get away with beating someone to death, taking their ish, then waltzing off and getting married? Two daughter or not, this jackal deserves zero sympathy and should be convicted and locked away under the jail.

  4. Look his ass up. Convict his ass. Hang him from his dick and them cut his fucking throat. I have no sympathy for dogs like these. They have no regard for life. We shouldn’t have any for his.😠😠 Fuck him

    1. Fuck you bitch #FreeMyCousin
      The guy that died was a catfish
      Take that shit back to Iraq

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