your freak twitter always makes me cum hard

i hope to run into a freak twitter of someone i know in real life one day.
i’d probably have to wipe my calendar clean for the rest of the evening.
that’s one of my many fantasies tbh.
i jack off to the thought of what you’d be like in the sack,
but now i can see anytime i want in my favorites.
unlike the boldness of an “onlyfans“,
it seems like…

a freak twitter is the next best thing these days.
excuse my manners!
some of you don’t know what a freak twitter is.
well let me explain:

A freak twitter is a secret twitter account that you upload your xxx videos on.
no one knows it’s you.
it’s for those who want to be “out here” in these freak forests,
but without any attachment to who you are.
it’s like the husband who goes to the glory hole while his wife is cooking dinner.
you are the ceo that doesn’t want folks to know he pays for a happy ending.
it can be straight,
and be about any one of your favorite fetishes you can think of.
you want to cross dress?
fuck the same sex on the low?
show how much pussy you get?

wear a diaper and be spanked?
all without anyone knowing it’s you?
that’s what freak twitter is all about.

tips to have a good freak twitter:

1 – Good ass content
2 – Keep yourself anonymous
3 – Did i mention good ass content?

that’s pretty much it.
you don’t need to tweet on your freak twitter account.
it’s really a place to dump all your debauchery.
think of it as a public cloud to your photo album.
the audience gets to view it when we need some good jack off material.

most of the attentionistos have a secret freak twitter.
some are good at keeping their identity a secret.
their narcissism needs the attention.
it’s pretty easy to put a background together.

The thrill is always doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.

it’s why being dl and discreet is so much fun to some.
you’re breaking a rule.
it’s rebellion against who you’re supposed to be.
nothing was more exciting than doing what your parents told you not to.
some folk start getting older and get more prissy,
but they remember what it was like to have no fucks to give.
freak twitter is how you can relive those moments.
the best part?

People are getting off to you getting off

it makes me horny thinking about it.
so i say if you’re interested and don’t want to go “onlyfans”,
you can try a “freak twitter”.
we will cum across your content if we search hard enough.


You can drop any good freak twitters in the comments.

i need some new material.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “your freak twitter always makes me cum hard”

  1. I have several for each of my kinks. They usually blow up and I get freaked out and delete them. The other problem is Black guys never stumble across it. Always someone who wants to make me a fetish.

      1. Or when your crush sees it and you can’t fathom talking dirty to them because you don’t want them to recognize your flirting when you’re sexting on your real account.

    1. Bravo Cornelius.. I dig your ‘CODE” … “Someone else’s Fetish”… I See YOU!!!! ( Smile) …. I really like the way you made a statement without having to be KURT!!! … You R Beautiful

  2. Yeah there is no such thing as anonymous. Bodies are actually pretty easy to identify even without tattoos. We all no we can identify our favorite pornstar by a close up of his balls alone. Once you put it on the internet its getting downloaded and eventually it will be found out. Someone will recognize your bicep. They recognize your chest from a gym selfie. They’ll post it to pornhub with your name.

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