rape vs rough sex? (freak twitter)

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i saw a video on freak twitter today and i wanted to ask the foxhole about it.
in the video,
the wolf is tearing into a vixen.
judging from his face:

…he was breaking his pipe off in her tail.
i saw some comments under the tweet claiming he was allegedly raping her.
i wanted to ask the foxhole…

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your freak twitter always makes me cum hard

i hope to run into a freak twitter of someone i know in real life one day.
i’d probably have to wipe my calendar clean for the rest of the evening.
that’s one of my many fantasies tbh.
i jack off to the thought of what you’d be like in the sack,
but now i can see anytime i want in my favorites.
unlike the boldness of an “onlyfans“,
it seems like…

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