Trey Songz: Wolf, Hybrid, or Fox?

You people better stop talking about my Trey Songz like this!!!

I have heard countless people say that they think he is a Fox.
But, in my eyes, I see a Wolf…

Am I looking through Wolf colored glasses?

you have been there, right?
You see a Wolf and everyone sees a Fox.
And then you wondering if something is wrong with you LOL
Do we get wrapped up in the fantasy of some of these boys?
Is it the body or even the swagg?

I think Trey Songz is a Wolf.
I know the Wolves probably just scrunched their faces up at that.
Currently he is a pussy hungry straight Wolf… but I have heard from sources he is a Fox.
Okay. Okay. FINE…
Maybe even a Hybrid, but whatever he does…
I see him using his pipe.

Ya know what it is…
I see him talking all this sex smack and low key,
I want to see if he lives up to the hype.
If you saying you got the skills to make a muthafucka see love faces and let the neighbors know your name…


You know Foxes are curious…

Is there any other Foxes who think Tremaine is a Wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Trey Songz: Wolf, Hybrid, or Fox?”

  1. First off, in that first gif he’s little too fluid with his movements.
    That looks like a man who knows how to get on top and RIDE!

    Look at how his hips move! I’m attracted to him now. lol

    Masculinity has nothing to do with it to me.

    1. He reminds me of Beyonce in the Single Ladies video with the first frame, which turned me on with her, just imagine that sexy lil fox winding down on you…..

  2. I agree with Jay…and masculinity or swagg has no bearing on whether you’re a fox or wolf. Cuz I take you’re masculine & have swagg, J, right? 😉

    I say that about Trey cuz he’s trying to hard (to me). Just throw him down and make him take it, he’ll throw that azz back on you hard! lolol

    I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it, and Trey is low-key dick hungry

    1. ^I don’t get it.
      Maybe I need to look past the image.
      When he came out, he was nothing like this.
      He was a skinny braided up dude with round cakes lol
      I was attracted to him because he had that “something”…
      Didn’t know what it was.

      Now he is this sex machine and he turns me on SERIOUS.
      I hope I am not attracted to another Fox.

      1. LMAO @ Jamari, “I hope I am not attracted to another Fox”…I can picture you (the imaginary picture I made up of you in my head) saying this with a nasty look on your face….

  3. R. Kelly is just a freak though. plain and simple. sometimes we mistake freaky straight men for being bi.

    Chris is probably the type that gets head from men but thinks its no big deal.

    Trey would fit right in a flip flop scene on dawgpound. lol

    1. ^Like Venom?
      *goes to throw up*

      Interesting point you made on thinking straight men are bi because they are freaky.
      That would never cross my mind lol
      Although I know Vixens that accuse them on being gay because of that.
      Never heard gay rumors on R Kelly though.

  4. He looks like he’d talk shit and tell you to fuck him harder to.

    You can tell a lot by how a man dances to me. I can most likely gauge where he falls. Most straight men dancing in the club don’t move their hips at all, unless they are really confident or a dancer. Too much fluid in the movements usually mean they’re a bottom or a hybrid….or in some small cases they are a top and have a fantastic stroke game.

    Of course men who can’t or won’t dance can’t be included in this theory.

  5. #whoisjamarifox :
    I’d eat/finger/massage my Wolf’s tail…
    … but my “gun” wont go in his holster.

    Interesting. Im sure that’s further than Vain would go. Lol.
    No convincing would be needed for me, just bend over and Ill know the deal. lol

      1. No, he’s saying that if you bent over, his tongue would be sliding in, no further instruction necessary lol

        He’d probably be a good partner, though. He seems like he’d move his hips very well & get into it – he’d make me want to f*ck him til he couldn’t walk right…

  6. I think that Trey is just a musician and most musician are Omni- sexuals, meaning they will do anything. Working in the entertainment field I learn never to judge a book by it’s cover. I have met entertainers who look like unshakeable heterosexual only to discover that they have never been with a woman before, and I have met people who I was convince were 1000% gay only to discover that they are at least to my knowledge that they are 1000% str8 like Taye Diggs, Willie Gault,Tank, or that dude from 106 and park. I think the same applies to people who we reprieve to be foxes, wolves, or hybirds. If I were to venture an uneducated guess about Trey based upon my distant interactions with him; I would say that he is an opportunistic Fox/Hybird. Meaning that he will only be a Fox or a hybird with someone who presents a greater personal power than he like a pro-baller, urber masculine and successful rapper, actor, or producer. Other than that he is strictly hetro or a wolf.

    1. So there might be some truth after all to MTO website saying Will Smith and Trey are getting it in….With whom I will have no problem eating Will bubble ass and letting Trey ride me at the same time…Yea! for me….Santa for Christmas I want????

      1. Terry:

        I don’t know if you ever seen Will Smith’s azz up close and personal lol, but looking at it is like watching a lava lap lol. They way them cheeks move is both soothing and wondrous, and I remember reading an scientific article that said Will Smith’s azz can be seen from the international space station lol.

  7. What?
    Send me to the Guillotine b/c
    He just doesn’t do it for me…
    Can someone PLEASE direct me to the cakes?
    Cuz I sure don’t see them!
    Me thinks Wolf to which I say YUCK
    ^^^Have at it guys

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